Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Welcome back to the future (Nov. 5 1950 style). We have now arrived in a new decade, and plenty of new shit has started happening. Playmotion has gone through turbulent times and seems to currently only have Jeremy as an employee. They are currently restructuring their business model. Jeremy can tell you more about it. Jason's wedding has been called off and he and Maggie are no longer together. On the up side, Jason is around more and is spending time (?) with a nice girl named Vanessa. Mark's been trying to find work, and I think he has a good prospect with Friend of the Fort Dan Campbell. Mike and Amy are due back in the states either in March or April. Perhaps the biggest news (at least on my end) is that Chowning is expecting in the end of May. It is a shocking event (that we had been planning for) that has changed every aspect of our lives. I spent last weekend building a crib and changing table. We as a collective have renewed our trivia goings under Jeremy's watchful eye. I can't make it as much as I like, but I think some brand of our posse has been at trivia every week (that it has happened) for the past few months. Winter is here, so winter conditioning is here and my abs are sore. We celebrated a fun New Year at Matt and Roxanne's and hopefully we will use this new year as an opportunity to post more.

Jeremy and I made a LEGO movie . . . here it is. We will hopefully make more movies as time allows. Carry on.


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