Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Good stuff, Martin. I think it's cool that you recorded your Europe trip activity with the fortress blog. To be honest, I thought this thing was out of commission because I'd posted a thing and it wouldn't publish, even after repeated attempts. Good to see it actually works.

So did you meet up with Marcus after all? I hope so... he's a cool guy.

It's cold tonight..

Thursday, March 07, 2002

I'm not too surprised to see that no one has posted since my last one.

I'm now in Glasgow, trying to find our dear friend Marcus Kendall. The past few days in London were great, I met lots of cool people and saw lots of cool stuff. Right before I left I went to the Comedy Place where they do the show that Whose Line is based on. It was amazing, it even had three guys that I remember seeing on the show. Live comey is cool. After that I had to sprint back to my hotel, pack my bags and get to Euston station to catch my sleeper train to Glasgow.

The ride here was long, but it could have been much longer. I get in, find my seat, and shortly after this scot who had been travelling the world got in. A potentially cool situation turned a bit sour as he started to drink a bit and then just got beligerent. He almost got kicked off the train for mouthing off to an official. So rather than deal with this guy ('cause if you were awake he was going to talk to you) I wen't to sleep. I was periodically woken up by him. Apaarently he got a couple from the back of the car to move up and chat with him. The first time I was awake they were talking about "racism" based on accent (which isn't really racism then is it?). Then the next time I woke up the lady was drunk as well, and they were yelling back and forth. He was telling her something (I couldn't really tell) and she kept yell 'Fuck you! You don't fucking know me.' They used the word fuck a lot.

So I slept the 7 hours here. It wasn't bad, it was a midnight train, so there wasn't much to see and it meant I didn't have to deal with James (the drunk scot). Although before I left the train he was sure to come by and rub my head a bunch of times. I guess he was 'taking care of me' or something. Now that I am in Glasgow I need to get in touch with Marcus. My hurried state leaving London meant that I couldn't get him on the phone (I don't even know if I can call scotland from London without doing something, but someone somewhere has a message from me saying I'm coming to Glasgow). So I don't know if he is expecting me. We'll see what happens. Worst case scenario I bum around Glasgow (which seems like a cool city) until 11pm tonight then catch the sleeper train back to London (hopefully without a drunk scot this time). Out.

Monday, March 04, 2002

Well, regardless of if other people are going to post to the Blog I'm still going to. Especially as I continue to travel from place to place. That's what I like about it. By the looks of it, now one has posted here in a while (december). Which means that although things were (where the fuck is, ah!) "scary" time moves on and it might be a good idea to continue using this forum.

Regardless, I'm sitting in an internet cafe in London. London is cold, but not as cold as I expected it to be, which means I pack well. Getting to London was a pain. The cold front that was hitting the east on saturday created a snow storm in Chicago, where my connecting flight. So there was a good layover there. I met a gorgeous woman by the name of Anna from Australia and we talked about being a "physio." She had been to london before (to live) so she told me a bit about it. I also sat next to a woman from Austin (not quite) TX on the plane. We had a good time talking.

Anyway, I get to London at 9am and couldn't check into my room (the hole in the wall that it is) until 3pm. Fortunately there was a pickup game in Hyde Park that I knew about. Go I go play with a bunch of people from all over london (A local university team, two club teams and some random players [one from British Columbia]). I wont even start talking about the level of play until I get back. Anyway, so I palyed there fro two hours and met some cool people. Then I went with this woman Laura to another pickup game for another club team at the other end of the park. It was a long walk just to get there. Hyde Park is very, very big. Actually I am very surprised of how much greenspace london has, especially for its dismal weather. I saw upwards of 30 football (that's soccer kiddies) games going on while on the tube alone, and there is enough space at hyde park to house anything. So after playing a little 4 on 4 with this other club team (and massivly footblocking this one woman who used to play with the Swedish woman's team) I had to go check into my hotel them head back to a pub to hang out with these guys. Well the walk back to my hotel took forever (Despite it being on the edgeof the park). I got there, took a showand was worried I would be late, so I hopped the tube and rode it accross the length of the park to meet at this pub. Anyway, we sat and relaxed for a bit, and then went to catch a new movie Monsters Inc!!!!! Yeah, shit gets released really late here, although the Royal Tennembaums is out here and I haven't seem that so I might catch that another day.

I've been in touch with Marcus and should get up to Glasgow soon enough. I have some sights to see in London first. Oh, I got my return flight pushed back for a whopping 25$ so I won't be returning until monday (score!). Which means I get to play in an indoor tournament which is sounding very much not like ultimate, but should be fun. Anyway, I am going to get going to take care of some things. I'll write from Glasgow if I get a chance. Out.