Sunday, October 31, 2004

Fantasy Football Brad here. I tried making a post a few days ago but I couldn't get in to make one. I'm now 6-1 in my fantasy league and looking to hit 7-1 after tomorrow night. As for more stats. Well, I'm probably too lazy for that to happen. You'll just have to use your imagination.

I was dissapointed in the Halloween turnout. I gave out candy tonight. About 60 kids showed up. Half of them had real costumes. The other half had barely any costume (say a bandana) or no costume. Weak.

I'm all for Tuesday night game nights. This Tuesday I might be heading to my brother's for an election gathering after I vote.
Heres some news from my brother who is in Indiana preparing to go to Kuwait.

Today, they were in the woods practicing navagation and map reading etc.
So he took a nap.
This past Saturday my mom, sister, and "brother" came out to volunteer for Habitat. It was cool. They had a good time and said that they were all very sore today. When I first arrived on site I heard off in the distance, "... and thats my baby!" This is how my mom always introduces me or links herself to me. Kinda silly and emberasing but what is one to do. All in all it was a good build day. We were done and back at the warehouse at 2:30. Nice. It was also nice to walk from Manny's to the house. All of three blocks or so.

Saturday night was a little crazy in little five. Buncha people dressed up in get ups.

I think I'm getting an infection on one of my fingers. Thats bad.

Tuesday night is the next game night. Place: Fort. Time: when ever you make it. I'll be arriving at or around 7:00pm. I'll have cold pizza (maybe). What: Depending on who shows, maybe another rousing drunkard game of apples to apples or some Catan or Axis & Allies or Shogun or what have you. I do vote we follow it up with another rousing game of smash. Man that game is fun. I nominate Matt Flagg to get in touch with Ian. Any seconds? This blog is the official call out to fantasy football Brad (remember him?).

Also, please go vote Tuesday. If you do go vote, they can print out a receipt that you attended the polls. If you get that receipt and give that to Ingrid (my other sister) then she will get bonus points in her civics class. Martin can attest to how much students need bonus points.

Hope all is well.


Saturday, October 30, 2004

Watch out. Jeremy's clone is evil.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

As I have been to the Robot Factory last Tuesday and called over there yesterday, I will say that he is not dead. Unless some unfortunate event occured in the last 24 hours. Or some sinister event occured in the last 48 and Jeremy's clone was speaking with me on the phone. Doubtful on both accounts.

There is a bonfire at my house tomorrow. You all should come.

My computer monitor is on its last legs. :(

I had some really good bbq for lunch today. Its a joint near the airport and I will hopefully take some bbq lovers down there for the feast. Its a cash only joint and they refill your side dishes. Very cool. :) The pulled pork was mighty fine. MMmmmm.... Pig.

I'm looking to go to Lenox sometime and get a watch band. Anyone else up for an excursion?


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I recall being told, and possibly retold about Tuesday game night, but I failed to act in such a fashion that allowed me to experience the full, um, experience. I also wasnt there. Sorry. I hope that you didnt get the board all wet and tear stained. I concur with Mark. Weekly game night should become a reality. Then I wouldnt feel bad about missing a week because I have, you know, shit to do. Also for the times when I dont have shit to do but I dont come anyway. Cause then I could say "Oh well, theres always next week"

I second Mark's motion to establish a weekly game night. All in favor, say aye.

I too must admit that I feel a little bit slighted by today's job hunting atmosphere. I sort of get the feeling that going to GT counts for nothing. It seems like going to Southern Poly and got a 4-oh would have gotten me more. Though I think a 3-oh at Tech should count for at least a little bit. Even if I did muck up my freshman year. (I blame my PL) (and his lousy friends) (just kidding) (but not really) But I guess I've only been looking through channels that are clogged with other Tech students, so thats got something to do with it I'm sure. (Everything to do with that particular issue anyway) But I'm not looking too hard either. Gripe Gripe Gripe. Whine Whine Whine. etc.

I know what standard deviation is, what I want to know is all of the relevant statistics for Brad's fantasy football. All of them.

You think that you're going to post more when you start not seeing the other people who post to this blog, but in the end, all you do is read it. and wonder why nobody is posting.

by the way, for the next sentance lets assume that I havent been to the Robot Factory in a while. Is Jeremy dead?
Wow, so appearantly I have not read the blog since about September 4th or so. I remember Matt talking about not going to JAX that weekend but totally missed the thread about Quarterlife Crisis. I think that I have already gone through my QlC. I was very misinformed when I graduated about the "real world." I still thought the job fairy would come through for me. Now, I feel its not what you know but who you know. Also, there are not companies mind reading for resumes or really even looking very hard for them. They get so many people to apply even when said people are not qualified. But, I digress. I had to go to Baltimore to be poor for a while to get my shit straight. I'm still not totally there either. I went and worked for the man and found no fulfillment in that. So, my plan is to go back to grad school and work hard at knowing people and let the school part be secondary. Right now I am doing something I really enjoy and that is cool.

So, speaking of work... I worked with a volunteer group from Coke today. They rule. They are hard workers who get it and bring lots of Coke, Diet Coke, Minute Maid, and Dasani water. Wow. For lunch, they went to an expensive bbq joint (Harold's BBQ) and Coke paid for it. They were still eager to work and push out the last little bit at about 3:30. Which is cool. Then, the coolest part was the beer they had for after they were done working! No shit! Beer! Hooray Beer! All in all... a good day.

So, I have move out of the Robot Factory. I am now living in little five points. You know where Junkman's Daughter and the liquor store are... yeah, I live right behind there. As such, I will start to blog more since I do not see 2/5 of the regular bloggers every day now. I still don't know if this was the right move as I have not gotten laid yet, but I do have my own space and my stuff is slowly coming. Yeah, stuff.

Last night we had a mini games night. I was sad to not see MikeX0r there but, I don't think anyone told him or retold him. I think we should make this a weekly occurance. I like games. You like games. Lets get together and play some damn games. Ain't that worth some candy? I had fun, even though DK did not win a single smash battle. I propose next Tuesday or Wednesday as the next mini game event. Place: Robot Factory. Time: TBA.

I got paid by my job. Thats good.

I am also working on the uber games day event. More to be annouced on that note.

I found my GBA. It was stupidly in storage.

My sony monitor is on its last legs. :(

The standard deviation is this.

Thats all I got for now. Off to the vortex for food. Odd ... Martin is doing the same thing... but at a different location.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Whats the standard deviation?

Squirrels are weird.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I know everyone has been dying to hear about my fantasy football league so I'll fill you in with a summary. I am currently 4-1 and on top of the league in points. My average point total per game is 151.4. The next highest competitor averages 126.8. The lowest avg point total is 90.8. So to put it plainly, I am dominating.

Looks like I'll be in Atlanta for a while. I am on a local project as a subcontracter for the CDC until the end of the year.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Hopefully the Red Sox will win and make the World Series a little interesting.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

I'm working on this essay for admission to the JET program, which as sort of put me in a writing about stuff mood, so I figured I'd use the time wisely and post. Incidentally I've always had a penchant for writing on paper but it's always a waste of time to type it all out again. I just like to sit down with a pad of paper and a pen and write rather than sit at a computer and type. I also hate commas.

I also like listening to music while I type/do stuff. I recommend it to anyone who hasnt tried it yet. Its great.

Carolyn and I are going to DC on Friday. While there we'll be staying at the luxurious Sean's Place and seeing the sights and doing the things you do when you go to DC. Like look at buildings but especially inside them. I myself hope to see the first integrated circuit built by Jack Kilby, which is on display at one of the museums there. The last time I went to DC was the summer before I started at Tech, so I didnt really have the same appreciation for things like that. (I also hadnt yet read the book I read about the first integreated circuit) So that'll be nice.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I may have found a previously unknown way to get shafted by Tech! Try and get a job through career services! It can't top Martins experience, and I havent actually been shafted yet, I've only been threatened. Wouldnt it be great if there were yet another reason to be jaded?
I ran today . . . which was GREAT. No what else is GREAT, my girlfriend. But neither here nor there, life is uber fucking busy right now. So . . . it is back to writing my test. The blog has been lonely so I had to do something about it.