Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tweaked NAT settings, should work now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Check - test - hello etc.

Just making sure this crap still works now that banana (the server) has been moved behind crapbox (the firewall).

Thursday, March 01, 2007

I believe I will not be returning to grad school this year. There isn't funding for the professor I want to work with to pick up more students, so it will not be spending the money to go. This is good and bad. It gives me another year to be with my homeroom, watch them graduate and do whatever the fuck else I want to do with Harrison before I leave. It gives me another year to re-build finances that will soon be destroyed by buying a condo. I does greatly hinder my ability to get a PhD, and it does mean that if I do it will be very late in my life when I am done. I go back and forth between being unhappy and happy about this.

I am happy about how things have been going with the Emory women's ultimate team. They continue to work hard and develop well. I wasn't there for their disappointing loss to arch-rival UGA at Mardi Gras, but I have confidence that we will beat them when it matters.

There is a new game out for the 360 called Crackdown. It has no plot, however it is a great mixture of GTA and Hulk in a fashion that really works. It is segmented enough that I can play for a few minutes then stop, and addictive enough that I want to play all of the time. This is the dangerous combination that makes Guitar Hero 2 the most played thing at my house. While zelda requires time to really go anywhere, I can play crackdown for just a few minutes and be happy . . . clearly this why I find myself up at 2 in the morning playing . . . right?

Speaking of Guitar Hero 2, Jason and I are going to play Guitar Hero at Brewhouse tonight on a big screen using the bar's audio system. It is going to fucking rock, especially because according to Jason he's better than most of the guys there, and I'm better than him. So I'm going to go pick up some groupies tonight and OD on herione after a blistering set of metal songs.

There is plenty more to talk about. My infatuation with podcasts grows more and more. I physical status is improving only slowly. Chowning and I are getting a condo on peachtree near Myrtle (hey jeremy!). I've finally figure out how to teach AP and feel good about it. Etc.