Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This image was recent captured in the flow of the internet: here. The fucking upload feature isn't working well so you'll have to click on the link.

I'm changing jobs. I'll be working in the city at Paideia next year and for years to come. I'm really excited to not drive everyday and to take the bus. Marta still has the month long pass, and for my amount of use it would be financially beneficial.

Today was the Senior's (and my homeroom's) last day at Harrison. It is a somewhat sad affair since that coupled with my departure means I will most likely never see these people again. Bummer.

On the brighter side, a day of games and drinking is in store starting next Thursday. Mark, Jeremy and Mike will be expected to call in sick and spend all day playing Brawl, Kart, and Scotch (not in that order). It will be fun. After that my summer of working out and being a house husband will begin (where did I keep that screwdriver).

This summer I will try to learn how to be a god of Geometry Sketch pad as part of my "Play to Learn" mission for the next few years. You can expect to see commercials for it starting next year.