Thursday, December 30, 2004

it is good that mikex0r clarified the Post Biltmore point, because it confused me for a long time . . . but then again I am stupid.

Chowning is back in town, and we are headed to Agatha's to watch a show, so I could leave at just about any minute. She'll be in town for the next week or so, which should be fun. the only problem is that I have a lot of work that needs to be done in that time, and although her intentions are very good, she isn't always the most accomodating when it comes to work. But she tries to let me do work.

It is great having her back for a little while, however. We have a few fun things to do, including new ears eve and shit. I'm not really sure what we will be doing for the night of, there are a few parties and I guess we will be bouncing between them.

Well that is it, we need to get going. See you all tuesday.

By the way, I got to workout today and it was great!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I did want to play games on Tuesday, but there were some last minute type plans that came up with Carolyn. She was in town Monday and Tuesday, so I went over to her aunt and uncle's house for dinner. Sorry I stood you up, but I did inject that "non Tuesday" in there either Monday night or Tuesday morning, in hopes that we could avert the crisis that was apparently inevitable.

In other news,

I have a job offer and am currently considering moving into the Post Biltmore.

Although, the job isnt actually with Post Properties.
Man, I am always amazed at how poorly I can spell/type when people are talking to me. I assure you that Mertoid has only one "T" and a "Showgut" was meant to be a shotgun. Geez, it's like I've never seen a computer before.

Anyway, here's the rest of the stuff, I'll keep it short because I have work I need to do.

To finish up on games.

Metroid is fucking hard . . . at least in the beginning. See, it doesn't give you any fucking idea where to goso get shit. You need the ice beam and bombs before you can do much of anything. The bombs are easy, but then the rest of the items are hidden under false floor and through indescript walls. It basically causes you to try to blow up everything and makes you backtrack so many times it is mindnumbing. It kind of reminds me of theability to roam anywhere in the original Final Fantasy.

Metroid Prime 2: Echos isn't terrible as far a s difficulty. Mark thinks the bosses are hard, and I can see why. They are certainly difficult without mastery of the sidestep. Aside from that the game seems like it will be like the first Metroid Prime. A good game with beautiful graphics, a mediocre story, great gameplay and engrossing mechanics and collectables. I need more time to play that game, but it is a great game to play by yourself in the dark. They spend lots of time working on how the game looks and feels and the answer to both is creepy.

I'd talk about Paper Mario, which I'm making more headway in (getting a secret character), but Mark's Prince of Persia dominance is worth noting. He has won the Xbox version of the game, and used that to unlock the 1st version (for PC/SNES) which is ran through quickly. He is now trying to finish the second Prince of Persia game, which unlike the first one he has never played before. These are fun games that Mark excels at. A mild taste of platformer, based more on making good timing of moves regardless of pace, but with intricate puzzles. Mark has bought a new game Sphinx and the curse of the Mummy or something. It should be more of the same, which has Mark salivating. He still has a long way to go in Xmen, and he is getting pulled in many directions so we will se how that goes.

With regard to mikx0r's wishes, Mark, Brad and I were here last night (Tuesday night) ready to play, sorry you couldn't make it. Any other day this week might be hard for me since I have a lot of work to do for both schools.

Sigh, speaking of work it is back to work. Out.

Monday, December 27, 2004

So what do people who arent leaving the city/state/country for New Years think of having a (non Diplomacy, non Tuesday) game night this week?

Sunday, December 26, 2004

These aren't the zombies you are looking for . . .

Greetings from Nashville and the Johnson house hold. I've been up here for the past day or so hanging out with Chowning's family. Good times and all. There is definetely a bit a stress surrounding going to a girlfriends family's house for chirstmas. The main issue isn't, will you have a good time, the thing that was tough was trying to buy presents for people who I don't know exceptionally well. Mark brought up that I should have worked with Chowning more, but I feel that is a cop-out at times (Mark has since shown me the error of my ways). Regardless, I've had a great time here, but I don't know if I would recommend doing this to everyone who is in their first year of dating a person.

Let's see, there have been many games since the end of the semester, including some interesting events in diplomacy where Russia is second largest to a bloated turkey and france and germany are all in each other's grill (as if that is new). We've also had the pleasure to play Citadel with Jeff, which is a fun 4+ player card game where you try to build a castle. The thing that separates that game is that there are rotating special abilities and turn sequence based on card selection. It really is a cool mechanic, and I wish I had more time to go into that, but it was very fun. I mean really fun. So fun that we had to call Brad in for a second day of gaming the next day just to play it again. Holy shit that game was fun. I'm dying to play that game again when I get back monday night or tuesday.

There have been lots of video games played as usual. I have wrapped up Ratchet and Clank 3. Which succeeded in delivering the same top-notch quality game that the other two have been. It introduced enough new shit that it stayed interesting, without getting too far away from what has worked for them. Well done insomniac.

Paper Mario continues to be a fun little challenge, but my now three time failure in the Pit of 100 Trials has slowed me on the game. I need to go find an old man and get him to let me into a cannon. Still, that game is great fun, and there are many collectables to play.

I picked up the demo that Mark got me for Resident Evil 4. First, I've played all of the main RE games, and won them all. So I'm pretty familiar with the story, and this is (at this point) the biggest departure from the main story that I can find. We're playing Leon from the second game, but all of a sudden he is asked by the President to find the Prez's kidnapped daughter. The send him to Eastern Europe to find her . . . AND THEY SEND HIM BY HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't understand why the fuck they would do that, but I did understand that I was in trouble when playing the demo a guy stabbed me with a pitchfork, a fucking pitchfork I tell you. There were no zombies, only pissed off Europeans who wanted me dead for some reason. I manage to kill the pitchfork guy and his crew using many of my bullets. I stuggled with the new camera view (sort of 1st person but the camera is behind you and to the side, so you block about 1/3 of the screen). At this point I continued on, until I got to a town. Shit, lots of people that are going to want me dead, they each will require no fewer than 3 bullets to kill, and I'm running low on ammo. Mark was there for this part of the game, and he can attest that it took a few hours, and lots of wrong tries before we negotiated the following difficulties:
1) there are lots of people to kill
2) there isn't lots of ammo
3) great, we found shotgun shells but no shotgun
4) there isn't a way out of this place and if you try to go back more fucking people show up
5) the guy with the bag on his head, and a chainsaw, with cut your head off if he touches you (and they show him cutting your head off)
6) sweet, we have a grenade and a showgut, but there are still a lot of fucking people to kill
Eventually we succeeded, but it was tough. Despite mark's statements that we needed to find a switch or something, I was fairly certain that with the grenades and extra rounds we just needed to kill things. And that was the answer, eventually when we killed enough, the church bell tolled and everyone stopped, went into the church and the demo was over.

Pretty fucking hard, and pretty fucking cool. Of course there was no background noise, to heighten the scariness of the game. But I look forward to getting to play that come January 11th.

There are more games to talk about (including why mettroid is so fucking hard) and how my life is going to suck as soon as school starts again, but for now I am going to go eat breakfast. Have fun in Ireland Jeremy, if you can, blog from there to increase our overseas blogging. Out.


Thursday, December 23, 2004

What the fuck did you little wankers do with my zombies?
yeah brad get you some! net babes galore! hey, internet-instigated relationships really do work... worked for ted and nikki!

i just spent all day shopping. man, ladies clothes at the mall are expensive! marshalls rules. ross not as much. victoria's secret sales-ladies are sly sly people. they say things like "oh she'd definitely love that... i know i would really love to get that... picture me in that... yes i know i'm hot and using it to push merchandise... these are not the droids you are looking for... now i am the master." but hah! their jedi mind tricks didn't work on me. i took my business to bitches (rich's) instead.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

yikes. don't everyone post all at once.

i have made it into the "Super Bowl" for my fantasy football. i expected nothing less from my team and they have succeeded. all of my pep talks must have payed off. i absolutely slaughtered my opponent this week. i was practically bathing in his football blood. hopefully i can do the same next week. that's my update.

i continue to use eHarmony to contact the ladies. i have been talking to Melinda from Maine for quite some time now and it seems she is going to visit me sometime in February. None of the local ladies seem interested.

Merry Tuesday.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Alright, the blog is back up!
Looks like things are getting interesting on the Diplomacy front. The game might actually come to an end by the end of the month...

That's all I have to say...

Monday, December 06, 2004

here's my Monday update. I had my bye week in the fantasy football playoffs. It looks like my brother will most likely be eliminated in the first round. how sad.

So I think I'm going to get the board game Tigris & Euphrates. It's highly regarded and seems well suited for Tuesday nights. That is unless anyone has somebody already has a copy in which case we should use it.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

well, i've been away from the blog for a bit.

first, mark, you forgot peeing in a varsity cup in the hatch of ian's car, puking on the intersection of ponce and piedmont and i think that's it. mostly you were accurate. also, the last time i was at your house, i found a little friend that i'd left that night. ew.

secondly, the diplomacy computerization is curretnly a fiasco of sorts. the link on the side of the blog points to mark's home on burdell, but he's been falling down on the job. i've taken up the slack, but would prefer not to be the go-to guy for this business. mark, everything's now setup and all you need to do is your fucking job. that way all the stuff will be centrally repositoried and people can look at the history or whatever and at least be able to reliably see the map.

in the meanwhile -- map.

also, gre went well. the subject exam (which i'm hopefully going to be able to take stand-by) is going to be retardedly (as in extremely) hard. like a rock wrapped in a blanket wrapped in another rock. i have no idea what the average score for an american is, but i'm hoping it's way damned low.