Monday, April 23, 2007

I learned yesterday from Chowning that Martin and Chowning are engaged to be married! Congrats, Martin! Being married is fun.

Apparently they have been engaged for 2 months -- way to keep it a secret, Martin. slacker.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

quite a crazy rigmarole to use one's google account instead of the age old blogger account. but it all worked out. first post. nooch. actually, more like first post from me in months and months because i am lame. noonch.

let's work top-down:
- i went to ilm last summer, decided to quit the phd program
- i deliberated for 8 months, decided not to quit the phd program
- i blew off quals in fall 06 because i thought i was quitting
- i decided to tie my playmotion work as closely as possible to the phd program
- i just finished off spring semester 07 and now work "full time" for playmotion
- i finished the semester by failing to submit a paper that i slaved away on, quitting a mere 6 hours before the deadline
- i failed to submit because we "discovered" a fundamental flaw with our technique
- i will resubmit once we have vanquished said problem on bending kung fu fighters to one's will when kung fu fighters exhibit self-occlusions (arms in front of body)
- i hope to finish grad school by dec. 2008, making my tech tenure last just one semester over a decade.

there is a crackhouse visible from our apartment. it is a condemned building next to the dialysis clinic at the end of our street. we survey it from our living room using binoculars. it has that old fortress of chocolatude feeling to it around here and i love it. but i also miss peachtree and trinity. good times a plenty were had there.

martin, it seems you've started a new chapter in your life. exciting!

it's fun to go to a job every day and work with jeremy. we eat girl scout cookies all the time. and blast music. i plan to start drinking more beer at work.

the new aqua teen hunger force movie is fantastic. all the mindrot i was hoping for and much much more.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Moving this to a hosted account I have unless I fuck everything up.

Edit: I didn't fuck anything up. Enjoy no longer being tied to the whims of my own server.