Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Jeremy and I are hoodwinking Martin into having fun tomorrow. He thought he was just going to sit around all day and count his pubic hairs. Not this nigth! For those who don't know, Martin was born on 01-Sept-1978 and that makes tomorrow his birthday. Something he loaths to tell everyone. But, we will drag him out to the living room and force him to play fun games (at the very least). I have oj and vodka. That always makes for a fun Friday. :)

In other news, Shannon left for South America today. This time she made it from ATL to Miami to Venezuela to Ecuador. She has a friend in Quito, Ecuador that she used to teach with who is willing to come get her at the airport (which is really nice in 3rd world countries) and Shannon is going to stay with the friend for a spell while she plans what she is going to see in Ecuador. The problem is that Shannon was on a flight to Guayaquil which from the map you can see is nowhere near Quito. So, this is a problem. She is calling the airline and they are already closed. She is calling her friend to say where are you (earlier, before she realized what happened) and the friend is saying "I'm walking around but I don't see you." What a cluster fuck. She had a bording pass for Quito and they shuffled her on the wrong flight in Venezuela. This is the same airline that sent her bag to Columbia (note: not in the aforementioned itinerary) while she was still in Atlanta. So, it looks like she will be sleeping in the airport in the sketchy port town of Guayaquil and be on a flight first thing in the morning to Quito.

Oh boy, what fun. I can't wait to go. Speaking of which, I'm going to Chigcago on the 16th (day before Ted's wedding) and that is the last time I plan to be in ATL this year. So, if you fuckers want to do anything (like play games and shower me with attention) then soon is the time to do this. I packed my bag up for the trip and it contains all my shit reasonably well. It seems heavier than it ought to be, but I will weigh it at the Robot Factory tomorrow (17 kg is the target weight).

My sister gets back on the 5th of Sept. She has been gone for a while. That means that I will once again be homeless. I may stay with the rental's for a spell (close to GTRI) or crash on the Robot Factory couch until I depart.

That's it from my camp.


Thursday, August 25, 2005

It looks like Brad is alive. Mark had spoken to him earlier in the week, or so he said. But you can never tell if Mark is part of some large conspiracy, propagating "Brad's" existance. Brad called me tonight to see what was going on this weekend. While originally I was going to be in DC, not anymore. So it looks like we will see some Brad this weekend . . . time for me to clean.

Speaking of cleaning, I would like to give mad kudos to Mark and Shannon who cleaned my kitchen to superb status after game night this past tuesday. I did make a comment about the salad not being cleaned up after last game night, and I hope it didn't piss them off or anything. Regardless, they did a wonderful job cleaning the kitchen, and I wanted everyone to know that. So big ups to Mark and Shannon.

In other news . . . I've got my blog up and running for my students, and for no real reason I've resolved my 404 issue. Apparently I've just got to put them in a different folder. I've been looking at permissions and can't find a reason for the problem, but at least it is solved and now my students (who were complaining about how "long and hard" the test was tee hee) can download the files for all the shit that I hand them. They still have more rights to the page then I would like. I'm curious to see when one of them tries to make their own post on the main page instead of just commenting. I'm also curious to see when one of them follows another's link to their "fuck shit cunt blog." Hopefully the fall out wont be bad.

But I have another idea that might find it's way into my classroom after I have surgery (still don't have a date). I have this wonderful touchpad that might allow me to "draw" on the screen while sitting near the projector. Sounds like a good alternative to standing all day. The question is if I can get good enough to make it work.

Things with Chowning have been a bit rocky lately. Whether it is that I am easier to frustrate right now or she is getting past the limit of us not being in the same city, it is a pain in the ass. I've realized that I don't like hearing about how things suck when I know that they do and I'm trying to get past it. It isn't her fault by any means, however many conversations fall back to "this is so hard" and all I can think is "I know, it was hard last week, we don't need to state that it is hard, it is understood now let's move on." Things are going much better now, and I need to do a better job of sending lots of campy emails or something. I certainly don't know what I would do if this relationship fizzled all of a sudden. Don't want to think about that.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

You know, Mark isn't the first person to suggest water polo. Not only am I not a good swimmer, but people beat the shit out of each other in water polo. Oh, and I don't have height or big hands, which are both a plus for water polo. Cyclocross seems like an interesting option, but I'm still not positive that my ultimate career is over yet. I'll have to talk to my doctor, and friends (that's you guys) to determine if that is a good idea. Regardless, looking forward to seeing everyone tonight. I have a lot of work to do, but I'll just have to nut it up and be better.


Monday, August 22, 2005

The other country in South America that is land locked is Bolivia. Incidentally, that is one of the countries that Shannon and I are going through. La Paz and some outside areas to trek through. There is also a salt lake there. So, I could have helped with one. But alas, I was not here. I was installing some cabinets and countertops. But maybe next time.

On the subject of next time, games night is tomorrow. Brad will be there. Or at least that is what I have heard through the rumor mill. Shannon and I will be there with Lasagnia and break and possibly some salad fixin's. We also have a movie that is formatted for the Video Home System. So, you fucks down at the leage I have told you a thousand times to get your VCR hooked up. Maybe I've just said that is a good idea in passing. But I have thought it plenty of times. I am trying to bring another friend from Habitat and beer. Mmmm.... beer.

I was working today on building a retaining wall. Oh boy. What fun. Though, it does pay well. This is job number three for me for the summer. It is a remodeling company that I met the owners while in Sri Lanka. Anywho, GTRI is going well.

I am also (look at you Jeremy, possibly while high) to get my music already on mp3 format to my computer. So, that may be as simple as taking all my cd's from your place as well as borrowing a few of yours or something as fancy as scp'ing a huge directory tree to my hiz-ard drizzy.

Martin - it pains me to hear that your ultimate career might be ultimately over (did you get that pun? its over there). Have you thought about swimming? Its very non contact like you don't even contact the ground which seems to be doing you so much damage. How about the velodrome? For about 650 USD you could get a new fixed gear racing bike. Prolly cheaper on ebay. That takes knees but not lateral movement. And you enjoy biking. If you are gung ho on team sports, water polo is a good one. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Which NFL stadium has the largest seating capacity?

Which NY Yankees player was the first person to be a DH in 1973?

Whcih country (other than Paraguay) is land-locked in South America?

Who coined the phrase "tune in, turn on, and drop out?"

Which US state is the only state with a diamond mine?

If you could have answered any of these questions you should have been at trivia at McCray's with mike and myself tonight. If you don't know the answer to any of these questions . . . too bad for you.

Which NFL stadium has the largest seating capacity?

Which NY Yankees player was the first person to be a DH in 1973?

Whcih country (other than Paraguay) is land-locked in South America?

Who coined the phrase "tune in, turn on, and drop out?"

Which US state is the only state with a diamond mine?

If you could have answered any of these questions you should have been at trivia at McCray's with mike and myself tonight. If you don't know the answer to any of these questions . . . too bad for you.


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Went to the doctor today, meeting didn't go great, it went as expected. She feels that there is a very good chance that I have torn my ACL, however we're going to wait for an MRI to find out for sure. The MRI is this coming thursday day (week from today) which will give me plenty of time to get the swelling down. I guess the only question now is do I go out to Chain practice this weekend to help/watch. There are other questions, but that is part of the larger question of do I try to contribute significantly to Chain this season?

Since my playing ultimate career is most (and I mean MOST, as in 99.99%) over, it would be really nice to get a Chain jersey with the number 47 on it. I guess on some small level that will satisfy me. Since I can't play anymore, at least that would be something. I would wear it with immense pride when they win nationals, and when I am working out in the future. So part of me is thinking that I should force myself to show up just to try to secure a jersey, even though I feel that I won't play again. There are still things that I can contribute to the team, be it talking on the sideline or collaborating with players about things.

I lied about it being the only question. There are lots of questions. All of a sudden, perhaps in an attempt for something to go well in my life, I'm putting a lot more stock in going to ETSU. It is a lot easier to get going than anything else. Plus it gives me a better chance to get to an olympics again. Another big question is what sport am I going to do now. I can't imagine not training for something, and ultimate is out of the picture . . . any suggestiongs?? Out.


Monday, August 15, 2005

Dude, Martin, why the hell can you not just stay healthy? Why don't you have nanotech enchanced bionic acls, ankles and wrists yet? Might as well add two shoulders and some ribs just for good measure. Never fear a layout D again with carbon fiber protecting your Latissimus Dorsi. Anywho, I'm working away. GTRI has authorized 40 hrs for me before I take my trip. Shannon did not go on her flight to South America even though her bag did. She is getting ready to try again. Lastly, I should be at games night on tuesday. Word.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

Third time is the charm, chaps. Or at least that is what they've told me. Well, prehaps charm is a poor set of words. But first, let's talk about school.

School is going well. The first three days have been pretty easy. I've had the days scripted for me since we have our whole "10 days of fun" and shit. The only thing that I am worried about is that I am not pushing them hard enough (at least my honors kids). I don't think it is going to be getting any better until after the "10 days of fun" is over, we're teaching them about radiation and the problem is the honors kids ar getting the same work as the regular kids. I guess it will all work out when I get total control because I'll beat them senseless with the databasing project and an intro to my lab reports.

One other thing will make this semester harder. There is a distinct chance (back to the opening topic) that I retore (?!?) mt left ACL. Obviously I cant say for certain, however it feels wierd, and according to an on the field drawer test my left ACL is more lax than my right. Perhaps that was always the case, perhaps it is just stretched out, or perhaps I will have to go under the knife again. I'll be sure to update you all with news as I get it. Out.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The students will arrive wednesday, and while I don't feel like I've done much in preparation, I don't feel like I need to. Maybe I'm lazy, maybe I'm getting used to being a teacher, maybe I'm . . . shit I don't know. Originally I felt like there was a lot stuff for me to do, but now that my first 10 days is already mapped out for me, I find myself working on things that I wont be doing until I'm well into the semester. I'm very curious to see how the next month will treat me. Normally I wouldn't be worried, but I don't have a weekend myself for the forseeable future.

Chain is definetely more time consuming that any team I've played for, but the payoff is worth it. We have lost three straight tournaments in the finals. Although I missed the first, I doubt it was as exciting as the on in High Point NC this weekend. Against perrenial Nationals semi-finalist Ring of Fire, we took half and managed to get up 14-12 in a game to 15, unfortunately they scored the two needed to send the game to OT. In the end we had one . . . yes one mistake and that lost us the tournament. This is the style of ultimate that I want to be playing. It is definetely the challenge that I want. While on every other team I felt like I could own at least a few of the guys they put on the field, Ring seldom let me matchup against a person that I was faster or smarter than. This season is going to be good for me, because I'm going to have to work harder to be successful. I'm slowly starting to get into the offense, not that there is any structure to our offense. Apparently my job is to be that structure on the few points that I am in. So this season, while being really fucking busy, looks like it is gboing to be the type of sports that I love. Now if only I can stay healthy.

It is also nice to be going on long road trips with teammates again. The trip back from NC was complete with the realization of a goal. We were driving south on 85 and were hungry, but we also didn't want to spend too much time. AJ had a hankering for pizza, so the decision was made . . . we were going to order pizza in Charlotte (~45 miles ahead) and then roll up in time to eat, knock up some chicks then get on the road baby! Or something like that. Only it wasn't that easy. We oddly enough didn't have a number for a pizza hut in Charlotte. So Hensley has to use the internet feature of my phone to get the number of a random pizza hut in Charlotte, he then had to use the people at that pizza hut to get the number of another pizza hut near 85. After a long time on hold and fighting through a person who didn't speak english (what minorities live in NC??) we get our large pepporoni (truth!!), order of bread-sticks, order of cini-sticks (plus icing) and 2 liter of pepsi for 17 dollars. We roll in, eat fast, take the cini-sticks, pepsi and cups on the road and completed the sweetest order of a dine-in ahead of schedule known to man. We then proceeded to drive to Atlanta in the pouring rain, at a slow ass pace . . . so much for trying to save time.

As I sit and think about it I predict slow times for the blog. Matt is doing his thing, going to france and failing to tell us any tales. Jeremy is working his ass off being Matt's boss. Mark . . . isn't Mark leaving in a few weeks?? He';s at GTRI in the meantime. Mikex0r is traveling all over the country for all we know. Brad is stuck in Kentucky, so I don't know what he is doing with his computer time . . . and that is about it. With me going back to work, will the blog continue on . . . or will it become a desolate wasteland like it did once before, to be reborn again later when our lives are more conducive to writing yarns of our misadventures?

Thursday, August 04, 2005

well, the working week has hit me. There are a few things that haven't gone as well as I would like.

It looks like there is going to be a delay in the school getting a server where I can host my blog (that THEY want me to have). But that is the small problem. The bigger problem is apparently they are concerned about the kiddies that are switching classes within the first 10 days of class. I think they are afraid that they will be behind in whatever classthe switch to. I guess that means that the kids might actually have to work. The way that they propose to fix this problem is to standardize what each teacher does over the first 10 days. Although this may not seem like a big issue, I'm actually pretty livid over it.

I may not have the best class of honors physics, but I like to think that I offer an experience that is unique and focuses on learning how to think. I use puzzles to get people to think about problems logically, and I was planning on using databasing and a few equipment heavy labs to get them to work with data better and to think about what the meaning of their data is. I had crafted this gigantic adventure where my student would be transformed into brilliant scientists and theologians who would (at the end of two weeks) best dragons from the east in battles of skill and debate. Then . . . and only then would my students be ready to learn physics and transcend into god-dom. Instead I am forced to match my cirriculum, down to the actual fucking activities that I do, with not only the other honors physics, but with the regular physics class. That way Timmy, who can't handle the rigor of honors physics can seamlessly transition into the regular physics class that he will fucking dominate the rest of the year. It is stupid, and as my coworker said, I am having a philosophical different with this idea.

Hopefully this will all be remedied when a person from the county comes and explains things tomorrow. I can only hope that he will show up and say that it's cool guys, just do whatever the fuck you want as long as the kids are learning. See, I think that is where my philosophical difference lies. I understand helping the kids . . . but I don't see this as helping the kids. Why is coddling them helping them. They aren't stupid ALL the time, they can handle having to adjust to a new class. They wanted the change anyway. Why am I dumbing down the quality of the education I provide so that the 5% of students that decide to transfer can have an easy process. It just feels stupid. I understand the point behind it, but I don't understand why they need to make my life more difficult. We've never done this shit in the past, and the kids didn't come out retarded! What the fuck!

In other news, I feel like my heart rate is higher than it should be. I've been spinning and doing other things for hours on end in an attempt to work my cardio more, but it is the middle of the season so I don't know if it will be getting much better. I've got another tournament this weekend. I'm in north carolina, and I'll be driving. I feel like it is my time to drive since I missed out last weekend and I am a rookie. Well, hopefully we will win this one. There are three other teams there that are good, and we should be able to beat two of them without much of a problem. The third is better than we are. At least better than we were, and quite honestly I'm not sure that we are much better this year. We are shorter, and slower (in my opinion). apparently we throw better, but we'll see about that when it is windy.

Got to talk to Matt today. He agrees that he should have been blogging while in France. Stupid Matt. Out.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Well, I'm back from the first tournament of the Chain season. While I love being on the team, the tournament fucking sucked. We lost in the finals to THE regional competitor, Doublewide from Austin, Texas. While we only had 11 people to their 23, and the heat was ridiculous both days, we still lost, and that is going to be bad for us down the road.

The heat was so bad that by the finals we had lots of people cramping, I was so overheated that I was throwing up, and I think someone caught fire. I don't konw what it is about this summer, but I really feel like we haven't had a hotter summer in a while. At least I'm sweating more this summer than I ever have in the past. On some level I think it is because my resting heart rate is shit right now. I've been thinking of getting a heart monitior for a while, so maybe this is the time to do it.

There is another tournament this weekend, so hopefully my now sprained ankle will fix itself before the weekend. The competition this weekend will be tough. I got to drive the whole way back (only NO to ATL, not a bad drive) which like many tournament trips sparked long conversations about ultimate, phylosophy and the nature of god. I don't know what it is about people trapped in a car for a long time that makes them feel like spilling their soul. I have missed it a good bit.

Anyway, in hopes of lowering my heartrate I'm committing myself to an hour of cardio every day this week. We'll see if I feel like that improves anything. The other thing that we think might have been the source of the problem is dehydration due to Red Bull. I think I am going through the next tournament without touching the stuff.

In other news my summer is over. I'm back to work on wednesday. The PhD hunt is slowing, much to my dismay. I will need to set up a trip to ETSU soon, I'm going to Stanford around my birthday. Things with Tech are at a standstill for a bit. I haven't heard much about the master's dillemma, and I haven't gotten a response fron Dr. Gregor in the school of Applied Physiology about trying to start this spring. Time to get back to work. Out.