Wednesday, April 26, 2006

First of all, first class to Mexico City. Woot!

Second of all, I sat next to either the Global Sales Director for SAP or a lunatic who'd escaped from an institution. Either way, he offered me a job. Oakley runs SAP.

Next, the Mexico City airport confused the hell out of me. But it turned out that I am only slightly less dumb than Mark, instead of far beyond like what we thought.

I'm staying in the hotel across the street from the airport. Pretty nice, but apparently its not conventional to have wireless in Mexican hotels. Also, I don't know what time it is.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Mister of Bitches! McMark Fatty Fatalicious! Jump down turn around pick a bale o cotton!

I would like to join Mix0r's army of ninjas --

In US gov't world, Roxy, Niko, Simon and I are moving to San Francisco next weekend! We will live on top of the highest point next to a giant controversial jesus cross erected by FDR who installed a button in the white house to light up San Francisco. Simon will piss all over it. Niko will dump and dance next to it. And Roxanne will spike a frisbee against it. I'll probably pour a 40 on it. After living with this cross for a few months we'll return to tha ATL in the end of August. The reason we're going is because I'm doing an internship at Industrial Light and Magic! I'm very very excited about this... working on special effects was the reason I came to Tech.

It's been tougher than I originally imagined to find a place to live in the city willing to take 2 people and 2 dogs for only 4 months. Craigslist and both rule, but nobody emails you back! I swear I found 15 sweet places in our price range and only 2 emailed us back, one of which was to say that the place was taken already. I wish people were more courteous about their craigslist postings. Anyhow, Rox and I will be sharing a small house with a dude named Robert Fulton (inventor of the steamboat!). He is a screenwriter. Roxy and I are going to stop by the supa-walmart to pick up a 9mm just in case. ;)

Our first stop next weekend will be Merlfest in NC to see the grandparents (in law) and listen to some bluegrass. Then we'll make our way over to Rocky Mtn Natl Park, Utah and then land in SF. I will then proceed to live in a hole on the ILM campus next to a statue of Yoda. Woot!

McMark Fatty Fatalicious has graciously agreed to live in our apartment this summer, hopefully with Shannon. Mark, don't be surprised if you find a towel in the bathroom with your initials on it. I'm certain I ganked at least one of em many years ago.
Are you going to throw a party?

Can we get a pony?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

First of all dude, you don't have a cat. And second... Look at our current situation in Iraq.

Shannon arrives on Wednesday and I am stoked.


Friday, April 21, 2006

my cat's breath smells like cat food.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Who gave you a thesaurus?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

mikex0r, are you proposing a violent revolution? an overthrow of our nation's aristocratic oligarchy, freeing us from the bonds of property ownership and empowering the proletariat to determine the destiny of the politics and economics that control us through earnest hard work? i welcome you to the ranks of those who acknowledge that our 'american way of life' is the dream of greed and that our system is not governed by a represenativie republic, but by capatalism extended to its logical extreme and corrupted so as to be unrecognizable. too long has the beast of revolution slumbered! grab your hot pokers and prod it back to baleful life.

.... or are you talking about quitting your job and becoming a bum? cause that's what you'd be. a fucking bum.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

At my job I dont feel limited by myself. I feel limited by the structure and organization of the other people around me. Its so fundamental and contradictory to the last 8 - 9 years of school, that I can only think of one way to fix it.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

i'm writing this post from mikex0r's truck. this internet everywhere device is definitely a cool gadget. unfortunately, it makes riding in the car a lot less social (at least when you're doing research on the way to a shopping destination). if we were in an rv with a bunch more people, things would probably be different. but as it is, mikex0r has to pay attention to the road and i'm engrossed by the intarweb and as such, we aren't talking to eachother a whole lot.

also this web browser has a few issues. it seems to be decompressing the jpegs incorrectly. i don't know if that has something to do with the 'slow' bandwidth? i'd be surprised if it were that smart, but i've never browsed the web on this system from a wired connection, so i don't really know.

in conclusion, alaska would be fucking sweet with this thing. w00t.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Oh, the foibles of living in a communal setting.... see below.
I am stupid. My stupidity is only exceeded by my fatness. If I were in space, I would be a black hole because I am so fat and dense. Light does not escape me, just as intelligent thought does not escape my mouth. Man, I want everybody to call me stupid McMark Fatty Fatalicoious (sp?)

Thats how stupid and fat I am. I am also apparently clean now because I just turned off the shower.
So, MikeX0R has started his own government. Fortunately, he has appointed a cabinet. So far, Martin is the Minister of Bitches, Jeremy is the Mister of Keeping-It-Real and I have just recently been appointed to the Minister of the Interior. Nick (coworker at Playmotion) has just been appointed Minister of Beer, though he may be derelict in his duties. There are long stories behind why the appointments have taken place, but we won't delve into that on this post.

MikeX0R also has an army. The ninjas. Don't let him call them out on you, for you shall then know fear. Once called, the ninjas cannot be stopped and are only sated by blood.

Unfortunately, there has been some upheaval lately. It has come to the attention that a recall is necessary. As such, this letter was drafted today:

Dear Sir,

It has come to our attention that you have been woefully derelict in your duties. You have been set with goals that the constituency feels were modestly attainable. However, in failing to meet the target goal standards time after time, we are hereby removing you from office. This removal process will be officially complete when an acceptable replacement can be found. For now, please consider your status as Mister of Bitches to be a lame duck term. You can redeem yourself from the former shame of your previous term, but you will not be eligible for reappointment.

We are sorely disappointed in your promised performance. We regret that such harsh action had to be undertaken. All of the members hope that we can move past this schism and onto a more palatable arrangement.

Thank you,

Prime Minister

As such, now there is an opening for Mister of Bitches. If you feel you have what it takes, please inform MikeX0R at his next council meeting.
I like ted also enjoy yogurt. Else, why would I have bought it? I remember the immortal words of ted that go something like eating pussy is directly related to eating yogurt. If one eats yogurt, then they will eat just about anything.

In other news, Shannon comes home in about 12 days. I'm really excited.

My sister is getting married. I go up to Charlottesville around the 2nd of June for her wedding. The invitations got sent out. They look pretty neet.

Jeremy is next to me looking up male porn. He is currently judging whether or not Tony Danza's penis is photoshopped. And, he hates preload for high count asset do-dads.

I'm still working for Habitat on the weekends.

I'm still in school. Not much else to report.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Cautions. one glasses of SaFety
Do not broken.
Thank you!

Alaska is nice. School is not. You should vacate #2 for #1.

I bought a new car.

I like cottage cheese, but i call it cot-a-hay cheese like Bart Simpson did. See, by emulating an amusing television cartoon character, it makes me funny.

I could eat a pint or a quart of yogurt at one sitting, as long as it didn't taste like ass or butterscotch (my farts smell like butterscotch... butt or scotch).

I have a santoku knife. It's nice - not as thick as a chef's knife and a little easier to handle. It can easily slice, dice, mince or chop soap, gravel, aluminum siding, chain-link fence, my left index finger, vegetables, cat food, dog food, jell-o, white bread, chimichangas, railroad ties, carbon nanotubes, 6Al4V aircraft-grade titanium and Pure Wisconsin Aged Cheddar (minimum 5 years).

I stopped eating meat, but it did make quick work of a huge pork tenderloin. HUGE.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

This is a poem somebody emailed me. I dont know why. The title is:


suddenly somewhere off we sugar, few anybody mischievous money drew.
window find money night use? he tying suddenly slow night. bad did friends use end companion.
appearance out different commit corner supposedto. letters similar beautiful. young prison not somewhere music am.
rich we turning. very reading goes principle off parents?
pride turning the latter here?

and another one


music miserable yours end fire least,
nothing gym you speaking sugar wife.
supposedto light nothing bought. prison studied how filled make off. few rich she.
make is allow young promised leader. corner thus or love force, being or thats somewhere hard side.
respect pride turning.

One glasses of safety. Do not broken.
Who in their right mind would eat cottage cheese? Why the hell is it called cottage cheese anyway? Do you eat it in a cottage? Was it invented in a cottage? Maybe if you're snowed into a cottage, and theres some cottage cheese, its the absolute last thing you would eat before starving to death. Maybe thats how it was invented. Somebody was starving to death in a cottage and they scraped what was at the bottom of the refridgerator together and called it cottage cheese.

Speaking of cottage cheese, Mark bought a pint of yogurt or something crazy like that. Maybe it was a quart. I dont remember. But it was way too much yogurt to eat all at once. I hope he doesnt because he might die if he tries to eat it all.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Santoku is the name for a Japanese knife. It means "3 virtues"

There are a few sets of 3 virtues that people attribute to a santoku knife. One website said its good for cutting vegetables meat and fish, another said chopping dicing and mincing, and Wikipedia said slicing dicing and mincing.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Hello from San Diego again, four years after my last post from here (I think). My trip is coming to a close, and it is time for me to get back to work. Honestly I've been thinking about it all week, and while Chowning seems to be dreading getting back to her 9 to 5, I am looking forward to starting school again and finishing strong.

This trip was a lot of fun, we got to do lots of things all over the coast. After San Francisco we headed up to wine country, then down to Carmel for two days to see the ocean there. Here in San Diego we spent the first day at the obligitory zoo, and now will be headed to La Jolla, then to go see the U.S.S. Midway which is docked at the pier. By 3pm We will be back on a flight to Nashville.

It was great to see Gloria and Bob again. I got to hear a few more stories about my mom that I haven't heard before. I made me think that something I want to do for Luke Abbatte (homeroom student died in car crash), I may want to do for my mom as well. I wanted to video tape people telling stories about Luke and give it to the family, and that might be a good idea to do for my mom. Gloria in particular has insight and stories from an era in my Mom's life that few others do (when I was really young and she was still married to my dad), when Gloria moves on I don't know who else I can get those stories from. Sad.

Not sad will be returning. Chowning has, and most likely will continue, been mentioning how sad it is that we are returning . . . I guess I don't think that way. Then again I don't think I ever have. Every trip I have been on I have actually looked forward to going home at the end. I still love the trip, but there is something about the home stretch that just makes me feel good. Whenever I was driving and saw the skyline for the first time on a trip home I get this feeling like "another trip successfully accomplished." It is a shame Chowning doesn't share the same opinion, because I feel bad for her that she is so said about returning home. Anyway, I need to pack and get going with the day. Out.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Does anyone else think that Martin should be exempt from using (sp?) if he thinks he mispelled a word? Because, honestly he should be using it after every word longer than 4 letters. Martin. If you mispell a word, we'll let it go. We know you cant spell. Quit using the goddamn (sp?)

Rich and I went to see Thank You for Smoking. Besides being such a polite movie, it was also very funny. Its also not a tirade against smoking, as many of you might think. Its more about the character who is a lobbiest, and about the people who choose to be lobbiests. Not about a specific industry. It kind of confirms this at the end. You'll see.

Monday, April 03, 2006

As one who has never spent much time in San Francisco I feel like I got a lot out of my day yesterday. Chowning and I are staying in the Porn district, just north of the financial district. It is on the oppositre side of the penninsula from the golden gate bridge, by the bay bridge. Starting at 6 am we walked all the way over to the bridge (to see no fog), then crossed the bridge on foot. Once we got there we had to find a way back so we had to walk down the hills on side roads until we got to Sausilido, had lunch then took the ferry back to the financial district. All in all mapquest says it was 9miles, but with the detours and such we are going to call it 10. It was a good walk, and although my knee started to bother me, and we got in a pretty heated fight early on, we both greatly enjoyed the trip. The nice part is that we got to walk through a lot of the parts of San Francisco we wanted to see.

Last night, after a long nap, we went to the oldest bat in touwn, called the saloon. It is quite the dive. The clientle (sp?) looked like a bunch of middle aged people who were unaware that they were older in the kind of unattractive was that makes them look creepy. We were easily the youngest people in the bar at first and we were the only ones who didn't look like we spent every night there (on on the streets). But let the first impressions never weight you down, we were entertained by Johnny Nitro whose band delivered raw blues like we know from Phatt Matts and other holes inthe wall. Eventually two other young people got into the Saloon, and added to the dance floor, but for a while it was all of these 45+ people dancing like they did in the old days. The bartender was either deaf or stone out of his fucking mind. It took forever to get a drink unless you had a nice pair of tits on display, and once he got to you he would make your drink without looking (spilling most of it) then ask you for the 30th time if you're over 21. Huck, the bartender, would even try to talk to you, which didn't go well since he didn't form sentences that were coherent. All in all it didn't fucking matter because the hard drinks were only 3$ a pop, and the band was amazing. Chowning got pulled on stage to sing the chorus of a song. It was great, right now we have to go get our car, but I will post more in the future.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

what's up suckers. I'm in san francisco right now. I have never been here . . . and I come to report that this town is filled with a bunch of fucking hippies. Granted we are in the hippy district, which means our hostel is surrounded by strip clubs and "water pipe" stores. We have a very large police presence tonight, maybe there will be a riot. Also, hippy district is sandwiched between chinatown and little italy for an interesting blend of community. Talk to you guys later, I'm off to see if PV Kadaba was right about that whole Golden Gate bridge phenomenon.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

West Palm.

What does Dave Chapelle play again? A saxamaphone?
Vegas Baby! So I'm sitting in the vegas air port paying money for my internet connection, which sucks. What also sucks is that chowning andI were looking at events in san fran while we are there and it looks like dave chapelle is going to be playing a 10 pm and midnight show at the punchline. It's 55 dollars to get it, but it is worth it to see dave chapelle. Unfortunately it was all bookedup whe we got to the page on Ticketmaster. Sucks. Fortunately the weather is great is the trip is going well so far. I'll post to you lame asses from san ran. Out.