Friday, April 30, 2004

Well... I tried to sign up for gmail but the browser does not support activeX. I don't know if I support activeX or now. So, the jury is out right now on gmail.


Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Just to get them out of the way, here are the quick facts....
Still living in Atlanta on the weekends, er, Lawrenceville, whatever...
Working for Capgemini, a French company...
Currently working in Brooklyn during the week, yo...
I bought a Gamecube...
I still got game with the ladies... (or am I getting that mixed up??)
TIVO is evil, but much like crack and heroin, it hardly seems that way when you're using it. Then again my heart exploded the last time I fast fast forwarded through a commercial.

TED! I'm loving this zombie renaissance. At first I thought that the super juju zombies would irk me but I've come to accept the progression of zombie cinema. 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead both rocked.

I think I'll go buy some rum, sour mix, and some oj when I get home this Friday. What in the world could Brad be planning??
welcome back to the fold, you piece of shit.

ps - you rock my face off.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004



Brad, much like the worldwide glut of a grape harvest made yummy wine even cheaper than before, the current glut of zombie movies is making it possible for you to enjoy first-run zombie flicks in a theater again. Have you seen 28 Days Later and/or Dawn of the Dead?

When I was unemployed and hopeful in Chicago, I enrolled in bartending school. Yes, yes, I now have a degree in applied and practical mixology. Here's my recipe for a zombie. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


  • 0.5 oz light rum

  • 0.5 oz dark rum

  • 2 oz sour mix

  • 2 oz orange juice

  • 0.25 oz amaretto

in a highball glass over ice. Shake, stir, strain, rotate, translate, blend, whip, chop, puree, liquefy, WHATEVER. JUST MIX IT ALL UP.

Float on top:
  • 0.5 oz 151 proof rum

Drink, eat, be fat and drunk.

As you can tell, it is actually a fruity girly drink with a thinly-veiled macho name. JUST LIKE BRAD USED TO LIKE.

How ya been, slackass?
I'm alive! Details to follow...

Hooray to Jeremy for admonishing me over the phone.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

ok kiddies. it's finally paid off to be a blogger -- jump on the fucking gmail beta, yo! just log in to blogger and click on 'yes' under the gmail logo. you can send messages to woo!

Saturday, April 24, 2004


mikex0r, besides straight up chillin and doin a j, did 'ol big daddy don rummy have much else to say, like "ah, fuck it" or "got any raw potatoes?"

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Soon, if it's cool with you guys, I will move our blog over to My friend Hal Bledsoe leases a server on a net backbone somewhere (apparently 5 gigabit / sec connection, no shit) and I will be hosting on his server. This means we should have both higher performance (only in publishing) and far less downtime (no more of the downtime that occurred last week).

Also, I am excited about the upcoming reincarnation of golf on Jeremy's new fat pipe at Post. We'll have to organize a mass music / software / and games swap soon. Mwauahahahahaha.

Jeremy and Martin: you should hop on the encode-my-entire-library-in-mpeg bandwagon. Everyone should.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

huh. i hit the blog on a lark -- figuring it was still inexplicably broken. but no.

anyway, almost all of my shit is moved in to the new apartment. it's all over the fucking joint, which i'm sure is irritating martin about as much as it is me. i think that soon i'll have the time and mental faculties to deal with it. maybe tonight.

anyway, the commute rocks the fucking house. i wake up about 15 minutes before i need to be at work now. noonch. the view is also awesome. our northern exposure is basically guaranteed to not be obstructed (whoa, split infinitive.. tsk), thanks to an actively used parking lot next door. the bandwidth rules. basically the apartment is much better than i gave it credit for. the shower is still too big for my tastes, but it doubles as a lap-track.

living in the city has its (slight) disadvantages. the one i've been confronted with recently is the temptation to eat out all the time, which my wallet has beef with.

other than that, though, things are pretty rockin. tonight i will assemble the solvent cabinet transportation solution and organize some of my massive stacks of bullshit. if only i could bring myself to throw it all out the window.
For some unknown reason, the server went down for a few days. It's back up now. Sorry doodz.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

i seem to remember talking to someone recently about a black leather office chair. was that person any of you?

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I just saw Donald Rumsfeld. He was straight up chillin'. I think he was doing a j
not much is up here. moving and working.

speaking of tipsy, when i was back in jax this weekend i saw my mom get a little loopy for the first (and second) time in my life. it was cool because 1) drunk people are funny 2) she's my mom and 3) it's another of those milestones in the relationship between my mom and me. every so often she decides that i'm a little more of a grown-up and can handle x or that she doesn't have to keep up pretense y. one day it'll be like we're both just people.

my mom is a cool lady.

Monday, April 12, 2004

What up dogs? I'm here in beautiful Colorado right now. I wne t skiing on sunday. THat was fun. I'm here at a qwerty terminal so this may be brief or misspelled. I'm feeling a little tipsy rioth now aafter a few (about three) pitchers of fat tire.

I'm havngi a great time on colorado. I really like ti here an plan to make this my permanent home. This whole not having to have an air conditioning unit installed really suits me. For all of you solar powered fuck sticks out there.. the sun still shines brightly here. It is just doubly reflected by the whgite snow.

I'll pst a little more in a few days. Hope all is well in the ATL. Sorry the braves suck and that Tech lost.

ok, ok. pbr sucks. what about the corner? who lives in this compound?

wow. 'my alarm didn't go off' sounds like the weakest excuse in the world when you're the guy in charge. you could have at least told them that you were gettin' some.
Well, it seems that PBR isn't working out as a name. Which is fine with me. Regardless there needs to be individual names for each place inside the greater whole. (Also, Jeremy, there is a place called the Compound already). We'll have to do more brain storming to figure something out. I still like the name vegas, although without the paint scheme it is harder to push.

Oh, and Jeremy, we need ot start thinking about other furniture to get. I went to the salvation army with Kate the other day and looked at some decent chairs that weren't too expensive. We will need more seating solutions at some point, however we first need to figure out what the fuck is going in the first room.

I'm glad that x0r is continuing the "in video gaming news" posts. Sincethat is a good chunk of what we do I feel that it is important to talk about. My tastes have moved to Ratchet and Clank:2 which is a fantastic game. I'm near the end of it, and then will need to 100% it. It is from Insomniac, who makes great fucking games. I'l surely pcik up the third.

But in even better news my christmas present finally got here in full. The Xbax has returned, fully moded and tricked out. It comes with every NES game ever, a shiton of arcade games, and an SNES emulator. Oh, and it comes stocked with about 30 Xbox games. This is where the real success lies. You can make the Xbox into a FTP server, download RAR files of Xbox games, and then transfer them via FTP to the Xbox. So atthis point we can have access to every Xbox game we want for free. We can also rent a game, then rip it to the hard drive for free also. Aside from that there is one downside to the whole experience: no more LIVE. Which sucks since I dropped $60 to get 12 months of live. Rich is currently working on solutions to the problem, but right now they all look like thay wil require more work to be done to the box. While we can do that work, it means there is another chance of something going wrong today.

In other news, my alarm lost power this morning and didn't go off, as a result I didn't wake up until 10 and was late to work. I suck.


Friday, April 09, 2004

Tech always gets slighted by the popular sports media. The AJC favors UGA when it comes to the size and frequency of college sports reporting, and the past few weeks of the basketball tournament is another example. Didnt our football team go undefeated in 90, only to play a bowl game with 20th ranked Nebraska? Didnt we end up sharing that title that year?

PBR has an odd ring to it, probably because I associate it with beer. Personally I'd lean towards "TPWIKAMS" (The Place Where I Keep All My Shit) or "MGWDAMTG" (My God, Where Did All My Toothpaste Go) or even "SIICATHAMISTWIMDLATPIAPFMWLHATETOC" (Shit. If I Could Afford To Hire A Maid I So Totally Would. I Mean, Damn, Look At This Place. Its A Pigsty. Fuckin Monkeys Wouldnt Live Here And They Eat Their Own Crap)

In other gaming news, the fire dragon is kicking my ass right now.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

i'm not totally feeling pbr either. a more descriptive, if totally uninspired, name is the Dorm. i'm still working on it. if rich and mikex0r move in, we may be approaching the Compound, but without our own wafflehouse, moonwalk, or dick-sucking machines i feel it's not truly a Compound.

maybe instead of 'home' we could start saying 'bowling'. as in 'fuck it, dude. let's go bowling'.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Well, the lease has been signed and some stuff has been moved into PBR. I'm still not sure if the name PBR is going to be enough. Now that MN and Kate are both moving into PBR, with the potential for more people on the way, I feel the need to have another name for our place specifically. Soon more stuff will move into place to be named later.

I got to sit and have lunch with Danielle McDonald today. It was fun to catch up. It was also fun to talk about how it has been 5 years since we all were PLs and mikex0r was a freshman (that probably isn't all that surprising to him). Ah how time flies and everyone moves on. Ted is living in the southside of Chicago with his girlfriend (?I think that is correct?). Mark has moved on to Houston and a frustrating job. Matt is about to get Married. Brad has dropped off of the face of the planet (speaking of which we need to track him down). Jeremy has bulldogged his way into a salary job, and I'm doing my thing.

Let's see, I feel like there is more stuff for me to say, but I don't know what it is. I'm pretty stoked to be moving again, but I always like moving. It makes me feel like I am about to have a new beginning, same with travelling. I'm hoping that the new scene will include more single women 23-30 for me to meet.

In gaming news, Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando is a fan-fucking-tastic game. Insomniac really makes great platformers. Also, Jason has the X-box being moded right now so hopefully that endeavour will be over soon. Yea!


Tuesday, April 06, 2004

the game did suck. i haven't been watching connecticut all season, but i'd expect that even though they do love the fast-and-loose gameplay, the sloppiness we saw from both parties was out of character.

things would have been different, i think, if the game had been 60 minutes instead of 40. but that's not in the rules. at about 37 minutes, gt finally appeared to figure it out. but it was too late.

also, let's hear it for the 'unbiased commentary'. they called the game over at 17 minutes left. heh.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Well that just sucks. It was a horribly played game.


Subject: NCAA Championship Game Activities

Monday, April 3, 2004

Good Afternoon,

Very few of the experts gave us much of a chance, but Coach Hewitt and
his team have made it to the national championship game against the
UConn Huskies. It's been a very exciting tournament thus far and the
site of thousands of Yellow Jacket fans celebrating Saturday in the
Alamo Dome made this President very proud. Fans in both San Antonio,
Atlanta, and around the world, conducted themselves in accordance with
Georgia Tech standards and I'm as proud of all of you as I am of this
team. Thanks to our student leadership and the entire Georgia Tech
community for your conduct on Saturday.

I hope that you will take advantage of Monday's game-watching event
tonight at the Alexander Memorial Coliseum. The Coliseum will be open
at 8:00 p.m. to anyone with a Georgia Tech ID. Concession stands will
be open and tip off for the NCAA Championship game is at 9:07 p.m.
Wear your white and gold and show your spirit.

Immediately following the game, we will host a block party at 8th
Street and Fowler Street. Music, food, beverages, giveaways including
signed paraphernalia, and fun will be on the agenda! A Georgia Tech ID
is required for all events on campus Monday night. Be prepared to show
an ID if you leave and re-enter campus.

In order to prepare for tonight's NCAA Championship game viewing at the
Coliseum and the block party immediately following, the campus will be
closed at 7:00 p.m. tonight, April 5, 2004. All cars must be removed
from Fowler Street, between 8th and 10th Streets prior to 7:00 p.m. to
accommodate the evening's festivities.

On Tuesday, we will host a celebration at the Coliseum to honor the
team's return from their national championship game. We expect the
team to return to Atlanta sometime late Tuesday afternoon and the
celebration will start Tuesday evening at 5:30. The doors to the
Coliseum will open at 4:00 and Monday's championship game will be
replayed in its entirety on the big screens without commercial
interruption, as a warm-up to the event. Monday's celebration will
feature Wes Durham as MC and the entire men's basketball team, the Pep
Band and our cheerleaders. Georgia Tech's official sports radio
station -- 790 the Zone -- will be broadcasting live. The entire
community is welcome for this event and no I.D. will be necessary for

This has been a wonderful ride with a team for the ages. I know that
you will continue to show you support for the team through your
enthusiasm for their accomplishments and your responsible conduct
surrounding all of the excitement.

Enjoy the moment and I'll see you all on Tuesday. Go Jackets!

Wayne Clough,
hee hee, pbr.

anyone know if they're opening the football stadium for tonight's game?
it's true. it's all true. we're moving back into the dorm. the real kicker is that we'll be paying as much for a month's rent now as it used to cost to live in the dorm for a whole semester. hah. anyway, what do you think about post biltmore residence?

Sunday, April 04, 2004

So there's my long tourney coverage action. In other news, Jeremy and I have secured a place in Post Biltmore (start thinking of alternate names). Move in will commence in the next week or so. It isn't exactly what we were looking for, and may infact be a horrible time. But jeremy is near MN and work, which are two bonus, and I get a nice bedroom, parking for my cars and hopefully a better (older than college) singles environment. Everyone is expected to come over and some point. Apparently there are others that are thinking of making the move (Kate, Rich, mikex0r, and whoever else I can talk into it).

Oh my fucking God!!!!!!!

With what was a fantastic night of basketball last night, our Georgia Tech has now made it the National Title Game and therefore has at least a chance to win the national title. Now, unlike most of my still in school contemporary friends, I will not start touting WHEN Tech beats Uconn and how Schenscher will dismantle Okafor. Instead, as is the background that I have, I recognize the game in slightly more historic, storied sense.

There is no doubt in my mind that Uconn has an advantage. They have played in this type of game twice before (once losing to Georgetown I believe and once beating Duke in 1999), they were the preseason #1 and don't seem to have many weaknesses. It was clear the Emeka Okafor is a ridiculously dominant force last night, and in previous battles between Duke and Tech, our inside presence is not significantly greater than that of Duke's. This makes me feel that Uconn has the slight edge on the inside (there is the X factor of Schencher being significantly taller than all of the other centers, and the can be a great equalizer). Gordon, Anderson and the rest of the Uconn perimeter game is very solid. I saw moves from Gordon that looked rediculous to defend. Our perimeter game is pretty solid, so I think it is a coiin toss there. Uconn seems a team of destiny and so I expect to hear nothing but Uconn from the sports anouncers making there "unbiased" opinions.

However I still feel Tech has an edge, however slight, that might make the difference. Uconn has won all but their last game by an average of 18 points. Last night's Duke game was won in the last minute, and Duke still had a chance in the end. (Duhon made a half court shot to put the game to one point. The difference in that one point is the fouls. Okafor had shot two free throws on the other end. Two, not one-and-one because of the officiating. Had it been a one-and-one Duke would have had a chance to tie the game with Duhon's shot and push it to over time.) The point is, Uconn has won big until this last game, and in this game Okafor was visibly shaken in the first half because of bad foul calls and being taken out of the game. Tech, on the other hand, has gotten here with an average margin of vitory of 5 points (even with fouling at the end of a game). Every game has been a heart attack for some Tech fan, and our players have risen to the challenge and handled themselves well. They have been down big and mounted comebacks, and always manage to find a way in a close game. We are poised and composed, which is what you want out of a championship basketball team. We will play well, our outside shots will hit, and Schenscher will get some points and maybe even some blocks, and then so will Uconn. If Tech wins this game, it will be their poise that keeps them in the game down the stretch and has them make some harrowing shot with all of fulton county holding its breath. This is how Tech has won, through determination, hard defense, and poise. The same poise that faded away from Duke last night (and had them lose a close game that is very uncharacteristic for them) will be the salvation of Tech fans everywhere.

It has been a year to remember. I can't recall the last time I have been so excited about March Madness, and I am typicall very excited about March Madness. We have all seen what effect Paul Hewitt has had on the players and their game. This final game will show us how much they have grown as Players and how well they can play The Game.


Friday, April 02, 2004

i just got squarepusher's new album (ultravisitor) and air's new album (talkie walkie). i haven't listened much to air's album, but reviews suggest it's better than 10000hz but not as good as moon safari. i have been listening to the squarepusher album though, and it's really good. it's a ton better than his last couple albums. definitely worth a listen.

included in the squarepusher album is a little card that points the reader to it's tracks and albums recorded by warp records artist available for purchace at .99lb for a track, 6.99lb for an album and 8.99lb for a double album. perhaps this is a good option for getting those hard-to-locate tracks.
Rich took the video game design class, he made Phage. All of the sudden the will to post has left me.
oops, 35 sq ft, not 1225 sq ft. me no thinkey good. uuugghheheheeeeeesaiiiiiiiii (read that with your best retard voice).

biltmore, eh? at least it's not post village, the largest complex in the southeast. jeremy, you'll be able to wake up 30 seconds before work. rockin. i'm actually quite happy you guys will be livin in tha biltmore cause tsrb, my future 2nd home, is right down the street.

and now i'd like to direct attention to two incredible games that were produced this last fall semester in the video game design class. these two games, kube kombat and growbot, won the independent games festival a week ago. they're both a lot of fun, beautiful, have awesome sound, and were done in only 3 months (but probably less knowing procastination). kube kombat is a tetris-style fighter with funny ass characters and growbot is a fast-action puzzle style game. after playing these, i'm deeply ashamed of splat!. hopefully medicine will be good.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

hey everyone,

so as jeremy said, i moved in with julie this past weekend (largely thanks to jeremy and pablo). the house is still kind of a mess, but we're making progress. i'm already enjoying the fact that i don't have to constantly haul my shit back and forth between cabbagetown and buckhead. i miss the hipness of midtown, but overall the good of this situation far outweighs the bad.

on the wedding front, things are moving along. we need to make our next big push to find a photographer, videographer (if we want one), flowers, wedding bands, invitations, etc. there's alot to do before i leave for my summer internship.

jeremy and martin, i'll offer again to let martin rent my room for the summer. yes, it would involve moving twice, which would suck. but would it be worse than living in post for a year? as an added bonus, both josh and bonnie will be living there, so you can split rent and utilities 4 ways. anyway, just thought i'd throw that out there as an option.
maybe i don't remember highschool physics. or maybe matt doesn't. but what i meant by 35 ft2 was thirty-five square feet. as in the area enclosed by martin's Acceptible Living Perimeter™. that's not much. not at all. but i guess it doesn't matter now. we've decided to live at post biltmore (post is like the epitome of corporate apparment fucks) for a year, and then maybe we'll find something cool.
wow, that certainly was a spurt of posts.

35 ft^2 is some big ass livin space. but i guess it's still only half the space of the ol fort.

on the topic of livingplacehunting, rox and i checked out 3 more joints today and think we've found the one. it's on ponce de leon court, which is right in between zestos and eats at the end of a culdesac. it's a fairly large 1 br with big windows in a really old building (1920s). the kitchen has gas, which is something i've never experienced but i understand is superior to electric. the only drawback is there isn't ac. they said they'd install window units however. everything else has been too expensive for small living space. i guess we'll move in sometime in the end of april.

mark, your work schedule sounds godawful. i feel for you. colorado will be all the sweeter...

on topic of work, work around here has been actually a little more slack than usual (normal working hours). greg, my naked boss, has been flying to dc frequently to spend time with his mother, who has gastric cancer. after wonderwindow was canceled (due to insufficient funding and a considerable drop in the number of floors we had available to us), we shifted focus to a new videogame, which is currently called medicine. designed to be played by using your shadows in front of a projector for interaction, medicine is a cancer visualization game where you must "perform surgery" and extract cancerous cells before they completely infect a group of healthy ones. this game has been a real joy to work on and i can't wait to test it with some bald kids. unlike rainbow 6 or ninja gaiden, this is a very very simple game that is meant to be played for very short durations. we think of it as the type of game you would see at a science museum or even airport. i hope it will be well-accepted. and cool.

wedding invitations go out this weekend... wow.
jesus, am i out of the loop.

i, too, live. i live decidely outside of a ditch, though as you've heard from martin, that could change at any time thanks to our apparent ineptitude at finding suitable living-joints within martin's 35 ft2 Acceptible Living Area™. subsequent to our being fucked at the really (really) cool appartment, we've begun a crusade to run uhaul out of business. i know. my hopes aren't as high as martin's on this front.

anyway, i've been invisible because now that i'm (still unofficially?) a full time employee, work thinks that i'm a slave. that's just fine. the work is fun, i just have to learn to work in || (that's parallel for those who don't remember highschool geometry). i've recently gotten fucked in the ass by leaving a project that takes three days and is slated for completion at the end of the month -- that's 'last' month, you know, march -- until three days before the end of the month. what's the problem, you ask? well, the jackasses who wrote the project spec didn't know what they were doing. no surprise. everyone in the working world (looking at you mark and ted) already knew this. it's just that i have to get used to it. it's also nice to be desinging all the code myself. yes, i'm mostly out of the hole of fixing other people's broke-ass shit.

so we moved daron. i expect him to post about his new(-ish) digs. it wasn't really that bad, but it was only a taste of what moving is really like since daron doesn't really own anything heavy or large. stupid 19-inch rack, why do you mock me?

  • avian bird flu? as opposed to the bovine bird flu?

  • x0r, is that a typo in the o-ishi vs oishii? or are there a bunch of japs named mr. deliciou?

Just so everyone knows, I'm not dead in a ditch or absconded to Hong Kong with avain bird flu. I have been working like a dog. I don't know if you are as an avid listner to NPR that I am but one of the (many) reasons sited for the rising gas prices is California is the lack of refiners in that state and the fact that this season is the turnaround time where the refiners switch from the wenter blend of gasoline to the summer blend. How does that make me work like a dog? Well, I have been working a turnaround (T/A) at Chevron and Equistar (A raw plastics manufacturer). I have had very little time for myself. T/A are a time when every competent person (and several who are not) come into a facility and do a whole bunch of repairs, maintence and general catch up work. T/A's generally consist of seven 12's as in working mon-sun for 12 hours a day. More likely, its seven 14's and you get paid for 12. If you're salaried, you get screwed.

There was an explosion two nights ago at the BP-Amaco facility in Texas City (where my grandparents live). No one was killed but residents had to shelter in place for a while.

On the house hunting front: my sister is looking for place to live with some pretty specific detials. I was hoping that Martin could help her. She wants a place that is biking distance to Emory, walking (or biking) distance to a Marta Rail station, is in a in town neighborhood that has some diversity, is a house (or duplex) and is in walking distance to some shops/culture/eateries. She can live in a neighborhood with some rough edges, just not open warfare or violence. Right now the prostitutes are at least a block away from her. So, the neighborhood does not have to be pristine. I was hoping that with your knowledge of Atlanta and Marta you can at least point her in the right direction. Sally will be in town for the next few weeks I think.

Speaking of in town... I will not be in Houston for the 10th through the 17th. I am going to Colorado to do some vacationing. No, I don't have a plan and thats how I want it.

World of Warcraft went for a public beta test a week or so ago. Mmmm... Crack.

I still play Diablo II and see noone that I know on. :(

I played in a Warhammer 40K tournement and got slaughtered some recent sunday. That was ... humbling.

All in all, not much to report. Hope everyone is well.