Saturday, June 30, 2001

brad: i want you to come out here asswell. i don't want you to have to pay the extra $1500 to do so, but i promise i'll be out here again. hell, i want everyone to come out here. feel free to visit me anytime. brad's spanish skillz could come in handy out here, too.

Friday, June 29, 2001

i think it may also need to be pointed out that i don't wear any underdrawers. it's more comfortable that way, especially in the summer. so when i removed my pants in brad's car (after i had removed my shirt), i was completely naked (that's right - naked. not nekkid. i wasn't up to anything.). i was sitting on some newspapers and my butt was very clean (as is my custom), so the seat isn't contaminated or anything. damnit, i'm hungry. time to scrounge up some breakfast.
surf report for southern california

sunday, 24 june - good. had fun. first time surfing. beach: pipes

tuesday, 26 june - ok. had fun, went surfing twice. beach: pipes, both times

wednesday, 27 june - sucked. still had fun, went surfing twice. beach: pipes and moonlight

thursday, 28 june - great. got my ass kicked. still had fun, only surfed once. beach: grandview

friday, 29 june - awesome. cold water, overcast at beach. got my ass kicked, only surfed once. beach: between pipes & swami

saturday 30 june - not so good. very few waves. had a lot of fun, surfed once. beach: pipes

sunday, 01 july - quite good. several good waves would come in, seperated by periods of small waves. had a blast. beach: pipes

monday, 02 july - fuckin' awesome! large swells would roll by in packs with lots of calm sea in between, which makes getting out to the lineup much easier. fun fun fun! beach: pipes

tuesday, 03 july - ok. good waves quite few and far between. almost got decked by the board in some rough surf. still a blast! beach: pipes

wedsesday, 04 july - ok. nothing spectacular, mostly kinda mushy waves. surfed twice, both times hella fun! beach: pipes

thursday, 05 july - awesome! these are the waves i've been craving...big, dangerous crazy waves. it was great! beach: north carlsbad? (between Terra Mar Cove & La Costa Beach State Park)

saturday, 07 july - very nice. the beach was weird and manmade, but the waves more than made up for it. beach: beacons

Thursday, June 28, 2001

Monday: Twice, ~10s max
Tuesday: Twice, ~10s max
Wed: off day
Thursday (today): Four times, ~1-2 minutes!!
dude. sweet.

So let's see. I just recently went to the Atlanta Pride Festival and Parade. I tell ya - it's just plain fun. I wish people could always feel as safe and open as they do during this weekend. Alas, I feel in my heart that (hu)mankind does not have the capacity for that. Individuals do but not (hu)mankind. There will always be "some group" that will be fighting for equal footing with . As the times change the groups change but they are always there. That's what makes the world exciting though, eh? Anyway, I went to the Park Sat. with Charlotte and Ernie. Both are really cool. Charlotte I've known to be cool for a while and Ernie I just met. Charlotte said he looked like Tiger Woods. He did. I went to the parade Sunday with Jeremy, Kate, and Marynell. The parade was fun and everyone ended up grabbing my butt (at least the girls did) to let me know that it was soft.

I'm up to three trivia nights a week. Can you say addict? I swear, I get over scratching my head and pick up on something else. I am doing lots of push-ups lately too though. I've been running a lot lately too (not that that will give you firm buttocks).

I want to visit TED in California. . alas my delta voucher worth $500 will not cover a $2000 plane ticket. also factor in that my job with EzGov is not so secure anymore meaning i need to work as much as i can when i can.

Vivo en Atlanta. Estoy alimentando los pescados mientras que Ted est´┐Ż en California. Necesito trabajar en web page del centro del estudiante. Adios.

Friday, June 22, 2001

Brad: What kind of license plate is that?
Jeremy: Go faster and find out.
Jeremy: Step on the gas and go faster.
Mike: Turn off the a/c to go faster.
Mike: Turn off the radio to go faster.
Ted: Turn off the engine and save gas.
Mike: Take off your shirts and we'll go faster.
-Mike, Jeremy and Ted take off their shirts-
Ted: Take off your pants to go faster.
-Ted takes off his pants-
Mike: OK, now when I say "not bitch" I mean not that seat
The closest lyric I know is "They say the darkest hour is right before the dawn" from "Meet me in the morning"
turns out that shit day i had was just the dark before the dawn (isn't that a bob dylan song/album? i should ask mike.). i'm flying out (hopefully) tomorrow night to go chill at my cousin's place in Encinitas, California for two weeks. she needs someone to house sit and entertain the dogs. shit yeah, sign me up, put yer quarter on the machine, make that booty clap. i'm all over this like white on rice. the next time i post, i hope to be on california time. (8

Thursday, June 21, 2001

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

the chocolate back at its namesake fortress is calling my name hardcore. i (stupidly) didn't pack a lunch this morning, and now (4ish) i feel that i might just die. and chocolate is really sounding good. shit.

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

i'm pissed.

i typed in a huge blog the other day. i thought it was rather good. not brilliant, but good. when i tried to publish it, GE's intranet puked, destroying it

i went for a jog today, but i didn't make it nearly as far as i wanted to jog.

some people i've been talking to recently seem to all be saying stuff to the effect of: "you aren't spending enough time with me/us and/or you take me/us for granted."

all in all, i've had better days. this isn't one of my worst ones, but it hasn't been stellar by a longshot. but yeah, i'm just bitching.

Saturday, June 16, 2001

so glad to hear the "bastion of stability that is kafka" is back up! what the heck happened? all i know is that the wrath of god was unleashed upon the mighty fortress of chocolatude and did one of the worst environmental things that could happen to the monument of technology that we live in - strike it with lightning! i feared the worst had happened to the server, but i guess it didn't!

Thursday, June 14, 2001

aaaah. so brad brought up a good point. it is still legal to post to the blog even though you can publish it. i mean you can still post, and when we finally get our shit together again, there will be a plethora of goodness for people to read. how many of you people read this? not many, i expect, but i think that you should anyway. it's not deep, or even funny all the time, but it is mildly interesting. maybe it would be better if there were pictures of us posted so you could tell who we were, or maybe it is better that you can come up with your own mental images. or maybe everyone who reads this is a friend of ours and knows what we freaking look like. whatever. so the beginning of this message is sort of moot cause now the bastion of stability that is kafka is back up and running and everything is happy and pretty again. so hoorah. meanwhile i am still working for gcatt, and soon i will have a product. no really, i swear. prolly i will start compiling and discover that shit does not work tomorrow (friday). so other than that, things have been pretty tame. work, trivia. oh. daron was here last weekend. he and evelyn will be living in the ford factory lofts in the fall. so that is way cool. also i got to hang out with daron. and chris and david are back in the atl. they need housing also. and jobs. so that sucks. but at least we get to see them more now. blah blahblah. oh yeah, the fort rules. and the people who hang out here also rule. that is my story.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Me living at the Fortress is actually a temporary thing. I'll just be here for the summer, after which I'll be moving in with a couple of ex-roommates from back in the day when I was in a traditional dorm. Living at the Fort has been really cool, particularly because I'm a cheap bastard (ie no air conditioning: fine with me. money in my pocket) I'm beginning to get the feeling that living with these 2 kids who are from the suburbs is gonna get on my nerves. Theyre my friends and everything, and I've lived with both of them before, but I think the fact that they seem still very attached to suburbia is a bad thing for me and my cheepness. I have horrible premonitions of them running the air conditioning at 60 and stuff like that. and its not just things like the ac. Little things like what kind of food we buy. The guys here at the Fort are cool about buying the cheap grocery store stuff versus the expensive brand name stuff. I dont know if this is why I cant sleep, or cause I'm trying to sleep on that 2 cushion couch underneath the phatcam. on a side note: didnt even place in trivia. last question: (# of times pete sampras won wimbleton, # of times the broncos have been to the superbowl) (population of GA of USA ; population of GA, formorly of USSR) (# of seinfeld episodes, # of I dream of genie episodes) pick the higher number of each pair.
Man, I wish kafka wasn't broken. Brad, that rules that you work for EzGov! They made the best presentation out of the whole lot for my Real World Lab class last semester. I tried hard to get an internship with them, but to no avail. You da man!

Monday, June 11, 2001

hey everybody! look who's back. after a nasty thunderstorm that resulted in a close lightning strike and a week of no network we are back in action. albeit the action is limited because for some wonky reason the web is as slow as a slow Ken Burns documentary (i don't know why i just made that metaphor). everyone has probably forgotten about the blog by now.
it's been a while since i last spilled the beans. i got a bad job and i quit it (hooray for morals/ethics/sense of decency). i got a good job working for EzGov. i went to Six Flags this past friday with the user interface design team (which i am part of as an intern). i work with two other interns migrating data for the website soon to be online. yep. like a herd of wildebeasts we are.
i was sick over the weekend but Ted made sure there was plenty of vitamin c in my system - like 8,000,000% of my daily recommend intake over Saturday and Sunday. i swear my pee smelled like vitamin c.
Life is good. I'm back at my part time job. What? You don't know my part time job? Well, I sit around in my boxers and play Diablo II in hopes that one day I will be able to sell stuff online. Not real stuff but stuff that is used in the game. That's messed up. So I guess I'm messed up. Hey I've started capitalizing my letters again. So I think I'm going to make some blog entries in Spanish so I can start to refresh my mind about what it's like to know a foreign language. Expect very simple entries. Brad trabaja a EzGov.