Tuesday, January 31, 2006

i thought the perfect woman was a rich, blind, deaf & mute nymphomaniac swimsuit model who owned a liquor store.

brad's tv is bigger than most cul-de-sacs, in fact, it is one of three manmade structures visible from the moon.

i'm leaving for india this weekend. 10 days all over the country on the company's dime ain't such a bad thing. especially the crazy monopoly money they have... makes me feel like i'm in the legend of zelda.

mikex0r, i still have that sixteen port HP 10BT hub you gave me. The cats like to sneak into the closet it's in to smell it. Did you fill it full of meat and/or catnip before you stole acquired it?

i know a person who used to drink so much she would hallucinate. while this was happening one night, her dead grandmother told her there wasn't any malt liquor in heaven because Billy Dee Williams wasn't dead yet. makes sense to me.

mark, still waiting to hear more about yr adventures.

we ditched the landline at home and now have packet8 VOIP with our cable modamn. it's nice.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I'm not using my homemade router, but I am drunk.

I've decided what my ideal woman is like.

A) If we ever had a daughter, she'd let me name her Tara. I guess because I'm Irish and Southern.

B) If we ever had a son, she'd let me name him Lando. Because I'm a dork.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

My homemade router works. I used it to make this post.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I hate to break this to you Matt, but 10 plus 10 equals 20.

You can hear what is playing on Brad's TV outside in the cul de sac.

The Blues Brothers has everything. Lower Wacker Ave. The Honorable Richard J Daly building. Nazis.

Lets go camping next weekend.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Man, that is a big big TV. Sure to impress the ladies indeed.

I feel bad for not seeing Mark yet. Mark, I plan to be a major slacker starting after next Wednesday. This means I hope to see you frequently in the robot factory.

Today was exciting for PlayMotion -- a stage was setup in the middle of Times Square and people played our games on the stage from 6am til 4pm today. Not only did they have the option of facing a massively bright (16,000 lumens) projector, but they could also turn around and face the Reuters sign number 4. Here you can see two people playing ShufflePuck, our air hockey-like game. Sadly, I was not there to see the fun. Jeremy, Nick, and Greg ran the show and looked to me from my webcam views that the people dug it.

I've been bustin ass working on resubmitting a paper to SIGGRAPH - one that was rejected last year. The latest work involved getting 21 novice painters to paint a picture of a barn in a field. 10 of them painted in a traditional fashion and 10 painted using my projector-based system. One thing I learned from this experience is how to clean paintbrushes well. The other thing I learned is that it is hard to achieve statistically significant results with such a low sample size.

We should go camping.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Brad and his big ass TV. A little out of focus but I think you'll get the idea.
His big ass TV
Brad AND his big ass TV
I'm sitting in a car in Nashville while Chowning runs into her office to get some work and all of a sudden a wireless network becomes available. I feel obliged to use it and post.

Welcome from a city that is colder than I want it to be. My weekend here is going to be slightly longer than usual since I don't have work on Monday. That basically translates into me being here tonight and that's it. Chowning has to work in the morning so I'll wake up after she has left. It always strikes me as odd how my work schedule is so different from the normal work schedule. Many times I think I don't notice because the people I see the most (Mike, Mark, and Jeremy) all have bizzare work schedules themselves (student, whenever a call comes in, all the fucking time; respectively). But when I go out and see people that are more like Brad I notice the difference. I want to say that the 9-5 job changes you as a person, but I don't know if I have the experience to say that. All I know is the scheduling considerations that I have in my job seem very different that those of Jen (friend) and her Accenture coworkers. I wonder if Kate has noticed a similar thing, or maybe she is mired so deep in doctorb friends that it is impossible to tell?

It is fucking great having Mark back. At some point I will force him to post his story of what is going on in his life right now, but most of the time that he would have to do that he/we/+mike are playing D&D Heroes. It is fun game that the Robot Factory broke earlier in life. They spent all of their time duping shit and then when I brought the game up pointed out that it wasn't fun because it was broken. After telling Mark and Mike that as long as you don't dupe shit it is a fun game we started playing again, with no duping and minimum cheating (going backwards in storyline to grab shit that people forgot). Why on earth you would start duping stuff in a game eludes me if the game becomes not fun.

Chowning now has TiVo as the world moves forwards without me. Out.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I've had a fairly uneventful week in Memphis. Sadly, I did not get to gamble away my life savings at the Riverboat casino's in nearby Mississippi. Nor have I tasted any sort of famous BBQ. I have had a lot of caffeine.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Atlanta, GA

Just looked out the window and saw the dikes and cranes. Pretty interesting. I am here in the engineering building... just took a crap. I'll be here for another 2-3 years, just enough to get more than my bearings. Maybe a bit of cabin fever in another year. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to a shower, beer, and cable television in English.... with Mark this afternoon. Welcome back Mark! You are currently eating BBQ with the gang and I am here taking craps in the engineering building. Hopefully see you soon!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Yes, Ryan finally broke down and let me buy my big toy. Hopefully this will mean a large chunk of my free time will now be shifted from doing "tv research" on the Internet to saving humanity from it's downward spiral of sin.

It seems once it gets dark and all you see is the picture, the TV doesn't seem too big. The image just sucks you in and fondles your eyeballs. It's only in the glare of daylight that it sticks out. That makes me happy.

Matt - glad to hear you're gonna try and post more. Maybe I will too... and Kate, I thought you were going to abandon us for new friends. What a nice surprise to see your posts coming in from the Pacific time zone.

Now I'm off to fiddle with my big TV and feel guilty for buying such an obcene piece of electronics while there are hungry, cold, and naked people starving in the world.
We (mikex0r, brad, ryan, jacqie, brandon and I are sitting here at Brad's place watching his gi-FUCKING-gantic new TV. No shit, this thing is fucking 60 inches across . . . that's 5 feet!! I can think of something else Brad has that is 5 feet, but it is impressive on a TV regardless.

We are trying to watch all of the LotR trilogy in extended version. It is a 10+ hour endeavour, and I don't know if we have the constitution to make it. What I do know is that we are only in the second movie, and fatigue is already starting to set in on my compatriots. More to come. Out.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have arrived here on a night bus from Bariloche. I have about 8 hrs to spend walking around the city. It is just enough time to get your bearings. I have already been to the old docks to see the cranes and dikes there. Interesting. I also swung by the Engineering Building where I wondered the empty halls (school starts back on the 1st of Feb.) and took a crap in their toilets.

Right now I am wondering around the pedestrain walkways just checking things out. I plan to eat and do some last minute shopping things. Mostly though, I am just writing to say that I come back to ATL on Sunday in the morning. And, since all of you are godless heathens, you should have no trouble meeting me at the airport or the afterparty to be held Sunday eve at the Robot Factory. I am looking forward to a shower, beer, and some cable television in English.

Hope all are well.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I'm in the NICU this month and have to cover the 'scary' deliveries when the OBs are worried something is wrong with the baby. I got called to one today and ran into the wrong room. Fuck. Otherwise I'm counting down the days left in my own personal hell.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Oh yeah, one of my new year's resolutions is to read and post more to the blog. You guys are champion bloggers and I commend you and hope you'll let me into your club.
I have almost recovered from the mayhem of helping to run a show on the Reuters sign at Times Square. Martin, I'm so sorry you were worried about the party room. Promptly after leaving you with Rox to go to SoHo, I made arrangements (by writing a note and slipping it under 4206) for the party compound to consist of Nick's and my hotel room, knowing that Nick and Katie and Ben were in the pimp room. Anyway, I'm glad a very fun time was had in the millenium.

Jeremy, Ben, and I had a grand ole time madly coding up until seconds before each hourly show. We almost didn't make *every* time, but we always did and it ruled. I wouldn't say we got trashed, but we did feel comfortable with how things were running and so kicked back a few beers and drinks of champagne. One of the highlights of the evening was when we became 3l33t H@x0rs at 2 am. Although I had a moment of guilt and worry following that one last 10 minute slot, I now am very happy we did it.

The next day I was foolish and didn't sleep much at all -- instead rox and I hit up karaoke at gay bars with my ol friend Nick and his gay roomies til late late. And now I am sick, go figure.

Mark - we are stoked that you are coming home soon.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

El Bolsón, Argentina

Just a quick note to say that the bitch in Esquel cut me off before I could post. Then she charged me double because I went over by one minute. Cunt.

I am here in a town I have previously visited. It is about 140% more expensive now that high season is in full swing. Amazing.

I had Sidra (champange like fermented apple drink) and was out by 11:00. No great festivities here. I am travelling with Shannon and her rents now. I am making plans for my journey back to Buenos Aries.

Hope all are well.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Now that I have a bit more time (Chowning is on the airplane back to Nashville), I will tell the story of New Year's Eve in more detail:

We woke up and did something . . . it isn't important. At this point 'we' are four people: Chowning, Myself, Roxanne and Rich. We had all met up at the hotel (millenium broadway, right on the square). We head to SoHo to shop for a majority of the day. SoHo was fun, and Chowning and Roxanne did some clothes shopping while Rich and I talked mostly (about games and other things). We went in many stores, however a majority of our time was spent in Anthropoligie (where Rich has decided he is not cool enough to be in), some random store that was going out of business and thus had cheap and nice clothing, and Trauchen (sp?) a publishing store that had lots of design books. While I was looking at pictures of celebrities Roxy, Chowning and Rich were looking at some book that quickly turned into porn. That was most of our morning. We knew lock down would happen around the square sometime in the early afternoon, so we tried to head back early.

Hungry, and looking for liquor we stopped to buy some stuff, and also to grab some expensive ass pizza. At this point the checklist for the day looked like the following:

Get hotel key (check)
Find Rich and Roxy (check)
Buy champagne, stuff for mixed drinks (pending)
Pick up cousin and friend at pier
Get back to hotel room
Find Dan, Cara, Josh, LPS, and whoever
Find Mary Nell so we know what room to go to
Rock New Year's Eve

Many things on the list were still, um . . . , unverified at this time. All I knew what that my cousing and a friend were coming, I had lots of people coming to the hotel, and I didn't know what we already had to drink, where the party room was going to be, and what the fuck was going to be happening that night. But no matter, after eating pizza the group splits into boys v girls. The males went to the pier while the ladies went to pick up the last of the stuff for drinks.

Rich and I start the 15 block trek to the pier. It had started to rain, so Rich, like the fucking pansy that he is, buys an umbrella. We're walking, and eventually the rain starts turning into snow . . . cool, I like snow. Then the snow starts coming down hard . . .and harder . . . and harder. While I won't pretend that it was a blizzard or some shit, there was a lot of snow hitting the ground/rich/me. It was fucking awesome. We get to the pier and loaf around for a bit until we realize that Rich took us to the wrong pier. We fix that problem, and in the meantime I get two phone calls. One is Chowning who tells me to pick up the last of the supplies for the drinks (limes, cups and a knife); the other was Dan who told me he was getting on the subway and headed to times square.

I think it is around that time that I start to get antsy about things. It was 4ish, I still don't have any idea what room the party will be in, if we have enough to drink, or really what is going on. All I know is I have a lot of friends coming over to what they think will be a great party. So I do what I normally do in this situation, call Mary Nell, who always knows what is going on. Mary Nell was able to tell me . . . nothing? For the first time that I can remember, MN, who is quite the planner, doesn't know what the fuck is going on, and doesn't seem to care. She, Clint and Annika were headed to SoHo do to some shopping. Now I'm getting a little panicked. I have a hotel key to a room that is smaller than my living room, and has a shitty view. I have dragged friends from all over, including a relative that I don't know all that well into a situation that could go horribly awry. The downside is normally I wouldn't give a fuck, but this time I felt like I was trading on my own name and needed a solution fast. Thank god there was Rich to help out.

We pick up the girls, my Cousin's daughter (24) Jessi and her friend Pualani. We hop on the bus and head towards time square again. It is around 4:40, and we knew we could pick up the supplies we needed (lime anda coconut cups) in any of the literally hundreds of small shops we were going to pass on our trip back.

Wait, did I say hundreds, I meant four or five. Honestly, there weren't many places to grab stuff.

Let me paint this picture a little more clearly. Rich, Pualani, Jessi and I get out of the bus and into chaos. To relate it to Mardi Gras isn't appropriate, it was more like going to a world series game ('cause we've all done that . . . right?). The streets still had cars, but the sidewalks were packed. We started on 42nd, but needed to get to 44th, and inside the perimeter that was slowly being set up around us. Walking on the sidewalk in a sea of people moving forward, we tried to go north to 44th street, but it was shut down. Shit, they close off streets in times square when they get full, and they go from south to north. So if 44th is closed, that means 45th isn't far behind. Now it's a race and a Mardi Gras reference is appropriate. Imagnie going to Mardi Gras, starting near Canal street, and deciding you have to get to the end of Burbon street as fast as possible. Now add three people (one of which is your relative who you told should come to times square "I'll be great"), and rain and we're approximating the situation.

The point is that it was hard to push through the crowds to make the ground needed to beat the closings. We made it to 46th just in time for acop to tell us it's closed. Fuck! Now I've got some supplies (after ducking in and out of stores we finally found some), one person (Pualani) who is getting upset since her heels are good at this and it looks like we've got no game plan, closing streets everywhere, Dan coming with a posse to a point of unknow location . . . and Rich. Thank god for Rich. Even if everything was to "end up well" (whateverthatmeans) I still don't know if we actually have a location for this party. Fuck!

Rich is the person that tells me that from here on out it is clubland. I need to go talk to a cop, and use my golden ticket (hotel key) to get in. See, as much as we may think that the NYPD has times square figured out, they really just put a lot of people on the perimeter and say, "don't let people in . . . unless they are supposed to come in." Each cop that I talked to told me a different line, as if they were just tryingv to pass the buck to get me out of their face. We get shot down once or twice, as Pualani's frustration becomes palpable. Eventually we get a cop to let us in. At this point (~5:30) we are in the first perimeter. Dan calls me and lets me know his posse is here and they need a place to go. Well, since I'm in the perimeter, I tell him 44th and 8th so I can get him in the perimeter. So we walk along the street and realize that there is a second perimeter, the one around all the people actually in times square . . . and there was no way I was getting through that. See, we made the mistake of being on the wrong side of the square from our hotel room. While our hotel room was within the out perimeter, it was across the giant river of people that is timesquare. This river happens to run from the northern perimeter to the southern perimeter, which means the only was to get around it . . . is to get back outside.

At this point Dan calls me and tells me he's "at 44th and 8th, where should I go?" Fuck, I don't know, I barely know where I have to go in order to get things working. Last I heard from the cops (a cop who I told "I'm tired of hitting cops.") the answer is 49th street. So I tell Dan to make it to 49th, and find a way across to 6th. Meanwhile we are doing the same thing. Do I actually have a party room yet? No. We make it up to 49th, where they hadn't blocked the street off yet, but we turn down the wrong road (Broadway) and then run smack dab into the middle of the times square seating section. This wasn't where we wanted to be, and the frustration of Jessi's friend was become more palpable as we walked. The bottom of here jeans were soaked. The solution comes, again from Rich, that we need to walk down to 6th, maybe even 5th, then trek down to 44th, where we can try to use the Golden Ticket again to get throug the security, again, and make it to the hotel. Thank god for Rich.

This plan works, after walking all the way around the perimeter we make it make to the hotel, however we still don't have the big hotel room or all of the people expected. Dan and crew (6 people in all) make it to 44th and 6th in an even more contortious route than we had to take. By this point, since we had been walking by thousands of people, we had all picked up travelocity gnome hats. O.k. recap: everyone is in the small room, because that is all we have access to. There is liquor, so that will fix things eventually, but at the time it really didn't seem worth it. Were we really going to have a hotel room party on new years eve when we are next to the square but can't even see anything? Yes.

Roxy calls next door (the big room) and catches Nick and Katie before they go to bed (??) so we can crash the bog room, with a view of the sqaure and enough room to spread out and enjoy ourselves. Whew! Let the festivities begin . . . but not before Pualani convinces Jessi that they need to leave to go the party they were originally going to go to before I convinced them to come to this one. . . their loss in the end.

The contents of the entire party will be hard to encapsulate. Perhaps the best thing about it was our hotel was between the inner and outer perimeter. The inner perimeter is where everybody is slammed together like at Mardi Gras. The out perimeter keeps everyone out. In between you could wander around as much as you want. You could get right next to the inner perimeter and party with everyone (see the stage, etc.), or you could wander through the shops and maybe get something to eat. That is what we did, at around 7:30 we all went to go get Thai food, which was good. On the way back we got the skinny that Mariah was coming out soon, so many waited in the lobby and got pictures/video of the vent. Eventually Mary Nell and crew came back and the party grew even more. People were floating in between the two rooms having a grand old time. We wandered downstairs whenever people wanted to get in the mix, and come back upstairs when they wanted to mix a few more drinks. It really had a great feel of both the crowded new years eve celebration, and a relaxing environment in the room. Personal highlight, Dan and I finishing off the lat 7-10 shots worth of gin in a single swig.

Right after the party we all went downstairs and wandered around the chaos a bit. We needed to get home, however so we hopped the subway and jetted back to queens. This is where the story takes an odd route. On the drive after the subway, Dan gets hit from behind. We decide that it isn't a good idea for us to have 6 people in a car that is deisgned for at most five, especially when the cops are coming. So Chowning and I get out, and are going to walk the rest of the way through Queens at around 2:30 am until we get to Dan's place. Chowning spends a good bit of the trip chewing me out about the situtation before we get home and fall alseep. There are lots of other things that happened through the night, like my constant worrying because Jessi, therelativethatIdraggedfromJerseytopartyintimessquare, didn't call me ever to let me know if they needed a place to crash. Then there was even more drama back at the car accident as Dan and Cara were forced to wait until 5 am before they left. However, you have read a lot to make it this far, and I should reward you by stopping. Out.
Does anybody else find this funny?

Is there a security check before you get into the aquarium?
Yes. There are no guns, knives, matches, lighters or fishing poles allowed inside the [Georgia] Aquarium.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year from Seattle!! (okay, really from the piece of shit town 50 minutes south of Seattle, but whatever).

I have 1.5 days of vacation left during which time I need to clean up my disgusting apartment (there's a really bad smell coming from the fridge), write an article about Finger Face (some of you have heard of this miraculous kiddo who was born with a finger sticking out of the middle of his chin... now I need to write a case report to exploit his misfortune), write a presentation on adolescent females and their menstrual cycles to present to our medical students (what's the number one reason females have no periods... that's right, they're pregnant), and get approved for a mortgage. I think one or two of those things are going to have to wait.

A bunch oof the residents (and their spouses, because everyone is married in the army) stayed over in Seattle last night. We went to a party with burlesque dancers - sadly, not attractive burlesque dancers, but they were wearing very little clothing... some of the group was confused as to whether they were all female, but they put on a good show... at one point there was a swing and some of the ladies got on stilts.

Sounds like NYC was a kickin' party... hope everyone else had a good night too.

I should go find out what is making my apartment smell like rotting food.
Hello from Queens, everybody.

There was a lot of shit that went down last night. Obviously Matt and Jeremy weren't involved since they were in the Reuter's control room all night. I half expected a blog from them while in there, but they were busy (getting trashed). While the whole story will take some time for me to remember and then write down, IU would like to go over a few of the highpoints of our new years eve.

Snow - yes, it was snowing in NY yesterday. Not all day, how3ever. There was some snow in the morning, which eventually died down, but by mid-afternoon the then rain all of a sudden became snow again. This was some funny, and inopportune timing since Rich had just bought an umbrella for the rain, and we were walking from Time's Square to the pier to pick up my Cousin/Niece? Jessi.

Mariah - oh Mariah, you're on fire. Many off the people in our party (not me) were down stairs to see Mariah Carey leave our hotel and go to the stage. Many took picure, some took Video, but Rich walked away with the best prize, taking Mariah into the janitor's closet and nailing her like . . . well like Matt's mom.

Friends - by the end of the evening, we had a large posse floating between the rooms, and that is what made the evening great. We went to Thai food, got drunk, watched shit from the window, went downstairs to get near the crowd, etc. Friends make events better.

After Party? - The events that happened before and after the whole evening at the hotel were probably the most fun for me. After it was over we wandered down to times sqaure, walked around amidst all of the confetti, people, cops, and general mayhem that existed. It was cool. Chowning talked to a guy from the post, and I yelled into a camera that some random person put in front of my face. On the subway back everyone was tired. Another passenger was so tired that when the subway stopped, he (then asleep) fell off of the bench and knocked his head on the floor real good. He awoke really confused.

There is more to tell, but I am in an uncomforable position. Later.