Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ah! The family. Hi to the folks Matt, hi to the folks. I want you to tell them that ol' mikex0r says hi and wishes them a happy hannukah or channukah or whatever you people celebrate over there.

So for the nth time in my 25 years of life, I am watching "The Big Lebowski." And for the mth time, I am drunk while doing so. Just getting to "Gutterballs."

But, that is not my concern. This is my concern, dude: I seem to have asked a girl out over the past week, and the worst thing that could have possibly happened, well, has happened. She said she would indeed accompany me on a "date" (to use the parlance of our times) And then I promptly lost her phone number.

But the story does not end there!

Oh no, no. No.


It will continue tomorrow when I go to the place of this particular person's employment. Should be interesting. For me at least. Stick around. Dont go to Charleston or anything. Losers.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hello from alpine Trento, Italy! I am here with my advisor on a research mission to outfit create-net with a Virtual Rear Projection display. We have setup the system over the past 3 days and it's up and running.

Trento is a beautiful place (where the Council of Trent met centuries ago to throw down on some Catholic reformations) an hour north of Verona and 3 hours northwest of Venice. I've been coding all day the past 3 days but at least with a view of the mountains out the window. I used skype for the first time tonight and it friggin works incredibly well. I didn't have a microphone but used my ipod earbuds as a mic using a paper cone and it worked out okay. 2 cents a minute.

Tomorrow we will drive to Montreux, Italy for UIST and then it's on to Paris to see the family.