Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Well well well, the blog is back up. Look at that. A bunch of things have happened in the meantime. I guess I will get you cats up to date.

School (Harrison) is going well I guess. I feel a little underprepared, however I've been busy. My honors kids are learning a lot of stuff but are learning it slow. My AP kids are getting hella smart. We have this purely data acquisition equipment that we have been learning how to use. It's mostly acclerometers and forces sensors, but what more do you need, really. The thing that has been keeping me busy is getting my portfolio ready to hand in. This will get me my teaching certificate assuming it goes well.

Oh, GT4 has also been taking up my time. Damn that game is good.

There has been an opening for a position back in Colorado with USA Swimming doing sports science so I have dropped my resume to see if they bite. These people are notoriously slow at doing that shit, but I feel well qualifies for the position. Hopefully this will work out better than Track and Field, where I made it down to the final two before being cut.

Ultimate has been interesting. I've been getting back in the swing of things, but my body is still a long way from where I want it to be. Meanwhile, Rival, the team I captain, is falling apart. It seems like no one is returning, which is really sapping Evil and my motivation. I've considered letting the team go and trying out for Chain, and that might be what happens. Chowning has gotten her job in Nsahville, so I may leave Atlanta for either there or Colorado. Maybe I need one hurrah in the open division with Atlanta before I go? Who knows? Wood and I will be talking more tonight, so maybe there will be more for me to blog then.


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

word. the blogging is back.

It's March Madness time! Nothing quite compares to the smorgasboard of basketball that is spread across tv for hours on end for all good boys and girls to enjoy. To think, that I will be trading all of that to visit the great state of Maine. After four months of long distance relating I'll be visiting Melinda for a nice three day weekend. Here's to meeting people in person.

in other news... I've set a goal to be able to dunk a regulation 10" basketball goal by next birthday. It may be unrealistic, but I expect I should have fun trying.

oh, and Mark. you dog you.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Blizogger upage... woot. Glad to see this issue resolved. So, my big news that has happened recently was that I was given my own Habitat house to run. That is a cool thing. It makes the Saturday fast and furious. I don't get a chance to breathe really from all the people asking me what they can do and shit. Its fun but stressful. Eustress for sure, but I'm still drained after a Saturday.

Well, not so drained it seems. After the first day of my build I had a great day and a good story to tell. My roof trusses (the pre-built triangles that form the roof) were a full two feet too short. We did not find this out until the first (and heaviest) truss was up on the top of the house. The guy directing the opperation kept telling someone to line up his block. But, that was not the problem. The problem was that the trusses were misordered. I was super pissed for about 30 seconds. But, then I realized that it would be fixed and it wasn't too much of a problem. We called it a day shortly after that.

When I got to the bar after work, I felt like a rock star. Everyone was asking me how my day went and anking about my trusses and generally just wanting to be close to the star. People were buying pitchers and shots for me. I was drunk before I left. Drunk. It turns out that I got some digits from some chick that had been on my site and with whom I was flirting during the day. Then I went out to dinner (Felenies' pizza) and got some free food and more free beer while another girl was sitting near me and rubbing shoulders and generally being flirty. Damn. Then I got a ride home from yet another girl. This girl asks if she can come in to use the restroom (which Martin translates into, "Can I sit on your cock?"). She looks out back and sees the back yard garden and wants to go and see it. Oh boy. We get outside (its dark and secluded) and finish the tour. Its also cold. So, she sidles up to me to keep warm (What can I say, I'm fat). We sit down close and keep talking. I found out that she has a masters, teaches, likes dogs and mountains, and is a generally cool chick. Then something happens and kissy face starts. Some more kissy face. Some more. Then she ends up on top of me and some heavy petting ensues. Then she talks about her boyfriend. What a mood killer. It got very formal after that. No more touchie feelie after that. Then she talks about girl number four of the night and how she likes me. So, my life went from nothing going on to suddenly comlpex.

Fast forward to last Saturday (5th Mar). I have my 2nd day of the build (with correct sized trusses) and things went great. I got more done than was required and I feel great. Girl no 4 and boyfriend girl were both at my site that day. I did not see them much because they were on the roof and I had shit to do. Then I go to the bar. Digits girl got a call on the previous Wednesday and nothing panned out from that. Restaraunt friendly chick was there but not nearly as flirty. Boyfriend chick and I talk a little and the story is: they have been going on dates, he wants to take it to another level and she wants to back down. She does not like him in that way. Okay. Also, boyfriend is a really nice guy. He comes to habitat. He introduced her to habitat. Oh boy. Girl four and I want to go to a post party for the going away of a cool houseleader (He just got married and wants to bring home more bacon; got a good job with a custom home builder). At this point I have had two beers and feel good but can operate a motor vehicle. Girl four cannot. I drive her car to the after party. I proceed to dring more. I get a ride home and wake up the next morning next to girl four. Wow. How things go down. I don't rememebr shit that night. Very odd. I walk her to her car and later realzied I did not get her number. Damn. Stupid Mark. There's more. But I don't know if it is significant or not.

Tomorrow, new girl (used to work with habitat in Louisiania) and restraunt flirty girl will be at my house. Girl four and boyfriend girl will be at the restaraunt. I'll keep you posted.

blogger fixed stuff. blog works now.