Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Wow, it seems as though people are out of words. the past few blogs have been one liners. Anyway, life in the apartments is very entertaining. I haven't really been around much due to grad school meetings and ultimate. there are people i know in all of the buildings around me. this is good because it gives me a chance to catch up with all of the fitten kids from two years ago since they are now juniors and live in the apartments. In addition I still see some of my kids from last year. And of course I see all of the ultimate kids. Oh, this is semihumurous. I got to the IM captains meeting lastnight and sit through a long and unnecessary explanation of rules. they eventually discuss how registration is now online (yeah!? no more long lines). We were given cards that had passwds and IDs on them so we could log in. then they tell us you can register up to 10 friggin' teams on a single card. So i'm sitting there wondering who the fuck is going to register 10 teams when this kid (from jeremy's floor) who is a fiji stands up and says he'll need to register 15. Anyway, after gointg to the staff meeting for housing i go try to register and low and behold, the server is down. not surprisingly people flooded the server at 9 when it opened and since they could register up to 10 teams they were spending a lot of time on and issuing a lot of commands. the server was down for the entire night. but I have my team now, we are called the powerpuff girls and our team color is pink so let the frat boys eat that. that's about it, I hope more people are inclined to post longer messages now.

Monday, August 27, 2001

It is hot in the fort. And our bandwidth is suboptimal. And my homework load is surprisingly killer for this early stage in the semester.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

I just made a yummy cheddar pear pie. It sure is fun putting off doing schoolwork. I need to remember to mention that to the freshmen tomorrow.

Sunday, August 19, 2001

I just got back from Publix and wow did I experience something. I turned the corner of this aisle and there, right in front of my eyes, was a giant BEAT STATE on the back of someone's shirt@@!! What's great is that it was a bona fide beat state message in that it was for a football game in 1991 (it said BEAT STATE <\n> '91). There was a panther logo and some other wildcat butting heads. I just about lost it. I followed the girl around for 2 minutes or so looking at the shirt because it was so amusing. Ha!

Saturday, August 18, 2001

so st louis was cool. i got a hotel room, but i am not sure it was totally worth it. i only spent a couple of hours there cause i did a lot of adventuring in 'clayton' which is a suburb of the capital itself. i met some really nice junkies at the borders around the block from my hotel room, and talked about nothing in general. some really really funny people. got on top of the borders. got on top of my hotel. almost got arrested trying to get on top of a really big building. wandered wandered. but i did sleep really well that night. hmm... ok. what else. oh -- so washu was awesome again. the people at the advanced research lab are really cool. and supersmart too. so that rules. and i ate nonstop that day. i put away a big thai lunch, a really big continental breakfast, two cokes and about seven bagels with plenty of cream cheese. it was good. then i got on the early flight back. sadly, ray and mn and jeff were scheduled to come and pick me up from the airport. i didn't find out about that until way too late. oh well. so they were 'pissed' when they got back to the fort after i called them at hartsfield. but we had a great time. jeff and ray were loud motherfuckers -- they had me and marynell and ted rolling on the floor talking about the donkey butt and elephant shit and spies and who knows what else. it was awesome. but that meant that ray couldn't drink the next night -- ted's surprise birthday party. but he had a good time anyway. it was cool. ted was genuinely surprised. that was cool. we went to the waffle house. mm.. ok, so that wasn't very detailed, but that's my story.

Friday, August 17, 2001

i'm back from leadershape. it rocked. i learned tons. met some great folks and had some powerful experiences. if you ever get the chance to go - GO. and now i've got a head cold. right before donating platelets too. that's the second time this has happened. my body is trying to protect it's platelets. silly.
i'm all paid up for fall 2001. expensive.
i'm starting to move stuff from the loft to the ULC on campus. good times ahead. i'm really looking forward to our football season this year. bye bye summer.
absentmind.org is going to be back up soon.
and that's my story.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

so i have been thinking about oreo blizzards and cookies and ice cream in general ever since i read the post about matt's day. and to be honest, i can think of few things in this world that i would like more than eating an oreo blizzard, so i guess matt's day was pretty damned good. so we are here at gcatt and things aren't going as swimmingly as they maybe should be. it is three-thrity, and i expect that we are going to walk out the door here pretty soon. so we are packaging up our stuff and we will see what happens. i mean the packets go, but tcp is acting all fuckety. we'll see, i guess. who cares. this is a freaking pleasure trip anyway (as long as i can get a hotel room...)
Hooray for getting a new roommate! That worked out decently. Getting a new roommate always seems to be a stressful affair. Hmm... I wonder what will become of the fortress when J and I graduate. I guess Ted will continue to live there (?) and get some mo roommates. I have no idea what will be in store for livin after this spring. But, that's okay. We have 9 months to think about it.

This year is gonna rock. Fun classes. Good friends. Hells yeah.

Jeremy, you spell like a champ.

Saw Planet O Apes last night. Pretty darn good! Man, those apes be stylin. Cool story, too. Some parts were gag-me hokey, but it was quite enjoyable for the most part.
i can't believe i am the first to post this... we have a roommate! so i haven't met him yet (cause i was in jacksonville this weekend -- which was pretty cool... got free records out of it) so i can't pass judgement, but ted seems to think he is pretty cool, so how bad could he be.. oh wait. look who else he has pucked to live with him. oh well, i just hope that he isn't one of those coc rats that matt and i hate so much. that would be pretty horrible. as long as he pays rent, i don't raelly give a flying fuck, though. well, school starts soon. so i suppose that brings with it some promises and some challenges and all that sappy crap. to tell the truth it is going to be weird though. daron is going to be around sort of. so that is cool. but i am not going to spend much time with matt, i don't think. that sucks. but he is taking all cool cs classes and i am taking sixteen hours of math. so yah. but i think the math stuff will be fun. this saturday i hav e mlr training thingy. so whatever that is about. oh also i leave for st louis tomorrow night. back on wednesday, though. i feel so corporate. blah. hopefully most of this shit is spelled right. i can only sort of make out the screen cause it is late and i don't have my glasses on and i am not really feeling like trying right now. fortunately, i feel like i am in the few errors and detecting when i do fuck up sort of state.

Thursday, August 09, 2001

dairy queen is the shit.
daron arrives today!
doug came over. very mild mannered, but our best hope.
an oreo blizzard from dq this afternoon was the highlight of my day.

glad to see that martin is back! i'm hoping he has pictures / postcards / quirky propaganda / funny stories / cool hair. rox told me you had hair down to your ass in high school. !!!

ted, glad to hear you got the tattoo. also glad to hear you're becoming a proficient welder. i remember one of my very few welding experiences as ending up with a bunch of tiny holes in a sweater. i had the mask on, of course, but the sparks showered my sweater (it was cold) and when i took off the mask, i saw all these tiny burnt holes. whoops. luckily, i didn't care all that much for the sweater.

good luck on the roommate search. i hope doug calls.

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

wooh, i've been busy since thursday. bachelor party. wedding prep. wedding. entertaining. partying. going to see Moulin Rouge at the faaaaabuuulous fox. it is time for me time. 1, 2, 3, go. ok done. that's all i get.
i'm excited about the prospect of getting absentmind.org back up again and giving it a database backbone. it will be just like a blog. i'll be able to write or upload anywhere there is a computer with internet. yeah.

martin and jason just got back! ...and just when i was trying to whip myself into brooding mood. they drove at psychotic pace from lubbock and now martin is going to try and make it to his ultimate game. hardcore. that's why i love martin.

seeing moulin rouge and being inundated with "love blah blah" made me think about how much i've sucked with the ladies over the years. just a funny thought. i'm always amused at love stories that span the course of a couple days.

3 more days of work left for the summer. nuts. i will be poor forever. i've really enjoyed working at EzGov. i've learned a lot and i've done some cool stuff but at the same time i've gotten to goof off like any good intern should. i am looking forward to the school year, but before that starts i've got almost one week of intensive leadership boot camp. hells bells.

so i'm letting my bread rise. i start walking over to my computer to sit down and fuck off for a while when i notice brad typing some stuff into the blog. i paused to read the last entry martin made, proceeded to sit down and open up a web browser...then wham! martin and jason walk in! wild. (8

on another note, yes, i did, in fact, get the chainring tattoo around my left inside ankle bone. it looks really nice, but i will need to get it touched up slightly. i've been working a lot on my welding skills at work. Tig welding is coming along nicely (try welding on 0.031" thick stainless steel and we'll talk) and i did a lot of stick welding today. i may just get to run the mig welder tomorrow night, but we'll see.

time to go abuse some dough and let it rise again.

Monday, August 06, 2001

Hmmmm . . . Jeremy looks very bored at work. Anyway, I'm running on the last leg of the trip. I'm currently in Lubbock Texas at Texas Tech. They call it a tech school but it definetely has a different feel to it. Everthing is very agricultural. There are places called the Meat Lab and a building dedicated to Food Technology. Wierd. We had a hard time trying to get here. Lubbock is in the middle of nowhere. We tried calling the person we were going to stay with but she wasn't in. She works for housing and was doing training retreats for thw weekend. So we went to lubbock anyway and decided to try to find her. After wandering around for a while Jason recommended that we call her (it was 3 in the morning by this time) and she was in. She lives on campus, so it wasn't hard to find her. Then I slept until 2pm. Other stuff: I went to the In and Out burger and it wasn't all that great. The menu was cool but the food and shake sucked. Texas smells like shit. It is also boring. I have to drive through Ok and Ar tomorrow/tonight. Oh yeah, I had to get rid of the beard. It started to itch too much. But I still haven't shaved my head yet. I have an idea or two but I have to check with housing to see if I can play at the end of season tournament. Oh well, I'm going to go.

Saturday, August 04, 2001

well, thank god someone else is awake. i am here at gcatt desperately looking for distractions. work is going ok, i guess, but there blah. hmm..... i don't actually have anything to say,i don't guess. i was glad to ping the blog and see that someone had written... and then i had the urge to post myself, and yet... there is nothing. i missed mexicans. that sucks. i really wanted to eat some mexicans. next week, i guess. when i have some more cash flow. shit. but david stopped by the building and we shot the shit for a while, so that was cool. blah blah. i like to eat. i wish that i had some quarters so i could buy some snackeys from the snackey machine.
that's my story

Friday, August 03, 2001

Huzah!!!!! I am now on the west coast. San Diego to be exact. South of San Deigo to be even more exact. I'm staying with my Aunt Gloria and Uncle Bob (Col. in tha Marines) south of SD and 5 miles north of Tiajuana (or TJ as the kids call it here). Since my last blog Jason and I drove through the night just to get out of Texas (which is a fucking huge state) and then through New Mexico and eventually rested in Tuscon, Az. After a day there we drove some of the night (while sleeping the rest) to San Diego.

I don't think I've ever seen land as beautiful as that between texas and california. The rock formations are gorgeous, the desert is reallt flat, but then there are the kick ass mountains which just pop up out of nowhere. The three things that really caught my eye on this leg of the trip were:

1. A series of large hills that were so covered with rocks ley looked like trash heaps. I mean there were thousands of little rocks so you couldn't see the actual mountain.

2. When the world went from dirt to sand. I woke up and there were dunes everywhere. They came in three size, wee, not so wee, and friggin' huge. Before there was dirt and brushes, but the brushes were gone. It was cool.

3. The Colorado river runs through the desert. So there was this one shot of two large dunes on either side of this river . . . in the desert . . . the sand went up to the banks of the river which had long reeds on it.

In Austin I found a place that let me pay 10 bucks and play video games for free from 3-9pm. So that's what I did in Austin. I regained my Tekken pride by losing only one match all night and that was because I wanted to go get a coke. Once again I got asked the where do you play question and again I failed to give the correct answer. The people in Austin (at least at that arcade aren't all that great at Tekken. According to the guy who works there I could walk through thier Tekken tournaments and win some cizash, but the tourney isn't until saturday so I can't play. The other cool thing about the free stuff is that I got to play all of the expensive games including Dance Dance Revolution. DDR has this wierd cult of kids (almost all male) who play it . . . and actually try to make it really competitive. Now we can all agree that I might have competitive streak at times, but DDR is a fun game that should only be made competitive if it is in jest. Anyway, I didn't play much because the people were annoying, but I will be playing a lot at challenges when I get back to Atlanta.

Tuscon has a decent night life. Jason and I went to a place called 4th avenue that is a mix of little five points and the highlands. It was nice. Tonight we're going to the gaslight district in San Diego. The driving plans for the remainer of the trip are question mark. We may take a north loop, we may go south. We may leave tomorrow mid-day we may wait until afternoon. What I do know is that I'm really tired after pulling two night shifts in a row and I am going to need more sleep to make it back well.

Hmmm . . . what else? Oh, I've been writing the abbreviations for all the states the truck has been in. California makes it 25. There will be at least two more before the end of the trip (oklahoma and arkansas). After that the truck may just need to die. This whole not shaving thing sucks. My beard really itches, but I told people that I would keep it until I get back. I'm shaving the sucker off wednesday night though, and no more hair for me.

Jeremy, Klonoa 2 is out for the PS2 and is amazing. Jason and I have been playing GBC a lot and have found the second link game (Oracle of Ages). I played Sega Rally in the arcade and it is a lot better with a wheel.

Brad, next time you see Cori and Derek tell them comgrats for me. I used to see them playing volleyball by sixth street the past month.

Mike, I hope you still go to simpsons trivia every now and again.

Ted, I'll stop by as soon as I get in town to grab some stuff and leave my keys (but I'm going to start a petition to keep the backdoor key [because I like backdoor entry? {or maybe because I like nested parens}]). I hope you get a roommate soon.

Finally, the place that I am currently staying is great because it is on a hill so you can see into TJ from the second floor, and you can also see the ocean, and it faces west so you get sunsets. Score!

Thursday, August 02, 2001

well, besides penalty of law and all that shit, i don't think it is actually possible to run through rocky mountain (clothes or not) on a trivia night. gt3 is really hard. whoa, fun. hairpin turns are a lot of work. i don't know if i am going to have the rally lisence when you get home, but i am going to try, martin.
blog action like crazy! it's a FOC blog epidemic!
Derek and Cori are getting married Sat., which will bring the percentage of my friends that are married up to 7%. wow. every 7 out of 100 of my friends is married. not really. i made that number up but i'm sure it's around there.

hi mom. i'm pretty sure my mom is actually not part of the viewing audience of this blog. tis a shame. speaking of shame, i myself am very comfortable in what i post on this site but i do believe i have the capacity for shame. not so much in terms of embarrasment but in terms of guilt. but as side note to that - i don't think i would run through the Rocky Mtn. Pizza Cmpy naked a couple of times and then get dressed and sit down at my booth.

i'm getting paid while entering this blog. yeah internships. i've made about $3 dollars during the course of typing this entry.

i enjoyed reading your post Martin. stop running into horses.
You're my hero if you responded with "at your mom's place every night," Martin. Hit by a horse, eh? Hmm, that could be painful. I'm assuming it wasn't, or else you would be saying shit like "I was hospitalized by a horse."

Last night, I picked up this great book called The Simpsons and Philosophy: The D'oh! of Homer. It's an academic analysis of The Simpsons by a bunch of philosophy students and professors. Pretty hilarious shit - you kids should get a kick out of it. It's also a great way to boost trivia knowledge.

Ted, did you get the bike cog tattoo?

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

Hello gentlemen from Austin Texas. I've wandered here through New Orleans and Houston, niether of which I could get a connection in (what's up with that). It was interesting to see what has been happening through the blog. I'm sorry about Cristina, I don't think I've ever met her, but I hope it all works out. I'm not surprised to see Ted wants another tattoo. Jeremy, how's driving? I played GT3 in a EB in Houston. It was fun. I also got taken by this guy in Tekken Tag twice in Houston. I don't think he sees much good comp because after I played him he asked me where I played (to which I responded "at your mom's place every night" or "Atlanta" I can't remember). Both games were close, but he definetely had the upper hand in all of them. I shouldn't have lost. Both Houston and New Orleans were really cool. Jason and I went to Burboun street on a saturday night and goofed of. We saw I guy being arrested with blood all over his face, and I got hit by a horse. After that we hit a casino and lost some money.

Houston was cool. Jason met this girl TJ and we went clubbing with her. I now know where the hot spot for hip hop is in Houston. We spent a few days there. Now we're going to leave Austin and drive a while before I get another chance to post. I just wanted to put my two cents in. Oh, some other things.
We've been playing Oracle of Seasons for GBC. It is a great Zelda game.
Jeremy, I'm glad to see that you are growing your dreads out again. I never got to see them the first time (or maybe I did once and I forgot)
I myself am getting rather scruffy since I stopped shaving for the trip. I've got 7 more days to go and what little beard I have really itches. I don't see how Brad can do this all the time.
Kate, I hope the DC is working well for you.
Life out west is very different. The style of people you meet is not the same as in Atlanta. Unfortunately everyone I've stayed with in Texas doesn't like where they are living. Texas seems fine to me though. I have to get used to that whole flat thing, but the heat isn't that bad. There's almost always a good breeze, so it kind of fakes being Miami (with the ocean breeze). Things will change as I get into the desert more. We'll see if the truck holds up. I think it is going to retire after this anyway. That's it, I wrote too much anyway. I'll post again soon. Knibb High Football Rules!
well, i know that the kids at the fort read this thing. also, i think that a fraction of the communists read it, and i think that antonio (but prolly not krista) is also on the subscriber list. so almost exclusively people who we are very close to. so that might make it easier to post things. there again, i really don't care who knows that i will soon have big hair again. and anything else that i post here i would freely tell anyone. i know that you have different opinions, though, matt. you are one of the few hardcore web kids i know who is still way into the privacy and secrets thing, which i dig. i mean secrets are important, but i really trust a lot more people than i maybe should, and i don't really care who knows what about me, so i don't have quite the same sensitivity.
on a related note, whoever may be reading this will prolly wish that we were publishing secrets or at least some fucking news instead of just having a conversation that should be held face to face or in email. but you know what? it's not their fucking blog. and this is just one of those personal detail moments that people may really dig. also i am about six feet tall and i love swimming and i am an aries and i am a computer dork. mail me!!
don't really. please.
so just my 2 cents, but i really don't give a rat's ass about what i type in this piece. i have no shame whatsoever and will gladly spill my heart for all to see. with that in mind, here's a list in the spirit of brad's list:

  • matt is my hero for starting this thing
  • i hope we get a roommate soon
  • christina's accident was a hell of a shock. i'm relieved and overjoyed to hear she's doing better
  • i hate being at work and kinda drunk. it beats being here sober, though...
  • brad, jeremy and i went over to ray & mary nell's last night. dinner was fantastic and the company was fabulous, as usual. i ended up getting really drunk. brad - thank you for driving. and for bringing all the ingredients for zombies...yum!
  • did i even have a zombie last night? shit. my memories are patchy and hazy...
  • i wonder if david got my page yesterday...
  • i like having tattoos. i may just get another one this fall.

i think that's all i had to say. for now, anyway.

beat state!