Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hoi from somewhere near Trenton. My second annual NY/NJ trip has now included a new stop in Philadelphia. Allow me to quickly recap:

I found out that I was leaving a day earlier for NYC than I originally thought, and I was leaving at night on the 22nd not the middle of the day on the 23rd. This created a housing situation because I wouldn't be able to take the bus to Tom's River where my cousin Sharyl is. Solution! I run into Dan Heacox in Atlanta and get the keys to his place in Queens. So I fly up there, take a cab who requires directions from my GPS enabled phone to get to Dan's house and spend the night.

Next day, after walking a few miles to go to a Barnes and Noble (again using GPS phone). I take the subway to Port Authority and go see my cousin. Spend the next few days seeing the family, hedging on when I was going to tell Chowning about wanting to play ultimate again, and hearing/seeing how Sharyl's life has gotten MORE stressful (she is now caring for 3 generations of our family, her Dad who is stubborn, her sister who has severe brain damage requiring 24 hour nursing, and her modertaely autistic son). It is good to see the family, but I haven't seen my cousin Billy. I hear that he is taking Logan (his son) back to school in Philly on the 27th, and talk Sharyl and her daughter (Jessi) into taking me to meet then in Philly for a special birthday treat for Jessi (she likes chinatown). Meet Billy and Monica (logan is MIA), and then pull a transfer. But I'm not going back with either of them, I'm going to rondevous with my old friend Beth on her way back through Philly to her parents house. It is a crazy plan, requiring exact timing, and it works flawlessly. Ride with Beth, Jenn and Tracy back to the Porecca family abode, where I get to have a dinner with the wonderful Porecca clan and we go wee the coolest house light display I have every seen. This house is super phat! They have the whole lights on timers set to music, but the music is piped over FM and you play it on your car stereo. That shit was sweet. The only thing that would make it better is to allow people to call in, press a button and add a song to the queue of what is going to be played. Jeremy, Matt, start working on that, interactive visual entertainment ala your work for Reuters but on a smaller scale. Then package that shit, sell it to Home Depot and fund all of the crazy projects you want.

We're going out tonight, to some random bar that will hopefully let me experience going out in a different part of Jersey. Last night's Jessi Birthday extra was an interesting affair of a live cover band playing Bon Jovi, Green Day and then a host of teen angst anthems (SUM 41 and My Chemical Romance). The highlights were a rendition of Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkston sung by a guy trying to sound like Kelly Clarkston, a redition of Sweet Home Alabama (I was the only southerner) and an encore of Killing in the Name Of. Tonight should be different, but I doubt I will hear anything similar to what I would hear in Atlanta (all of the hip-hop in the intermission last night was 3 year old mainstream affairs like Ja Rule and Big Pun). Tomorrow I'm on my way back to Queens, where I will have a one day advance to try to download all of the podcasts I've been missing (I feel cut off from the flow of video game info) and I can try to make some serious headway into Twilight Princess.

I've been listening to a lot of The Two Tone Collection . . . I assume I have Ted to thank for that. I've been playing FFV Advance non-stop. This might be the best Final Fantasy I have played yet on the basis of length and depth of job structure. I hope your holidays are as eventful as mine.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Ah, Hitler. History's most misunderstood street mime.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

umm.m... apparently, we heart hitler.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fuck you and your drought.

I'm in UAE, bitch!