Monday, September 27, 2004

We went and saw TMBGiants on Saturday, which was a good show over all. They had a pretty good opening act, Corn Mo, and a puppet show.


Friday, September 10, 2004

Hmmm . . . the quarter life crisis . . . there has been a lot of press about this. And I think Brad hit the nail on the head where we in our mid 20s feel pressured to make decisions and feel that they need to be the right decisions or we are going to ruin our lives forever. That is a crock of shit, but it is how we feel. So Ted, I think you are perfectly normal for loathing your job somedays . . . and maybe there is another job out there that might fulfill you entirely, but I seriously doubt it. It seems like the secret to making it trough the crisis is to make a quick decision to stay with your job or go, and run with it. You can find a way to be happy regardless of the situation your in. If your job isn't fulfilling you, make sure that the rest of your life does. Aside from that just relax and know that you aren't making some horrible decision or ruining your life.

I must admit I didn't think that we were the type of people to get the midlife crisis. I've always felt that we fort-people were the type of people that enjoyed life so much that we were happy wherever we were. Granted we did have the ability to dream fantastic dreams, but we also we're discontent if we didn't get that scenario.

Well, I'm off to go see Garden State w/ Chowning. I'm headed to Outback first. I feel kind of bad, I was supposed to go to Chicago for a tournament. But I am way too swamped with work right now so I had to get a weekend in order to get back on track with life. Chowning is in town this weekend, which makes me wonder if I am going go get as much work done as I need to. We'll see. I guess half of that statement was to state that I'm sorry I haven't blogged more, but I don't have enough time to breathe lately.


Thursday, September 09, 2004

I'm not fulfilled at all by my career, but I think thats seperate from what you two are talking about. I'm certainly unfulfilled by the current accepted methods for finding jobs, but I've never been on the other side of it. Maybe it works on some level that I havent attained yet. At any rate, theres a career fair on Monday and Tuesday. I should have studied philosophy at UGA. Then I'd know why I dont have a job yet. Of course, one of my most recent ambitions is to become a part of the JET Programme so maybe I dont want a job anyway.

Winston Churchill thought that you were old at 25, and I think he accomplished a lot after that point in his life. When I think about spending 1-3 years in Japan, and then coming back and still being 27, I think I seem pretty young at this point.

Why do they call it a quarterlife crisis? I dont have any intention of living till 100. People who live to 100 get their picture in the paper and they dont ever look too happy about it. Maybe its because they lost all control of their facial muscles 15 years prior, but still.
The media folks went gaga over the quarterlife crisis thing a few years ago. This coincided with the release of the book Quarterlife Crisis, which I believe describes the unfillment we 20 somethings have been experiencing. I haven't read the book but apparantly the author believes the quarterlife crisis is fairly widespread.

I wake up many days filling unfulfilled with my work. I think for me, I feel that I am utterly replaceable sometimes, and that I could train a monkey to do what I do. Then I think that training monkeys sounds fun and that I should look into becoming a monkey trainer.

I believe this phenomenon comes from having too many choices and feeling like we need to make the right decision right now or we're going to screw up our life for the next ten years. That is my unsubstantiated theory.

In other news, I shot my first handgun the other day. I went to a shooting range with Ryan and his Dad and shot Ryan's .22 something or other. I shoot to the left. At least when the gun is sighted for Ryan.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

i had to resolder the battery connections on my archos recorder. seems it's a common hardware problem and was leading to all the symptoms i've experienced - shorter battery life, rebooting when you squeeze the corner bumpers, general wonkiness. so far, the set of jewler's screwdrivers and the cordless butane soldering iron are perhaps the finest and most useful items i've ever bought at rat shack.

The Girl bought a Scion xB, which is a rad fucking car. i dig.

Mark/Martin/Brad - is the quarter century crisis a normal part of being old? i've been feeling very unfulfilled with this whole "work" thing as of late, and buying a shitload of land out in the middle of nowhere seems like a better and better idea all the time. Some days i really feel like i'll get in the car to go to work in the morning except i'll keep driving, wind up in iowa or wyoming or canada or mexico somewhere.

i got nothin.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

I would love to see Martin's upcoming gifted kids wearing Child Pimps and Hos halloween costumes. Mark, what's the deal-y yo? Who is the lucky lady? Jeremy, Frances will destroy Florida this weekend so I'm strongly considering not going down there this weekend after all. In 2 or 3 weeks, however, I am definitely going down (barring another Hurricane... what would that be, Gertrude?) Actually, I'm all for going to FL just to be in the hurricane (surf's up!) but my parents are telling me not to come. I missed Dimmu Borgir tonight cause I'm a work-a-holic. I have yet to see Doom3 --- sheeeit!