Friday, January 09, 2009

Dan Heacox asked me why we haven't updated the blog in . . . the past year, and I didn't have a better answer than "I've been busy." So I told him that I would post something. I think I also told him I would make him an admin so he could post.

Anyway, the past year has been eventful. I am now married (yeah!), Jason and Mark are both engaged. Jason's big day is in December, but Mark has made it a very quick May until his wedding. We're all happy for both of them.

I've changed jobs and am now working at Paideia. It has been an interesting adjustment, and I have really enjoyed being a bit closer to my Mom as a result. I will say this, these students are whinier than the students I had at Harrison. The average intelligence has increased, but these students feel lazy while my last students felt overworked. Having less time during the day has been interesting as well, but on the other hand my pacing is a lot slower since I have these students all year. Perhaps the worst thing about starting a new teaching job (especially in science) is getting used to the equipment. We have good equipment (I guess) but getting acclimated to its strange quirks is tiring.

There are other things about school that I could talk about, but its time to move on. I've ended my position coaching the Emory women's team. Last year was tough, and I was continually frustrated. As a result, and making the problem worse, I was typically in a bad mood and tough on the girls. I went into this year vowing to have a better demeanor and really motivate the girls. We decided on captains early, and then we had a captains meeting prior to the season to get things figured out. Things felt really good, but once we got in it seemed like the girls just didn't want to work to get better. In the end I felt like we were providing the desire for hard work and improvement, and not the girls. So after a rough fall Chowning and I decided to call it quits. There are a handful of girls on that team that I feel really bad about leaving (Chelsea, Gretsch, Hannah, Celine, Golsa) but they are all upperclassmen and sometimes they didn't bring any fire as well. With that drama behind me, I ended up taking an assistance coaching position at Paideia. There are lots of benefits: I'm getting paid, the students are motivated and work on their own, my Head Coach (and once my coach) loves talking frisbee, I'm getting paid. There are some down sides as well, but those get out weighed by the pay check. Also, this move gets me closer to one of my goals, coaching a world title. It doesn't help my goal of winning a college title, but I think I will be able to keep this job once Chowning and I have a kid (not yet, but soon maybe).

I'll come back (sometime in the next year) to talk about games and such. But that gives us a brief run-down of what's going on.