Friday, August 17, 2007

Well . . . it has been a while. Lots of shit has happened, and apparently all of us are too busy to write about it. Mike is headed to Japan shortly. Mary Nell now has a job teaching Physical Science somewhere in Clayton county (?). Jeremy, Matt, Ben and the like are still working their asses off for Playmotion. Mark is done with graduate school, and is back living with his sister for an indeterminate amount of time. He may very well leave for Colorado at some point. I don't know what Shannon is doing, and I don't know how that will affect him. Rich spends his time living basically across the street from Ruth, who is currently unemployed and anticipating a move towards NY. Rich got a promotion, so I don't know what that move will be happening. Brad has a very nice girlfriend (Jennifer) who was kind enough to come to Chowning and my enagement party. Jason is working his new job doing tech support for a PoS software company (that is point of sale not piece of shit). Daron and Julie are off to NY. Clint cheated on Anika, who now lives two doors down from Mary Nell with Jamie. Chowning has a good job here, but it is too far away. We both got a new dog (Logan) who is fun sometimes and annoying others. School has started back up as me my homeroom finish out their Senior year. On one hand, the games have slowed, in part due to a broken Wii (now fixed) and a red-ringed 360 (not fixed), but really due to the fact that I have been trying to Catch Them All and realizing why people spend so much time with that game. On the other hand the games have been increasing since we have somewhat started game night again, and also my Gamer's Club at school has learned how to play more complicated board games. Ultimate continues and my health is good (although not currently since I have a slight fever). All in all things are going well. I'll try to post more often.