Friday, January 30, 2004

Yeah! Ted! Hot damn. When are you going to start your job? Also, who does the soil/ground/concrete work when you do turn arounds involving crane riggings? Hey, networking.

I don't have much to say. I'm kinda brain dead right now. But... I dunno. Gimme the keys you fucking cocksucker muther fuckers arghhh!
the secret to the security at the biltmore is the same as almost any place. just act like you belong there and you know what you're doing.

everyone should come and visit me at work. if you're entering from the street, go to the elevators on the left (north) side of the building and ride up to the fourth floor. go inside and tell the receptionist that you're looking for jeremy barrett and would she point you in the right direction. go whatever way she points, and you'll find me. i'll give you the tour. the place is actually very cool. i love the decor. also, you can see some of the cows from atlanta's cow parade and minatures of some of the best cow parade cows in history or whatever.

mike, do you eat lunch near the bookstore, or are you still going home for lunch? not that i can't take a long lunch and eat with you at your place, but you know.
Getting up in the morning sucks!!!!


Thursday, January 29, 2004

Martin, it's good to hear from you and Doktor X0r as well. So in opposite chronological order, lessee.

Re: traffic. OK so the main difference between traffic here on the interstates and the traffic in Atlanta on the interstates is that Down There, you'll have eight lanes of traffic that is at a dead stop, then rushes up to 50 mph for seventeen seconds then stomp on the brakes again for several minutes. Up Here, you'll have six lanes of traffic that creeps along at 20 mph steadily and then opens up to 45 mph for the remainder of yr drive. You also don't have to drive much of anywhere in the city or the near burbs because of the excellent trains in the city (the L), the CTA busses, the suburban Metra trains and Pace bus system.

Re: Holland. I'll be working as a product engineer for their HOTT division. I have no fucking clue what HOTT stands for but that division of the company makes componentry for freight railcars. Most of it is for load securement (and we all know I'm aces at securing a load IYKWIM) but it could be damn near anything to do with a freight railcar and what goes on it. I like trains.
The big money for Holland comes in from their rail welding and inspection services. Mark & Martin, y'all would appreciate the differences in the rail heat effected zone (and hence brinell hardness) with their welding process vs. thermite welding. But yeah that's not what imma be doin.

oh my god, it's TED!!!! Yeah!! Whooo!! other shit!!!!

That's great that Ted has come back for at least a post or two, and even better that he has a stable (of unsatisfactory) job and will be moving on soon as well. Will the jog keep you in Chi-town (which is a great fucking city, even though it is too cold for me).

By the by, I completely disagree with Ted's assessment of the traffic in Chicago. Granted I've only been there a few times, but the traffic was horrible on the highways inthe city (which should be avoided at all cost I know). I've been discussing with others that blog is the shit because it helps us keep in touch despite living in different places, and Ted is helping me prove it. If only mikex0r can move to Japan and continue blogging we'd be the shit.

As for me (don't know how much of the blog you've read). I've been keeping theblog up strong with Jeremy helping me out. It's been rough times, especially with the being of not employedness, but those are somewhat behind me now as I am a teacher . . . in fucking Marietta. It is a long drive, and I don't know how long I am going to do this for, but I do enjoy it (despite all the fucking work). The real hinderance is my refusal to leave the ATL to live in the fucking 'burbs. But the work environment is great, and that is what keeps me coming back.

I can't think of anything else to say except that I'm glad Ted posted and I am glad that the blog is getting more action than me (or should I be sad about that because I'm not getting laid???) Regardless, I need to get back to planning. We have a open house tonight for the 'rents to come see the skool. Out.

What exactly are you doing for Holland? I mean I know its more than a welding company, and apparently more than a country, but it aint as if its a set of fuckin car keys either, now is it?

Jeremy. are you allowed to have visitors at your work? I walk almost all the way over there 3 times a week so it has occurred to me to stop in, but your place has very good security (the kind you get from anonymity)

In other news, there was a guest lecturer in one of my classes today from Nexidia they make it so you can take typewritten text and search through audio for the phrase you want fast. 30 hours of video in 1 second fast. it was cool

oh. i saw some of the work that you have done at work, ted (from i laughed for like 10 minutes.
From what I heard, the biltmore was a cool building. And yeah, i highly recommend spitting on Tech every chance you get.

The current job is at a company that does barcode junk, which is midly interesting if you're into codes and ciphers (and i'm not). Most of my day is spent pushing a mouse around, packing label orders and moving boxes from A to B. The pay here is miserable and there are no advancement opportunities, so i'm jumping ship. Somehow or the other, i've tricked another company to give me a real engineering job at a good salary and benefits and etc etc etc. i'm stoked about it. Too much more of staring at barcodes would probably make me quit anyway. But yeah, i know a hell of a lot more about barcodes than i would ever care to know. i also honed my tape gun skills to a steely shine. That and $1.75 will get me anywhere i want to go on chicago's excellent public transit system.

i'm living in my first honest-to-dog apartment of my own in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, about a mile south of Evanston and four blocks due west of Lake Michigan. Today it appears that the first 200' or so of the lake have frozen, probably due to the fact that it's 6 degrees right now, with a low tonight of -8. Yes, Farenheit. Hasn't been above freezing in a few weeks and i fucking love it.

Also hominy grits are (imho) really fucking nasty and in no way a decent substitute for sweet, delicious, hot grits. You can get 'em up here but ugh man gross. Despite my hatred for Whole Foods, they have bulk polenta for relatively cheap (polenta is Italian for "grits"). Boil five parts water, salt lightly. Stir in one part dry grits, reduce to simmer, stir occasionally for five minutes. I like mine with salt and pepper and butter and tabasco (preferably the green jalapeno kind, siracha chili sauce is also excellent) and a big hot steaming mug of black coffee (chock full o nuts, plz).

So yeah. I'm digging Chicago and how it is very different than most of what I didn't like about the south. Also I can buy liquor beer or wine in grocery stores here, 23 hours a day, 7 days a week. Traffic isn't nearly as bad, the air is cleaner, the winters are WAY FUCKING COLDER and the land is whoa shit flat. Glaciers are good at that.

ted - glad to see you back. the short version is that my life is the same as always due to my chronic laziness. i finally finished school, but haven't been able to bring myself to apply to a graduate program (let alone many). i am working at a non-profit consulting group which isn't as terrible as it sounds. the real upshots are that the people i work with are pretty cool and i could spit on tech campus from my building, could i only open a fucking window, so i'm still in the city.

i heard that it took a while to get a job and that you got an engineering job whose entertainment value and advancement possibilities i won't divulge here, as it may be the same job that you have right now (i hope not). can you elaborate?

you can get hominy grits, though, right? not that they're a proper substitute.
Gentlemen -

Hello. It's been a while. I now live in Chicago, have just accepted a real engineering job and have problems finding grits.

What y'all been up to?

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

That bingo sounds really fun. I see a few bingo bars on the way to my grandparents. I would never walk into one of those. They are quite scary.

Thanks for the post deletion unit. I did not realize I had that power. I think I was clicking around a little to fast to handle and my web browser had another copy... something... I dunno. Point is, I'm glad the delete post key is an option.

On the subject of school, I remember those 4000 classes. Ahh... 3am days in the computer lab cursing away. I often toy around with the idea of going back to school but never get fully motivated to do so. Also, when I was in school I had a MATLAB co-processor installed into my brain. It makes coding go so much fast. But, when I didn't do shit for two years the plastic kinda deteriorated and now I'm left with nothing. Such is life.

I'm revamping my resume and MATLAB was one of the highlights in my old skill set. I don't even know now that I could get the program to add numbers its been so long.

Oh, I also got a free printer recently and bought a printer cable (USB2 type) and now I have a color picture printer unit. Its slow, but thats okay. It was the first printer I think I have ever had that just worked with my software. Ahh... working computers. Its a good thing.

Anyone have grand plans for the superbowl? Its happing just a mile or so away. There is stuff going on all this week and its supposed to get crazy come Thursday through Sunday. All the party rental places are out of stuff like extra chairs and tents and such. Its kinda cool. I only have one thing to say: "Go Pack!" But, I say that every year.

First of all, let me tell you how much I respect you all for having jobs and the potential to afford stuff like macs and digital cameras and what not. now stop talking about macs and digital cameras and all that cool stuff. And hobbies. It seems that my last semester here at Tech will be a busy one. I'm taking 4271 (applications of DSP) and 4273 (DSProcessor design) which both have open ended lab times == professor assigns a whole lot of work. Why, I should be doing that work right now.

4271 involves a lot of matlab programming. Whenever I take a course that involves coding, the first few weeks remind me why I like coding. Towards the end of the semester I start to remember why I dont.

Speaking of trivia games held at restaurants, I think simpsons trivia has evolved into a once a month type thing for those of you who may be interested. Afew of us went last month, so it looks like the next one is tentatively scheduled for the first Monday of Feb. ie next monday.

and speaking of prime numbers, while I was in Japan, I sat in a lecture on prime numbers. if it hadnt been in Japanese, it may have been incredibly boring. the class was a math class for non-technical/mathmatical-more-like-liberal-art-type people. That doesnt mean I understood too much of it, just that it was interesting.

yes. there are a lot of interesting things about the number 2.

macs are fun. envyenvy...

so last night some of us went out to the gravity pub to play bingo. the gravity pub's bingo is a miracle of circular logic. you play bingo. if you get a bingo, you get a prize (they're pretty cool) and a cookie (!) and a trivia question. if you give back the answer to the trivia question, you get a ticket worth one free drink. for every drink you order, you get an extra bingo card. see where i'm going with this? it was fantastic. the prizes are incredibly goofy, and the rules are very complicated, which is great. add to all of this (you've already guessed this) the fact that -- since we're at a pub -- these 'drinks' contain alchohol, and you have one wacky evening.

i'd also like to point out that g47 was on all of my bingo cards.

mark, it is possible not only to edit, but to delete posts. fyi.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Prime numbers: Cool. So, there is one and only one n for which an event has occured n times and is prime and the next time the event occurs n+1 is also prime. In other less confusing words, there are infinite number of primes (even though I do have the largest here, really!) but only one prime where the next consecutive interger is also prime.

By the by, I do have a Mac. It is a g4 and fun and pretty. I probably spent too much money on it since I think at the time I could have easily paid the same amout to get not one but two computers to play Diablo 2 at the same time, but I am happy with a non-windows based product. At work, one of the laptops died and we now have to go out and buy (yes, buy) a copy of Windows XP. If only desktop linux had a stroger following. Though, I know I could deal with it, but the people I work with would be fucking clueless. They have trouble differentiating between an email and a web page. Its all the internet to them. I don't think they are prime time for writting their own login shell script to make X do what you want it to do.

I am shopping for a few items: (1) camp stove (2) a tent and (3) a digital camera. I think I have the first two items in mind and a price range to spend on them. The third though, I do not know. If anyone has any great suggestions as to deals, values, memory, pain-in-the-ass-to-use-ness, etc please drop me a line. I hope to have all three purchased by May.

Also, anyone know any damn thing about airbrushing? I am looking to get an airbrush "unit" for a gift for someone. I know the "unit" is something like a gun, a compressor, and some specific paint. But, beyond that, I have no freaking clue. If anyone knows anyone that can give me some advice, I'd like it. Thats about it. Woot.
a prime number is a number with exactly two factors: 1 and the number itself. since the factors of 1 are 1 and 1, 1 is not a prime. it fails to have two factors. now since 0 * n is 0 for any (i'm talkin any) number, 0 has considerably more than 2 factors.

hate to burst your bubble, mark, but what with there being an infinite number of prime numbers and the integers not being a continuum, you are going to lose the my daddy can beat up your daddy game in largest-prime-number-ville. even with riddles, puzzles, enigmae, bulldozers, bombs and elbowgrease.

mac? is there a new mac convert amongst us, or am i retarded in some way?

luckily for everyone involved, i saved gt3 right after the oval track, so you can start right back up at laguna seca, martin.

it sucks that i haven't seen anyone in a while. trapped at work babysitting computers. and not getting the pay i was promised. the salary situation is sucking right now. it appears to be an experiment to take advantage of my good nature and/or see how high my blood temperature must rise before it boils, but we'll see if i can't rectify it. spring into action!

Monday, January 26, 2004

Well, shit. I havn't posted since my sister came and went. I'd say I've been busy but that would be stretching the truth. I did have a few lateish nights at work. And I did see Big Fish during that past week. (Man, I love a good story. I think that we can now talk about it now that Jeremy, Martin, Matt, and myself have seen it).

Lets see, my sister's visit went well and it was really good to see her. I miss her. She is a cool person. We hung out and met some friends and had some food and cooked some food and saw the grand-'rents and had a bomb scare at the airport and ate some more food and read some. All in all, a pretty good weekend. She and her baux Aaron and getting more serious. They are going to be living in sin come about September-ish.

Living in sin rules. Do it before you commit.

I have also join a Warhammer 40K beginner's league. My first game/event/get together was a week ago Sunday (8 days from current posting). The event went well and I met some nice people. There were also some fanatics and some screaming kids, but a few gems in the rough patches. I definately hung out with the older and wiser crowd and let the kids (damn kids.... get off my play table!) play on their own. All in all, it was just okay.

This past Sunday (31 hours ago) I played in the week 2 of the beginners league and had a much more enjoyable experience. I played several games (slaughtered one opponent and lost twice to another in games that were touch and go) and met more people who fit into my ven diagram of gamer (the circles being maybe of four dimensions like age, fanaticism, interest, time, etc). I also won the in store prize of 10USD store credit (of course the store made its margins still when I bought a fifty-odd dollar item). I was one of two who answered all the quiz questions correctly and of those two I won my first battle so I received the store credit. Woot. This may be a hobby that I get into. Though, hopefully I will retain my social skills and not fall into the fanatic circle.

I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but Netflix rules. You should check it out if you have not already and are hopelessly addicted to movies as I am.

Lastly, is zero a prime number? Is one a prime number? I have a pretty good grasp of the other prime numbers after those (I have the largest prime number sitting wraped in an enigma bundled up in a riddle in my trunk) but I just wanted to know the semantics of whether one and zero are prime numbers.

Oh, one more thing. I got Mac X/Darwin and OpenOffice running on my main machine so that I can process words and spreadsheets... for free. I like it. Not as robust as the current installation of Office, but very nice for my needs. Tools -> data -> sort is there which is essential. I felt hard core once again tweeking my X settings. :)

I think that is all my news.
While there is much to talk about, I'll limit myself to a few of the new things in life.

Tony Hawk: here is a genre that I have been devoid of for four installations. Much like my use of Halo to get me more into FPS games, Underground has helped my learn how to manual with the mediocre of them. This game is very good, and well satisfies the completist in me. But if Tony Hawk is in, does this mean that GT3 is finally done? NO!@!

See, the power went out in my 6th race. I did save at some point before that, but I saw it as a clear sign that the videgame gods didn't want me to finish GT3 at that moment. When will it happen, who knows. TH is way to good right now to stop.

Ladies: The ladies scene isn't going to well. Granted I'm not pushing too hard, and I don't know when I would go out on a date even if I could get one. But it is a missing element in my life so I notice it. Saturday night was Carl's (G-Funk's roommate) BDay so me and Bruckner went out with him and Crystal and got fucked up. Had a great time, talked to a bunch of ladies, but nothing came of it. Really, I think I just needto put myself in that situation more. Sigh.

Werk: Is going well. We're on to less abstract topics (waves & shit) so the kids are into it a bit more. We're able to do more demos and best of all I'm getting the hang of how to plan, giving me more time go work out. Soon there will be more responsibility, and (as is typical) I'm nearing the due date for the TEEMS program application and haven't done much. But that is my MO so I'm not worried about it.

Lastly there is new Red v Blue shit for all to go look at. It is very funny and worth viewing. Well, off ot my pizza and tony hawk.

where'd everybody go?

well, this weekend i went to this great persian place called 'shiraz'. matt -- you've gotta get greg to take you there for lunch -- it's up in bumblefuck where you work. anyway, the food is great, and it's pretty cheap, considering it's all you can eat rice and lamb and feta and the list goes on. pretty fantastic. highly recommended. just don't ask the waitress for an ouzo. mn tried that and the waitress said 'ouzo'? to which we replied 'yes'. she walked away. something otherwordly happened at the bar and she came back with something that looked cask-aged. all amber and shit. well, we were confused to say the least, so we each tried it thinking, maybe it's just real old ouzo. no, no. it tasted all smoky and whiskey-y. not surprisingly, when the bill came it was johnny walker gold. oops. stupid waitress. the shit was good, though.

the other exciting thing (besides a double feature (whoa -- go see big fish)) was on sunday when we went to some theater in lil' five and saw a stage adaptation of 'geek love'. it was great. a couple of missing details and some weird chronology, but for the most part it was spot on. and the players did a great job. i'd highly recommend it, but sunday was the end of its run. you lose.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Ah, and again I display the back to back posts. I'm going to try to post every day, if only to keep myself sane on some level.

Work today was a bitch. Classes went well I guess (review day) but then my entire evening was soaked into creating the quiz for tomorrow, photocopying it and trying to get shit going.

I took a look at the sites Matt mentioned, they look pretty cool. Friendster I have heard about, everything seems to have more content than I can digest, and I"m not sure how it all works, but it is fun. Tribes looks less exciting.

On the front, I've been playing TH Underground and learning that just like I am lacking in major FPS skills (although I have tried to improve them with some success), I have missed the Tony Hawk craze and am now playing catchup. It is very much a different style of game, apparently very different from the last games as well as different for me. I got to design my character's appearance, he wears pick track pants, a sleeveless shirt, and best of all a bag on his head. I call him bagman, mostly because I like names that make sense (reference the cat and dog dicussions of older days). With that being said, I am tired too early again and should get to sleep soon. 'night.


Wednesday, January 21, 2004

G-Tech over Wake!!! Great game, hope you all saw it. It's been a fun year to be a bball fan. Duke v. Maryland will be on later tonight. I think it is going to get the TV while I write a quiz. Gotta get more games into life. Today I was able to leave at 4, go work out then get home by 6. Doesn't leave me enough time to play games since I always have some work to do. Well, it is better than when I had to get home immediately to get to work until I fell asleep.

As for the blog content, I didn't think the numbers archive was an option, otherwise I agree that is a good way to do it. I wonder how many people actually read that thing anyway??

Mark . . . sister . . . what happened?

social software is overwhelming. this morning, i thought i'd make the rounds on,, and, of course, up in here. it's a black hole i tell ya. definitely overwhelming, especially if you begin to read about your friends and their interests and then follow those interests and etc...

anyway, to critique the lot, i think is looking pretty good. friendster would be 10x better if it wasn't slow as old honey. tribe offers tons of little clubs, called tribes, that have message boards and galleries. there's even a georgia tech tribe although it only has 23 members or so.

and, of course, everything2 is kingdom of teddles. i checked his homenode out and it's chock full. although i suspect his everything2 comsumption has dropped a bit since the fort days (he now has 96 writeups which is only a few more than a year ago i think). but that could mean he's only treating everything2 as a social playground instead of an encyclopedia.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

monthly archiving, weekly archiving. i think that it should be some number of posts, and make the dates match. i don't know if that's possible. anyone out there feel me? like the dates on the side don't appear to be methodical in any way, but when you click on a range, you get a page with n posts on it. 10, 15, whatever.

i don't know what other people's blogs are like (well, i suppose i know what some other people's blogs are like) but i think it's great that since this is essentially our only means of communication with some members of the fort that this is not only where we talk about stuff, but also our staging area -- where we talk about talking about stuff, or how we're gonna talk about it. ie there aren't a lot of other diaries out there (that i've seen) that have these big discussions about formatting, etc in the blogs themselves.

i totally dig the new format.

not so much the graphics. i might do something about that.

how's the sister, mark?

my weekend ruled.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Thanks for the switch on the archiving, matt. And I totally agree with Big Fish. After watching it, all but two people in the crew I was with had tears in their eyes. What I thought was great about the movie (aside from all of the obviously great stuff) was that it was just a story. No real adversery came about that wasn't there in the beginning, it was just a straight forward story, and done remarkably well.

Kudos on trying to get Roxy to not say the N word. For some reason it bothers me a lot more when Roxy says it than when Jeremy does. Regardless, it is a noble endeavour to take and I'm very impressed.

In other news, the AA:Europe game went on without a hitch, so to speak. Germany (me) did o.k. but still is no match for the allies in a three on one battle. I just haven't figured out how to play Germany in that game yet. Hopefully there will be more chances.

The extra day onthe weekend is nice. It let me get more work done, however I'm not as far ahead as I would like. Hopefully I will be able to get some big work done this week. Regardless, I will not be as pressed as I have been in the past, which is nice.

Soon I will be off to Emory practice, which will be nice. So I'll catch you cats later.

Big Fish was great... a little goofy but what do you expect from Tim Burton. I saw another movie last night called The Company which was both the most beautiful and plotless movie ever made. The movie truly had no story whatsoever. It was like seeing a couple of ballet scenes with some quick snippets of people's lives (going to work, sleeping, etc) and that's about it. Still, if anyone like ballet at all, it's great stuff for the dancing.

I agree with your comments on weekly archiving, Martin, and so I've changed it to monthly archives.

Happy racism is bad day! I'm making Roxanne not say the N word for the whole day in recognition of MLK. ;)

Sunday, January 18, 2004

apparently I was unaware of what time it was for my last post. The AA game for today is screwed, which is fine with everything. Jeremy and I worked on some school stuff, so that was fun. And now, we will play AA tomorrow. Not sure how many people are in, but there will be a boardgame tomorrow, so mikex0r should be happy.


Saturday, January 17, 2004

Well, it looks like the AA game for tomorrow is screwed. However, Bruckner, Jeremy, and myself are in for a game on monday. Which means that as long as mikex0r doesn't have to go to school (which he shouldn't) we can get a game in. That's enough people for another game of AA:Europe if we wanted, or we can do the classic game. Whatever people are into. Word.

I concur. The new blog location is very cool, though I have to admit that I dont care much for spiderman. he still owes me 10 bucks, that cheap motherfucker.

Anyway. I've been trying to inspire more board game playing around here. my strategy doesnt seem to have the right amount of intensity. right now I'm more or less just suggesting that we play boardgames, but thats net working. oh well. I'm gonna kick it up a notch next time I try to get people (ie martin and jeremy. maybe bruckner) to play. Also I'm gonna start the ball rolling on diplomacy. hopefully it will keep rolling.

in other news, next week I'm going to start seriously looking into putting a trip to Japan in my 1-2 year future. There are a few options out there, casual trip, study, one of those english teaching programs, (which I'm the least enthusiastic about) but who knows. somebody here at tech I'm hoping

I think I fixed some of our time issues too.

So I'm curious what people think about archiving every week. I went back and looked at the archives and a lot of them only have a few entries in them since they are only one week long. Also, jeremy's first post states that he doesn'y know if he is going to use this at all. Little did he know. The other funny thing is that this horrible shows our inability to spell. Back to work.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! The new blog is ridiculous. I'm very happy with it, and thanks for finding the time to sate all of our damands Matt. The fact that the archive is back is great too, there's too many strange conversations back there to lose them all.

With that praise being said, fuck all of you for using woot even more (me shaking my fist).

I get the impression that Komodo is the technique server, is this correct??

I'm not worried about putting puck-off google tags on the blog. It was just a topic that came about when I was talking about having to reign myself in at school. So whatever everyone else wants to do is fine by me. I'd like to keep this public because I like public things.

In other news, I'm still not done with GT3 series race that will end the maddness. Soon, soon it will be done. But for now I need to get work done for next week. I have my first quiz that I have to write for next week. I'm a little concerned that it will be too hard or too easy. I've got a grade book now, and things are slowly coming into nice order. I was able to leave school by 4pm friday, huge accompishment for me.

Strange that Matt brings up Big Fish as I too will be leaving to see Big Fish in about an hour. There are many other things to talk about, like how I feel better about my financial situation, but have yet to recieve a pay check. I played ultimate again for the first time since nationals. How the girls at my high school wear way too much make up. But I'll post again soon. Before I check out, again kudos to matt for fixing all of the blog stuff. I'm gonna go read the frist set from the archives now.

Doodz, I moved the blog over to, which is a Technique server and has unending free space (for the most part). I also messed around with Blogger templates and decided to try out this Spiderman thang. Lemme know if you are absolutely revolted by it and I'll find one of the jillions of super trendy designy ones out there. Also, I saved our old template in case it's super near and dear to your heart. Oh, archives are now available (move eyes 350 pixels to left)!!

I did some research on the Google thing and it looks like we can block Google from indexing the blog with a couple of meta-tags. If there weren't any links out in the world to the blog's URL, google shouldn't pick it out. It's my understanding that they do not do IP block scans for possible web servers and that would be the only way to get to it without following a link. So, we're safe in that regard. We can be assured of safety from outside viewers by either (1) Making this a non-public blog requiring member login or (2) Adding fuck-you-google tags to the top of the template. I don't care myself, but then again I'm a shitty poster. I tried some serious Google searches to find it and I couldn't do so.

So.. it looks like is going to run in late March and April now. We still haven't finished fundraising yet, but that's the only thing stopping us. The non-profit Suzanne started to raise the funds for this and other projects is called the binary foundation ( I think the logo is cool. At work, I'm coding up this wonderwindow simulator that will hopefully look like a camera is perched directly in front of any building running with Wonderwindow stuff. It will hopefully be sweet and web-based (as an ActiveX control... which I dunno how I feel about ActiveX yet).

Anyhows, more news to come soon. Roxy and I are off to see Big Fish. woot!

Friday, January 16, 2004

Well, my sister comes into town in approximately 64 minutes. I'm psyched. I really like my sister and my family units in general. We always had a strong 'family is always there for you' kind of bond. It wasn't until my sister went away to school that I really started to like her as a person. When I visited her in Africa we could finally relate to each other adult to adult. I like my sister.

I also cleaned up my sty of a place. It was getting pretty bad. I realized that I had to do something if I wanted my sister and I to eat off of clean plates. At the same time. So, after two loads of dishes and four loads of laundry and several hours of picking up I now have a presentable home. I could still mop the floors, but that is way too much.

Anywho, hope your respective weekends go well.


Thursday, January 15, 2004

Man, so I didn't get as much work done after work as I would like today. But I did get to go to Emory ultimate practice and coach a bit. MAN I LOVE COACHING. It's so much better than teaching. Don't get me wrong, I like teaching. But when I teach I worry if I am getting enough information across to the students, and shit like that. When I coach, I know everything that I am trying to convey, and have no trouble conveying it. Maybe part of the difference is that ultimate is so much simpler than quantum physics, but it comes so much more naturally that it is great. So it was a good night. And with that, good night.

First of all, curse all of you for using woot, now I say it in my classroom you bastards.

Second, this is me blogging from work, which means that I have a somewhat functional connection.

This is me getting back to work.


Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I have a question... what the hell is the time scale set to anyway? I see posts from Martin at 7:30PM saying that he is off to bed. Thats pretty sad when you are going to be at or around 8:00PM. Even I stay up until 10:00PM. So, I'm posting this at 9:52 CST.

In other news, my sister is coming into town and I have mentioned this before. I am psyched. I also am playing in a Warhammer beginners leauge this Sunday. I'll write more about that after I scope it out.

Not much else to report. Over this past weekend I lost some of my Diablo 2 characters to death. Boooo. Clvl 20, 27, 67, and 78. Bad luck on all of them.

True I do get cranky, and way to fuck with the description and include my hatred of mustard. And true everyone is an admin, yay! Well, I think no one is going to be staying here tonight except for me. Rich is probably at Holly's and mikex0r is at Carolyn's (sp?). It is kind of like living with Fisch again, when he was never home. Although most times it is I that is never home. Work, though I do enjoy it, is time consuming beyond the typical 8 to 5. Closer to 6 to 5, or maybe 6 to 10 with homework.

I can't wait for monday (or even friday for that matter) when I am going to sleep in. I also can't wait to play tony hawk. It was a great buy, however I can't seem to get the time together to play it, and I am in the middle of the final series of races for GT3, which I can't interrupt. MAybe if all goes well this weekend I will get that done.

It did my heart well to come home and see jeremy (who I assume found the secret key) playing games. It reminds me of summers from my youth. We'll it is of to bed and then off to work. I'm going to confuse the kids even more tomorrow, but I'm not sure how yet. I think this confusion to start the class is like my old break them then rebuild them strategy.

every one can invite. cause everyones an admin. including ted. but somebody come up with a good time for aa. my vote is for friday or saturday.

martin, go to bed. you know how cranky you get.

forever yours

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

i'm down with aa: europe.

someone should send ted an invite. since matt (absent) and martin (present) are the ones with the invitation reminder action skillz, i'm nominating your asses.

also, you can't cross a mountain climber with anything, it's a scaler. that's not as funny when you type it. ...

also, you can't cross a mountain climber with anything, it's a scal[ae]r. that's a little better and a lot nerdier.
Yay! mikex0r is back on the blog. It is strange reading something posted by someone I live with and interact with on a semidaily basis. I agree with his assessment on life and diplomacy. Whatever happens. We do need to get Jeremy in for some AA:Europe. That's about it. Sadly it is time for bed.

This is my triumphant return to blogging. I'll have to come up with something witty or enlightening to say. I'll work on that. how bout Martin, where the hell is dvorak on your computer? Do I have to do everything around here?

So I guess the big question is: am I going to graduate this semester? How the hell am I sposed to know that? what do I look like? a graduate? Anyway, my uncertainty stems from whether or not one of my classes fulfills my requirement for a design course. beats the hell out of me. I mean, I'll be designing a DSProcessor. I'll get 3 "design hours" for my trouble. but is the man going to let me get out. who knows.

As far as diplomacy is concerned, sure. I'm in. last I talked to martin about it, he was putting waaay to much thought into it. wanted to set up a web cam to watch it. Dont you just need an up date about once every 2 weeks or so? As far as other board games go, I wanna get another game of A&A Europe going. maybe this weekend. martin,jeremy, how about it?

anyways thats my post hope its not too ambitious.

What do you get when you cross an elephant and a mountain climber?

Jeremy hit the nail on the head. Out of the people that regularly post here, Martin is sane.

So, I was at the shin-dig where Brad was moving into Ryan's house as Ryan's parents moved out (Good Hot Dogs). I was just wondering if there was any status update since that. I think that happened over Labor Day if I am not mistaken.

Brad: Where the fuck are you?!

Speaking of ancient fort people, I talked with Ted on the phone for a spell. He is living in Chicago working a dead end job that deals with bar codes. He is looking / interviewing at other places to get into something he might enjoy. The Girl is still active and in his life. He and she are doing well. They are also doing well together it sounds like. I told him to go to the new and improved fortress blog where the fort folks hang out. He said that he would post something sometime if someone could give him an account. So, thats Ted. Feel free to look at his posts (which are very infrequent) on

In other news... I have a bastard of a coworker. I don't think I have mentioned this much to anyone but he sure is a bastard. I get along with him on a professional level just great. He knows his shit and does a good job. He just has a deplorable way to treat women. Most recently, some chick was calling and bitching him out over the phone with the jist of 'You tell all these girls the same line, you lying pig.' To which he responded: "Yeah? Well... which ones work?"

Oh, good times.

hey, you're right. i never noticed your last name there, but what are you gonna do?

this is when matt needs to show up and bust out his superior google knowledge. he got that google hacks book and now it's like he's the fucking cia.

just about every vw commercial is gold.

and brad -- well, brad sucks. martin you don't remember, but i told you that the sc thing got pre-empted by a position that opened right here in the atl. he works at the same place doing the same shit but getting paid better for it. butttt.... he lives is lilburn. so we'll never see him again. also, he's not too good about posting here, a common malady among our constituents.

martin: maintain. you're just fine. remember that even if the kids do think you're weird if, per chance, they manage to find this joint, you'll come out as the sane one of your rag-tag group of friends. i'm the bleak one, even with my veneer of happy-go-lucky insanity.

Monday, January 12, 2004

silly Mark, my last name appears at the end of each of my posts. Granted I don't think that is searchable by google, but I don't know. As for Brad, he's in SC now a days (or so I remember).

I'm not surprised that the ME3056 webpage hasn't been updated. That whole class has got to shit since I left, or so I keep imagining.

I'm trying to get mikex0r back on this blog, and maybe rich. Oh, and rich might be able to dedicate some space to house this thing more permanently, and also let us get the archives back. Yay!

I'm slowly getting ahead of myself in school. I actually got to workout today. Then I met this nice girl at the front desk (I had to get a replacement card because I lost my last one). She's from marietta so I used that to start converation. Then I found out that she graduated from high school in 2001. I think that makes her all of 20 or 21. I'm still wary of young women after the whole Mikki thing. I think in part it is me trying to avoid all of the qualities I was concerned about with Mikki in my next girlfriend. But in that same regard, I haven't met anyone my age that I'm attracted to (except for Kate, but that's an old die hard crush). Hell, I don't really meet many people my age. Where are all the 25 year olds??!!!!

So, lets talk about commercials for a bit. Even though I am not a fan of microsoft in general, I really like the x-box commercial where the guy gets married, loses his friends, then gains the x-box live connectivity unit to gain back his friends. Its catchy. Another one of my favorite commercials is the Volkswagen where the guy has the kids and wears them out all day long. I think of Martin when they are digging in the sand and the guy motions to dig more. Its a great commercial.

In other news, I don't think of you as a buddist nihilist Martin. I think you are not that bleek. But, little Johhny may not be as bright. I also ran a search on you in google and I seem to remember something about getting blogs in a different websearch than a standard google search. I dunno. But, I did not find you. Also, your last name is not on here as far as I can tell. And further more, you show up on the ME3056 class website as a head TA. Thats a little stale. A search on me was not nearly so exciting.

My sister is coming into town and I am psyched. Woot.

By the by, has anyone heard from Brad? What the hell is he up to? Last I heard he got a job and ... then what?


Sunday, January 11, 2004

Way to bring my world down with the buddhist nihillist statement. I'm a big fan of the "people in leadership positions need to act accordingly," however not only do I feel that I am doing nothing wrong (I am acting as myself, however with adults and not children, I am certainly not doing anything immoral), but I just googled myself and aside from the GT Ultimate webpage nothing seems to show up. So as long as I don't mention the FoC to my kids I think I will be ok. Still, way to make me worry.

I think Dimplomacy still has all the necessary players (5). There's you, me, jeremy, I'm pretty sure that I could get Dan and Ewald, or maybe LPS or someone. Hell, mikex0r should be up. So maybe getting this agoing is the way to be.

I got to meet Fisch's girlfriend saturday night. She's a cool person although we didn't get to talk about her too much because I was catching up with Fisch. I wanted to meet them again today but Fisch basically said that he wanted to get his last fuck in before she flew back to the UK. Ofcourse he did not use these words, but he didn't have to.

GT3 is prooving to be more of a hassle than I remember. I forgot that the last race I have to do is about 30 hours long. Jeez, this is going to kill me. There there is the problem that I don't think that I will be able to get gold in everyrace so I will have to go back and get golds to get my skewed percentage up. The lone good news is that I think I have everything figured out for this week. The days seem kind of light in class (not too much material on a given day) and there is a lab on friday, but hopefully this will help me leave earlier which means that I will be able to get to the gym more and spin.

Speaking of which, my legs still don't feel great (knees I mean). I don't know what is up. I think that my right hammy is obthering me, and then there is teh continual problem with my left knee, that isn't a problem or something. The doc said that it is o.k. it just hyperextends ever so slightly. I'm not sure, but it feels weird and I would like it to stop.

Man... so much happens in a week. I'm really going to have to read this and my email more often. I feel like I'm just way far out of the loop. Lets take this bullet style:

o Diplomacy: I know there are some online hay hay sites already set up to go go gadet shit. I neither own the game nor have I ever played but I can sure look at web sites. What I want to know is if we have the people to play. Isn't it five or seven? Some prime number I know.

o Work: My job is still same ol' same ol'. I did have a good day last Tuesday but I'm not anticipating all days to be like that. What made Tuesday a good day was we set down and planned some shit out. Planning and having a plan is a GoodIdea(TM).

o Martin's Work: I have had a few teacher friends who have gone through the exact same stuff as you are currently doing now. Just wait until they ask you personal questions like do you have sex for money? Just an example. When my friend Laurie started her teaching job at Banks Co (in northeast GA) they asked her her name first and where she went to church second. Yikes. I think that you will benefit a lot from having some lesson plans. As mentioned above, having a plan is a GoodIdea(TM).

o Jeremy's work: So, where the fuck do you work? I don't think I ever got that. I'm glad that you are salaried. It is better still if they pay you your check on time.

o Greenbay: Go Pack. Cheese heads.

o Cars: Any good ones that you've found? Any movement on that front?

o Description of Blog: Any way that we can put a weblink with all the places that fortress currently has outposts or has had them in the past? Something like a political map of the continental US with some flags photoshopped in. Just a thought.

o Being Sick: Sucks. I'm a fan of Nyquill. Also, everyone here in Texas seems to be permantely sick. I dunno. Maybe its the Texas in the air. Just kinda odd. I feel like I'm fighting off Sick. But, I also know that I have not been on a long bike ride or to yoga in quite some time.

o Singles life: I think you should totally call that chick Martin. You can always say that you got her number from someone at the party and you were to intoxicated to remember the details. -Or- You can attribute it to how resourceful you are and isn't that a good quality in a person. -Or- You can call her, tell her you are a jealous stalker and that if she ever tries to spoon with someone else that you'll push her off a bridge. You know, maybe option 3 is not so good. My point is that an opportunity has presented itself. You need to be able to recognize the situation as such and react accordingly. What is lost if you call her and she hangs up on you? In my opinion not much.

o Masters: x2. Woot. You da man!

o Video Games: Having a game at 100% is a nice feeling. I am currently still playing Diablo II. That game has withstood the test of time. There is a new patch out that gives it new life. It makes it very difficult for a single person to play alone. I still play that a few times a week.

Thats about all I have to say in response to your quotes. My sister is coming to town next weekend. That should be fun. I'm going to see Big Fish sometime this week. Woot. I'm excited. I signed up for netflix. I think that this service is a great plan. I like getting movies to watch in the mail. For those who have not tried it, there is a free two week trial period that you can sign up for. There are also multiple payment plans to rent as little as four a month or have as many as five in your hands at once. I have started to get into the Warhammer Universe (40K more specifically) and its nice to watch movies while I model my armies or paint. I hope to eventually spend one or two nights a week doing this. I still need to squeeze in some exercise time for myself.

20 weeks. For those that don't know what the significance of 20 weeks is, I'll email you. This also brings up another point I wanted to discuss: Do you ever worry that someone whom you do not want reading this site is in fact reading this site? Hypothetical: One of Martin's kids reads this and then goes back to his mother and says that his teacher Martin is a buddist nihilist and that Martin should be fired so that little Johnny can sleep easier at night.

Anywho, hope all is well with you.

Well, I got to cross one of the 100% games off of the list. Mario Kart DD is now more done than Matt's mom last night. It was nice to get it done. Now that I'm in somewhat of a zone, I am going to attempt (stresst attempt) to finish GT3. There is only one race left to gom however I doubt that will put me at 100%. I will have to watch the credits because apparently there is a glitch in older versions of the game. Something about a drag strip that was in a beta that got removed from the game but not from the content used to get 100%. So it became impossible to get 100%. If the drag strip shit is in the credits then it is true (or atleast there used to be a drag strip). More online research will be required to determine if this is infact why I can't get 100% in that game.

In other news, I have purchased Tony Hawk Underground, which should satisfy my compulsive (or obsesesive compulsive) video gaming habit.



Saturday, January 10, 2004

I didn't go to the tournament today. It is current really fucking cold, and I am trying to get ahead of myself on this teaching thing so that I'm not flying by the seat of my pants as much. Not that I don't love playing things by ear, but I don't like doing it in a leadership position. That being said, it is nice to be able to breath and play videogames today. I'm also looking at more cars, which is always nice.


Friday, January 09, 2004

True, I incapacitate myself when sick. I haven't told the bosses that yet, just going to wait until I start coughing. Class went well today, I think the kids are still reeling a bit from the pace of the course. We're a moving fast. I've got to design a lab for this coming friday, not really a problem but I'll be a tournament this weekend and not in my lab with my equipment. Sigh.

it's ironic that martin would call the nyquil method mine.

i know this post seems to have come from a time warp -- i keep intending to write about it and ending up doing something completely different.

the irony is that the nyquil method is adapted from martin's method of not going to class (or even getting out of bed) while sick. i guess i just don't have the patience (or volume of video games handy) to keep me in bed that long w/o being sedated... hence the nyquil method.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Well, the real world does suck indeed. It isn't that bad, however I realize that this is going to be a rough semester since I am going to have to come up with lesson plans every day basically. I'm hoping that I will be able to get ahead, however I don't know when I will be able to since I have tournaments and stuff coming up. The other problem is that I keep having business to take care of in ATL but don't leave school until after 4:30 because I am working on stuff. I need to go pickup a transcript and deposit checks but I don't have the time.

The other strange thing, that I have solidified in my research, is that Cobb county has me in a certification program that last two years, then drops me off with an IT (don't ask because I don't know what that means), which is close to a teaching certificate. But this is in TWO YEARS. The program at GSU, lasts 4 semesters (two summer one school year), gives me a teaching certificate, a fucking masters degree (pushing me up to two, details later) and is easier to get to than Cobb county for fucking coursework shit. The only downside is that their program has the teacher go a middle school in the fall and a high school (of which Harrison is one of the schools they mentioned) in the spring. So if worse comes to worse I will have to leave Harrison in the fall to go to a middle school. Kind of silly, but I get another fucking masters. That has to be worth it. The issue is getting Cobb county to say that they will accept me doing that instead of whatever the fuck flew out of their ass.

In other news, I got word back from my prof about the U that was on my transcript. He said it should be a C, and that he doesn't know what is up. So I got him to admit that I should pass, which means that since I ahve the email that says that this course will finish my requirements, all I should have to do is fill out paperwork and get my masters. That pushes my salary up another 5 grad (but not until next year). Sweet. After 8 years my coursework at Tech might finally be over.

Lastly, I think the people at Harrison are looking for an assistant track coach that specializes in the sprints. I can't take the position now because I am too swamped, but it might help me out down the road when I have my shit together more. Word.

stupid real world. with the hours and the getting up and the responsibility and the hey hey hey.

so there's great news at my job -- i'm salaried! so probably my hourly rate went down, but they said that i'd be making something like 18k. so that's not bad. but that's not the important part. the really great thing is that now i don't have to fight with three people to get my paycheck every 2 weeks -- not that i actually end up getting it so regularly. in fact, i haven't been paid in about 5. regardless, that era is over. now i'm going to get my check every two weeks with everyone else. like clockwork.


Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Word, I'm pretty down with the new description. I also just let mikex0r back into the loop of the blog. He didn't know that he was subscribed. Not sure if he is going to post or not, but we'll see.

In other news, I finally get to teach tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting all of the drama over, and am also realizing how different life is going to be (getting up early, prepping the next class everyday). Anyway, it is going to be a fly by the seat of my pants semester. There just isn't enough time in the day so far to handle all of the school logistics and all of the course planning. I'm already getting screwed by playing a tournament this weekend. I went out with a friend alst night and had to go home early (11 pm) because I had to get to class early. I'm going to have to start looking into schools in the city or something. Well, sleep calls.

oh. did you see that i changed the description? if it's not of mythic enough proportions, please feel free to embelish.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

At least for a while, my midday posting will be on the DL. Not to worry, if I can ever get far enough ahead I have a planning period that starts at 1:40 or something so I can post at the beginning of that. It will be a small post, but I fill it with profanity in order to compensate for not being able to call people motherfuckers at school.

Survival training sucked. I don't feel the need to explain how much or why it sucked because I think we all have a concept of how much things can suck and that this is one of those things that sucked to high degree.

Jeremy, you are indeed lucky that you can be yourself at your school, er, I mean job. But then again, I am lucky to have job, so I wont complain too much.

I did get to the school for my afternoon planning period and that was good. I didn't get much work done because of odd circumstances, however I did find out that apparently people have been asking to drop my class because they heard that I am a new teacher fresh out of college (???) so they assume the course will be hard. Good, I didn't want the dead weight in my class anyway, but I think it is funny that I have reputation for being the tough teacher before anyone has even met me. Strange.

Being single is sucking again, but I'm realizing that my job isn't going to lead me to any eligible single women that aren't uberchristians (there's the real benefit of your job, jeremy). God, I just need a sweet bitch.

Oh, and finally, I talked to rich and mikex0r about leaving the door open and my feeling is that my best bet is to get Holly's key and hide it. More on this news as it develops, and more posting!!!!

so i suppose that this means there won't be a whole lot of midday posting anymore, unless the faculty at harrison is so awful that martin would rather write in his diary than talk to people (during the days when he doesn't have cafeteria (sp?!) duty). since my job is still such a joke, i'll persist, never you worry.
it's a bit weird that you won't see any children until thursday. not that i don't understand the circumstances -- don't explain them -- it's just funny (funny haha, not funny weird, since i understand the circumstances).

anyway, what i'm getting at is that i understand martin's circumstances.

you follow?

what the fuck is survival teacher training? i'm glad that the people that i work with aren't frightened of my big hair or that i say motherfucker all the time. i s'pose that's my whole point. but i have to say that those aren't really the type of thing that would go over well in any school. though in the city, i think people would be more cool with kids living together out of wedlock.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Man am I tired. The first day of work lasted from 7:30 to 5:30 then I went to the gym and worked out a bit. I learned that I will be missing the next two days of school to deal with the county's "survival teacher training" bullshit where I will be watching a video then answering questions. It is load of crap.

Work went well however. I'm looking forward to the new year and teaching my kids (who I won't meet until thursday). The faculty (who is all I met with today) are interesting. I apparently hit a nerve when I brought up that Fisch was going to live with his girlfriend in the UK. The issue being that they aren't married. Jeez, it's like I'm in the 50's. They also made me drop my final exam percentage from 25% to 20% because of a school policy and asked my to add another test (making it five) because they were worried that I was asking the students to remember too much. Load of crap. I have honors students, they should be able to hack 4 weeks of material on a test. So I'm looking into the feasibility of another test or something. It would make each test 6% of their final grade bersus the 8.?% that it is now. But I'm rambling.

NY Eve at Jeremy's was a blast and the food was spectacular. I'll see what I can do about getting them to leave the door open. The solution might have to be a key located somewhere, but I'll see what I can do. Holly has a key, which I think is stupid, so maybe I can convince her to put her key somewhere so jeremy can get it. Also, jeremy, you forget that at some point I will be getting hte XBox of Doom and you will have a plethora of games at your disposal.

My gaming will no doubt take a downward skid. I'll do what I can, but it will be limited to the weekends and that ain't much. Next year things will be easier because I will have already taught this class so I can borrow from my old lesson plans. But this semester is all new so it takes a long time to figure things out.

Jeremy is right about Diplomacy. I am all for getting a game going, but we need a place to put a picture of the board, or we need to better understand the existing online diplomacy action, something I don't have as much time for as I did this summer.

Speaking of summer, one of my friends from the summer (Beth) will be in ATL in the next few hours and staying for the week. We're going to go hangout some night.

Which brings me to the singles front. I went out with E-Ho for his birthday and had a great time. I managed to have a pretty good conversation with this one girl from Tech. I blew it, though, when she left. I was talking to Bruckner (a drunk bruckner which is the best kind) and she put her hand on my shoulder and told me that she had to leave. I looked at her and said (a bit intoxicated) "maybe I'll see you around." So she left. I got no number, no last name, nothing. I was kicking myself all night about it. I went home (after giving myself time to sober up), and decided to do a GT search for her first name and major and low and behold I found her. Do a "lu" and I've got her phone number, but I can't call her, because I'm then a stalker. So I'm left with the disappointment of my failure. Sigh. The really strange thing is that Holly thinks she might live on her floor (making her one of Holly's residents). That doesn't help me any, I still blew it when I had a chance. The one solace I have found is that at least I had a chance, which menas hopefully I can get back to that point.

That is all from me. More posting, it brings a smile to my face.

unfortunately, the diplomatic frontis having the same issue as the blog archive. no server -- no space. khan!

though martin and i shared about 80% of my new year and 47% of his, my festivities were pretty tame. martin and i partied down w/ kate and mn at their place. ate fabulous dinner adn played games which degraded to a physical assault, as is always the case when martin and kate are involved in a competitive venture.

now that you work full time, martin, you're going to really have to train mikex0r and rich not to lock the door. i don't like being locked out of my apartment. though i suppose that now i could always just go home and play final fantasies 1,2,9, or tactics. aaah, psone.

of course, that's all of the news from the gaming front EXCEPT that crystal chronicles comes out in feb (the 24... question mark).

Sunday, January 04, 2004

I think giving out blogger accounts is a great idea Martin. Especially since the last four posts are from you. Thats why you have admin privilege, no?

My new years was pretty low key. I did have friday off as well as the first so its been like a four day weekend. Thats always cool. My office coworker (who is a bastard and freely admits its) when he left wednesday afternoon said that he was going to get drunk, get in a fight, and get laid. In that order.

Not much exciting happened with me. I just wanted to post to keep up with the posting thing.

Also, what is the status of Diplomacy? Has that been axed or what? Whos court is that in now? I want to play more games with my friends, damn it.

Friday, January 02, 2004

So I just talked to Fisch, who is getting things in the works to go back to the UK to live once and for all. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to use a blog to keep in touch with someone, who knows all of the current readership (Mark, Matt, Jeremy and myself). I've sending him an invite. Wouldn't expect him to post too often, since he isn't as attached to his computer as I am, but still he always has great stories so I doubt he will disappoint us with content. Word.

After a bit more research I think the easiest solution to the archives problem is for Matt to great a /archives folder off of the fotressblog area on his cc account. Then we can dump the archives there. Oviously this would have to change when the new site is used, but that probably wont be for a while.

The first day of work is drawing e'er closer. I've written my lesson plan for the first week, complete with homework. I've been struggling with how long I want to give them to work on the homework, but I think a little over a week should work out. It is strange try to balance their workloads in my head.


Thursday, January 01, 2004

We need to get the archives back up. I looked at the archive info on the tap shit here in blog, but I don't know where to tell the link to look or anything. I know matt is working on this 1on1 thing, I just wanted to get an actual post stating that the archive needs to be put back up.

I went to bed last night at 5:30, unfortunately too tired to make it all the way to dawn. I feel much better today than I thought I would.

NEW YEAR'S EVE ROCKS!!! This is easily the best new years I have had to date. It is good to start the new year off with a bang. Kicking it in the aught 4.