Sunday, July 27, 2003

well, as i said earlier, once got back up i started posting. unfortunately, something is broken. whether it is or that is at fault, i don't know for sure. anyway, you can rest assured that i'm reading this sumbitch at blogger untill the post and publish is fully functional (only post works now. some ftp problem). perhaps we can bring this thing back enough that people without access to the editing blogger suite will have to search the archives for stuff they've missed cause there's simply so much going on here. riiight. anyway, martin, it looks like it's gonna be real tough finishing out the us on this trip. that sort of sooks.

matt -- fix this mofo.
So, by the looks of things, Blog is working, but phatmatt is reading anything new. Or is it that blog isn't publishing anything past Matt's response to my European trip? I'm working on the pictures. I just finally got them on a CD from the cameras owner. I'll email them when I'm not working.

Well hello there everybody. From the looks of things nothing has been poosted on the fortress of chocolatude blog for about 2 years ??!! I wonder if people even still check this thing. I have always like it because it lets me post on my trips. For example I am currently in Colorado Springs, Co. as many of you know. I've been working with the US Olympic Committee in their sport science department. I've pretty much decided that aside from being a full paid ultimate coach this is what I want to be doing with my life.

It is tough because I work in a devision that is in its fledgling stage. Not only is Sports Science in the US pretty crappy (the aussies and brits kick our ass), but I work in the biomechanics/strength/power area and there's basically no structure or background for this area. The edurance people are well established, and coaches are very willing to see the tests as useful. Strength/power people are different. Maybe it is because the coaches aren't as intelligent (in general, I'm not pointing fingers but the triathalete's have a coach with a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology) and so they don't see the use of the testing. But then again that is our job to educate them as well as study. It is an interesting balance between science for discovery sake and producing a product for coaches that tells them what they need to do differently to improve their athlete.

I've been in the Springs for about 2 months now and it is interesting. There is almost no way that I could live here full time (and that is excluding the winters which I have yet and will not experience). Basically it isn't a big enough city. There aren't big buildings, there is absolutely no diversity, and there just inst enough going on. I'm happy that every one here thinks it is great to go up Pike's Peak, but I can only do that once or twice before I am bored and need a 10 month break from the mountain. Life on complex (as that is where I am living) is nice, I guess. It is somewhat regimented by circumstance. We work from 8-5, then the weightroom closes at 7 so you pretty much have to go work out at 5 or soon if you are going to lift (believe me two hours is pushing it with the programs they have you on here). Then the cafeteria closes at 8:30 and stops serving food at 8:00 so you need to go eat after working out. I say you, but really I mean me. Most of the interns were on this schedule at one point when they were working out. No I might see a few of them in the weight room a few days a week. They pretty much decided they would rather go out and do social stuff rather than work out ever (whatever that's about, there is plenty of time to do things after 9). Oh, here's the other thing, the interns all go to bed by like 10 (except for a few of us).

Let's see, living with the athletes is nice I guess. They are a very focused group of individuals. I was lacking for goofiness when I first got out here. None of the interns provided any of the wackiness that I have grown accustomed to through ultimate and fortpeople. Eventually I would the women weightlifting and wrestling team, both of which are full of wacky people. Except there's this one problem with this one lifter from Savannah. She's a nice lady and all, but she has a bad habit of taking pot shots at people (or maybe it is just me). It has gotten to the point where I don't even really want to interact with her because I know she is just going to try to find a way to take a shot at me. Shame, because one of her good friends is pretty cool (like, she painted herself blue and died her hair red to go see the Xmen 2 premier).

Hmmm . . . saw Pirates of the Carribean, which was an amazing movie. Just saw League of Extrodinary Gentlemen last night and it was so so. Many people hated it, but I feel it was o.k. had decent characters and really was made for a different demographic (the british) so it doesn't appeal to americans as well. It is epic in a few ways, and we all know how I love epics.

Jeez, I think that is it. I'll will continue my posting in my attempt to keep this thing alive. I need to see if I can put pictures in the text or something. O.k. someone else post so I'm not so fucking lonely.


Thursday, July 17, 2003

deez nutz. work!!

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

martin -- where you at? i thought you were gonna past some pictures for me.