Sunday, May 08, 2005

So, are we forever doomed to not be able to view this blog except for at the blogger dashboard. Clearly we need a mirror side or something so when Matt's action goes down we have a backup. Regardless, here's my random mublings:

The semester is nearing an end. As soon as it is over, Chowning and I will be traveling to Florida to do stuff. It wil be a lot of fun, and we'll get to see Bo and Beth. I'm a little concerned about the AP test that my students will be taking monday. I'm also a little concerned about my Honor's students. Their action will be winding to and end soon as well. I feel like I have n't ended as strong as I began, but then again there is a comment that if you finish as carefully as you began all will be something something.

So I saw Hitchhikers Guide . . . twice. . . and I was great. A well done adaptation of a book, or so I think. I'm going to have to go back and read the book again. Also, soon the Sith will get their Revenge . . . that will be good. Oh well, back to stuff. Talk to you later.