Sunday, February 19, 2006

TRIVIA WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Started with a decent beginning. Mikxor, Rich, Myself and Jenn were at the Vortex tonight. We were able, despite a poor first round, to take first place with ease. Many thanks to our nice waitress Kate who was kind enough to have the manager make photocopies of the certificates that the Vortex hands out for winning. Yes, they hand out certificates, complete with stamps of approval and shit like that. It is totally bizzare.

I would also like to point out that there was one Simpson's question on the night, and mike got it wrong. Normally I would state that we got it wrong (being the team player that I am), however it was clear to all of us that the burden was on mike to get this one . . . and he failed.

Tomorrow night is simpson's trivia at the mellow mushroom. I think last time I ate at the mushroom I got sick off of the pizza, so I may have to keep things on the DL. Expect more posts as the week of trivia continues. Out.
Brad, congrats to your brother.

I'm writing from Tallahassee, FL at Ian's parents' house. Our dog Simon doesn't really get along with Ian's two poodles so it's been a pain keeping them calm. They have a parrot named Bonita who calls the dogs into the room and gets them to howl. Apparently the Clark house was used in the making of a film and there was a serious Thanksgiving dinner scene. In the middle of the blessing during filming Bonita said "Whatcha Doin? Whatcha Doin?" prompting them to do multiple takes. Pretty hilarious.

Ian's server goes down from time to time, but here are pix from our Smokies trip last weekend -- 3-4 feet of snow and 7 degrees.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

I'm going back to New York to work for a while in New Rochelle, NY. Nestled lovingly between Manhattan and Chappaqua (home of the Hilary C.), it is a destination not to be missed.

I got HD hooked up to my TV. It turns out that Ryan's dad had an antenna up in the attic already with coax running down to where our TV sits. I found this out after buying 150 ft of cable to snake through all of the nooks and crannies of the house. Oh, the HD looks nice.

I also recently started "playing" the stock market. I started an account with E*trade because I was lazy and their advertising got to me. I think now I should have gone with Scottrade, who I would have signed up with months ago, but at that time you had to fill out paperwork and mail it in to an office. What's up with that? I want instant online access. I got that with E*trade but apparenlty you can do that with Scottrade now too. I can't wait to do my taxes next year when I have multiple state returns and capital gains (hopefully gains, not losses) stuff as well.

My brother got married. His fiancee is somewhat Jewish so the wedding was also somewhat Jewish. I got to participate in the Hora (aka the circle dance) and was hoisted up in a chair. Fun stuff.
I'm writing this from my car. On top of the parking garage. Soon I will be somewhere else, but the internet will follow me.

It works. It works. It works. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Like tobacco or other such things. This is only the beginning. By 2010 you all will obey my every command. I rule. You suck. etcetera.