Friday, February 02, 2007

so there's this place. called india. it's crazy there.

it's not as dangerous as i'd feared. it's also not as easy to get around as i'd been led to believe. let me clear one thing up right now: not everyone in india speaks (a little) english. especially the taxi/autorickshaw drivers in mumbai.

they also don't necessarily know where the hell they're going. oh, they may act like they do. they may even fool you into believing they do by stopping to ask for directions if you're trying to get somewhere and they obviously didn't understand when you began your journey. but there's exactly no guarantee that these guys ever understand anyone, apparently. or that they have a particular interest in taking you to your desired destination.

in india they have tigers and cheetahs and cows. on college campuses. who knew?

i'm currently writing up as much as i can remember from my adventures on the subcontintent. once i get stuff assembled i'll start a serial. or maybe i'll just post 35000 words to the front page all at once. who knows.