Monday, February 21, 2005

Well I think the real irony of the situation is that I just don't give a fuck!!!!! You know, I'll take all of the blame for that date if she wants to dish it out. I'm in a fantastic relationship now, regardless of that date. It was just afunny story how her friend ran after me to try to get the last lick in.

I was at my first tournament in 9 months this weekend, and things went pretty well. I'm not as fast as I'd like to be, but things came back pretty easily. I was able to lay out not problem (not as explosive as I would like, however I wasn't hesistant). The only thing I didn't do was going up big in the air, that will have to take more time before I get there. The next tournament is in two weeks, so that is how long I have to fix this shit.

But oh my god my body is in so much pain today. Everything seems to hurt. It's because I haven't done this in so long, and everypart of my body haven't had to react that much in a while. That combined with a few rough bid w/ collisions involved and I'm not surprised I'm hurting. It is a good thing that I don't have to work today. Sigh. Well, school shit it getting in full gear again as I will have a bunch of reports to grade and get all of my ducks in a row for certification. Oh well. Out.


Saturday, February 19, 2005

OK, I've emailed blogger support. I can sftp just fine but can't do it. Of course, the server / login / password info is just fine.

martin, your story was great! and, by all means, she's the reason the date was bad, not you. girl can go straight to hell.
shit be broke!
i think it's blogger's fault...
working on it still..

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Well, jeremy and I think that the lack of blog posting might have something to do with Matt not updating the password or something. So for the record to day is Valentine's Eve, 2005, and I have a wierdly ironic story to tell.

First off lets explain what has been going on in the world around us. Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and Chowning and I will be headed to Midtown One for dinner and then a few other things. It has been fun (as it usually is) to plan a few things. I'm pretty happy with how things have worked out, we'll see how well it goes over.

On the videogame front there have been a few major advances. After the fall of Metroid I dedicaded myself hardcore to RE4, until Tetris Attack was found by Jeremy and I. I was hidden in the SNES emulator on the Xbox, and it is a great, fast paced puzzle game and jeremy and I have been addicted for the past few days.

RE4 was completed, and it was long and well worth it ro finish. however, Mark told me that there was more to be done, and he was (as usual) correct. There are a lot of minigames to do in RE4, aside from the wohle shooting range bit, there are a bunch of one board killasmuchasyoucan missions where you have to get a certain number of points to get a 5 star rating. Why bother you ask, well like most minigames by accomplising this feat I will get better weapons for the second round of the game, which I will have to do on Professional (hard) mode just to prove how big my dick is.

But that isn't all that has been going on. A mysterious friend has revisited from the past. I was up late playing Mario Golf and finally accomplished a first place finish on a "Star Course" (kind of like all-star mode). All of a sudden it says "You have unlocked to tournament greens for this board"???? Well I go to gamefaqs and try to find out what this is, and they have nothing about it in the . . . ONE . . . faq that was written about Mario Golf. Sad.

There is other shit, going on in life. school has its things and I'm about to start playing ultimate again next weekend. But let me get to my wierd experience tonight.

So I stop doing work and Mark and I go to Pop Culture trivia at Vortex. Mmmmmm . . . trivia. We all hopfully remember the days of Jim and Rocky Mountain. Well it looks like we have gotten another place to go blow money, win money back, and leave a little fuller and smelling like smoke (and in Jeremy's case Mayo). So I go sit down with them and I look over to the table next to us and there is this girl in a purple sweater that looks familiar. I can't place it at first, but after a few minutes I think she is Ashley. this is the Ashley that I went on ONE date with last year after meeting her at the Bitter Ball and spending the better part of a night with. Feel free to go back to page, it was a while ago, and you'll have to search the blog for Ashley, but here it is Old Blog.

Anyway, the point is it was the worst date that has ever been. Well, that isn't entirely true. nothing exceptionally bad happened, however it was devoid of everything that could be even considered good. The date was just stale, like beer left in a keg for a year (hmmm). But you can read about that experience, this is about tonight.

So for the entire time at the Vortex I was trying to figure out if it was her, and by the end I was pretty sure. I still wanted to be positive, but I didn't think that just going up to her was the polite thing to do. If I go up and just ask her if she went out on a date with me that would be pretty awkward. She would ceratinly think me a freak reagrdless of whether or not it was her, and then I would freak out some innocent girl. It was about then that I realized I don't care what this person thinks about me and if she gets freaked out tonight that is something I can live with. So on the way out of the Vortex I lean over and ask if her name is Ashley. The guy that she was hanging out with (as well as two girls at the table) starting laughing the laugh of people who just got caught or something. So it is clear in my mind that this is that girl, and accordingly I thrust my hands in the air in triumph and walk away. At least I can still recognize people from a year. So we are all laughing on the way out because of how odd a situation it was and as we get outside one of her friends runs out and asks . . . "are you the worst date ever?" to which I can only reply, "yeah, I was part of that date, and you need to understand . . . that date was easily the worst date that has ever been." From that point on she was talking to me about how it was clearly my fault because she had known ashley for a long time (since middle school) and therefore it had to be my fault (there's great logic for you). But you know what, this isn't about being right or wrong. And I let her know that. I'm fine being a part of that bad date, and if the blame needs to be put on me then so be it. I don't care, I'm in a great fucking relationship, and even if I wasn't, what's the point of trying to assign blame to a bad night out. So I let her know that I am fine taking the mantle of bad date and we go about our business.

On the way home were laughing about it somemore. more importantly how her friend ran after me and then seemed very determined to make it clear that it was my fault, as if I was going to give a fuck about it. Because I was clearly single, and was trying to get back at her . . . ? ? ? I don't even fucking know what was going on there, but it was funny so we were laughing. I tell the story of how bad a date it was another time, and them we realize that, ironically, it was exactly one year ago that I met Ashley, and here I got meeting here again. Granted this time neither of us were intoxicated, and maybe that makes the whole difference. Reagardless, it is funny that our paths should cross again. I wonder if she will be there if I go to trivia in the future.

For note, Ashley wasn't the only familiar face at trivia. An old friend from my coaching days, Charlie Ruhs, was also there at a table with a girl named Star and a few others.

One thing that I think I will find funny about the evening for a while is how people seem to get stuck in the specifics and whose right whose wrong of situations. Who gives fuck about blame, lets just make the best of situation we have now and rise above all that petty shit. I don't know. I wish I could explain where that mentality came from for me, but it is pretty dominant. I'll take the blame for just about anything, as long as we can move forward and try to progress as human beings.



Saturday, February 05, 2005

Well, I've finished prepping for the super bowl party here tomorrow. It basically involved a bit of cleaning, lots of dishes, and rewiring the AV systems to pipe out to a prjector and send the audio through our good speakers. It isn't as impressive as Matt's interactive Playboy projection, but it will serve to entertain a bunch of drunk people for a game tomorrow.

Speaking of drunk, did I mnion car bombs?? Well, the deal with our super bowl parties is that you have to pick a team as soon as you enter, and then do a car bomb everytime your team scores. It makes the game a bit more interesting when the scores happen fast, because the loser of the bomb has to go clean the dishes fast enough to get the round poured.

Resident Evil 4 is a great game, and its greatness is amplified when put on a projector. It has actually managed to make me nervous because the screen is so fucking big. My eyes have to dart left and right in order to process all of the information. It is pretty fcking awesome. The only way it could be better is if I was playing Super Mario Bros 3.

I guess that is all I have to say at this point. Work goes well. Hopefully this post will be put up, the last one I made was very long and hasn't gone through to my knowledge. Eh, here it goes.